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8 Tips for Keeping Your Texts from Being Marked as Spam

Your SMS contacts want to hear about your deals and promotions, but you can't reach them all if you trigger spam filters. It's easy to get texts through mobile carriers when you're sending just a few messages, but with large volumes it becomes much trickier. Here are eight ways to avoid triggering spam filters.

[Podcast] Best Career Advice? 12 Leaders Share the Tips that Helped Them Succeed

What’s the one piece of advice you were given that completely changed how you approach your work? We highlight words of wisdom from the 12 twelve business leaders featured in Season 1 of the Build Your Queue podcast.

[Podcast] 3 Essentials to Hosting a Successful Company Event

In-person events are the #1 lead generation tactic for a majority of marketers. But how do you host one that builds quality customer relationships? We spoke with Mackenzie Burysek, Event Sales Manager with LEO Events, about how to host an event that brings in the prospects and opportunities you need.

4 Ways Our HVAC Company Sends Promotions that Convert with Text Request

It costs 5x more to bring on a new customer than it does to resell an existing one. So how do you build relationships with existing clients and keep them working with you past their initial service? Kara Lord shares how her team at Joseph Giannone uses Text Request to get a 6,800% return on text promotions!

[Podcast] 4 Essentials to Public Speaking for Acquiring Customers

How can you use public speaking as a strategic customer acquisition channel? We spoke with Max Farrell, co-founder and CEO of Workhound, about how to turn a speaking event into an opportunity that generates positive ROI, including converting listeners into customers.

5 Profitable Tactics for Creating Repeat Customers

You want more repeat customers, because it costs 5x less to resell to an existing customer than it does to bring on a new one! But how do you successfully connect with previous customers to get them in your doors again? Here are five ways you can improve your customer retention.

[Podcast] 3 Essentials to Growing Your Ecommerce Brand

How can your ecommerce brand increase sales and encourage repeat shoppers without physically being able to interact with customers? We spoke with Rob Bettis, an independent paid media manager for ecommerce brands, about how you can earn loyal followers and grow your brand online.

5 Ways Our Ophthalmology Practice Schedules More Appointments With Text Request

Booked appointments are vital to generating revenue, so how do you create a scheduling process that encourages clients to keep seeing you? Catherine Jenkins shares how her team at Allied Eye uses Text Request to maintain a scheduling process that turns first-time patients into repeat ones.

[Podcast] 4 Steps to Finding a Strategic Financing Partner

How can you think strategically about where you get your capital from, and whether you need outside funding at all? We spoke with Santosh Sankar, Forbes 30 under 30 honoree and Partner with Dynamo Ventures, about how to make strategic funding decisions that fit your business.

Text Message Appointment Scheduling: The Ultimate Guide

Scheduling appointments can cost your business hundreds of thousands of revenue each year when people miss them. Luckily, text message appointment scheduling is proven to save time, lower costs, and increase kept appointments. Here’s our ultimate guide to help you text for appointment scheduling.