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24 Text Message Templates to Increase Contractor Profits

Reaching homeowners to schedule your contractor services is difficult when 80% of your calls go directly to voicemail. That’s why you should text instead. 99% of SMS messages are opened, and 95% are read within three minutes. Here are 24 text message templates contractors can use to increase profits.

How to Write Professional Text Messages Customers Will Love (Plus Templates)

You know you need to be texting with customers - or whoever your audience is - but you aren't sure what to say. Not a problem! This guide gives you all the concepts, tools, and examples you need to write professional text messages your customers will love.

[Podcast] 5 Steps to Creating a Purpose-Driven Business

How can you balance leading a purpose-driven company with earning revenue? We spoke with Luis Contreras, owner of The Local Juicery + Kitchen and Squeaky Clean, about ways you can take steps to create a purpose-driven business that draws in customers based on how you better their lives.

5 Ways Managed Service Providers Use Text Messaging for Client Communications (Plus Templates)

Managed service providers need to handle customer conversations on behalf of their clients. But that can be difficult when customers hate answering the phone and email is a black box. Here are five ways MSPs like you can use text messaging to improve marketing and communication efforts for your clients.

10 Ways to Make Life at Work Substantially Easier

We spend more time working and thinking about work than anything else. If we can make life at work easier, life in general will get better, too. So here are 10 ways to make life at work substantially easier, along with steps you can take to start seeing improvements today!

[Podcast] 5 Essentials to Running a People-First Organization

How can you be more intentional about interacting with people and building a strong network? We spoke with Kim White, CEO of City River Company, about ways you can develop and put your people skills to work.

16 Text Message Templates to Increase Ticket Sales

You need to generate interest and connect with consumers who are in your target demographic to sell more tickets for your event. Here are 16 text templates event space marketers, ticketing software, and private companies holding their own events can use to increase ticket sales.

5 Ways Hotels Boost Guest Engagement By Texting

Your hotel wants to boost guest engagement, so guests will be more likely to return and spread the word about your awesome service. How can texting help you provide a great guest experience? Here are five ways your hotel, bed and breakfast, or resort can use texting to boost guest engagement.

18 Text Templates Supply Retailers Can Use to Increase Revenue

Your supply business needs to be able to manage orders while servicing customers. Here are 18 text templates your team can use to answer customer questions about what’s in stock, confirm and complete quotes, and follow up on communication that needs to be made in between orders.

5 Ways to Grow Your Food Delivery and Pickup Services with Text Messaging (Plus Templates)

You want to expand your curbside and food delivery services—but you need a formal way to send order updates. Texting is the #1 way customers prefer to get notifications, and 89% of them would rather get a text than a call. Here are five ways text messaging can grow your food pickup and delivery services!