6 Ways Logistics Companies Simplify Communications by Texting

Your logistics company wants to reduce costs and effectively manage drivers with a streamlined communication system. The problem is your phone calls and emails go unanswered. Here are six ways other logistics companies simplify communications and increase profits through texting.

12 Text Templates to Grow Your Vacation Rental Business

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10DLC: Everything You Need to Know

Mobile carriers are creating a new set of standards and registration processes for 10DLC numbers, so SMS stays free of spam and maintains high delivery rates for your organization. We’ll walk you through what these changes mean, when they’re happening, and how Text Request is responding.

7 Ways Lawn Care Services Grow Revenue by Texting Customers

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5 Ways Medical Spas Increase Revenue with Text Messaging

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9 Ways Chiropractors Improve No-Shows by Texting

Chiropractors need to stay in contact with patients so they come to all of their sessions. But none of them see voicemail and email reminders. Luckily, 99% of all texts are read, so we put together nine ways your chiropractor practice can use texting to improve its no-show rates.

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20 HIPAA Compliant Text Message Templates for Healthcare Providers

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4 Ways Pawn Shops Use Text Messaging to Grow Revenue

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