101 Reasons You Might Text Someone Today

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Ever wonder how many reasons we come up with to text someone every day? Or how many reasons we come up with just to check our phones?

On average, you and I and everyone else check our phones 150 times each day. That's an incredible number of times to do anything in a day! But it's as natural to us as blinking and breathing. 

We check our phones without even thinking about it, all the time. That's not a bad thing. I'd actually argue that it's a good thing!

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We use our phones for dozens of reasons every day, from emails to games, social media sites to checking the weather, catching up with friends to news and generally surfing the web.

About 70% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices. The majority of emails are read from a mobile device.

Plus, people under 50 go through over 85 texts every day, making text messaging the "most prevalent form of communication for American adults under 50." 

In fact, just between the top three platforms for instant communication - text messaging, Facebook messenger, and WhatsApp - about 80 billion messages are sent everyday! That's amazing! But it does make you wonder.

If over 80 billion messages are sent every day, what could people possibly be saying? How many reasons could there possibly be to text someone?

Well, there's plenty! Obviously. Look through your text/IM history, and I'm sure you can find a dozen reasons why you'd text someone as quickly as you could open a message thread.

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Whether it's professional or personal, for business or pleasure, there are countless reasons why you might text someone.

To prove this, our team took out our phones, looked through our text conversations from the past week, and came up with this list of 101 reasons why you might text someone today. Let's dig in!

You might text someone today...

1. To catch up with an old friend.

Hey Friend, how are you? What's new?

2. To schedule a meeting.

Does Tuesday at 10am work for you? If not, what about Thursday at 2pm?

3. To ask someone out on a date.

Would you like to, maybe, I don't know, go out with me sometime?

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4. To ask for directions.

How do I get to your house (or business)?

5. To ask what time so-and-so starts.

Hey, what time's the game tonight?

6. To ask for someone's number.

Could you just text me their number?

Text Someone What's Your Number

7. To ask for an address.

Just text me the address.

8. Because it's noisy around you, and you can't hear clearly.

Outside. Can't hear. What's up?

9. Because you're in a meeting, and can't talk.

Like when John starts rambling for the umpteenth time. Get it together, John!

10. Because you currently have poor cell service, and it's the only way to say what you need.

Like anywhere with a higher-than-normal concentration of people (ball games, conventions, concerts, etc.).

11. To ask them what they want for dinner.

I don't care. No, not that. Or that. Or that... You pick.

12. To reschedule a meeting or coffee date.

Any chance we could take a rain check? Having car trouble, and the mechanic can't get to it till Wednesday.

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13. To thank them for their Christmas card.

Thanks so much! The twins have gotten so big!

14. To invite them to a party.

I only talk to cool people, so... you want to come?

15. To send a photo of the mayhem you're in.

Like when I-75 N. in Atlanta magically turns into a parking lot at 5pm.

16. To ask for recommendations.

Best tacos in town?

17. To share a joke or funny photo.

What's Forrest Gump's password? 1forrest1

Funniest Phone Thing Ever Seen

18. To discuss a new business concept.

What if you could just text a business instead of emailing or calling?

19. To share an inside joke.

You go Glen Coco!

20. To geek out over the latest Star Wars film, and how it fits into the overall story.

[spoiler spoiler spoiler spoiler]

21. To ask them a favor.

Heyyy, soooo... Can you watch my dog Skip for the weekend?

22. To "call" out sick from work.

Cough cough I'm sick.

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23. To ask them a quick question about their business.

Do you integrate with our CRM?

24. To remind your spouse or roommate to feed the pet(s).

Can you feed Skip please? Totally forgot. Thank you!

25. To share that crazy thing that just happened.

Holy Toledo, Batman! But seriously, Christian Bale just waved at me at the red light.

26. To see how a sick friend is feeling.

You dead, man?

Cool Runnings Sanka Ya Dead Gif

27. To share a recipe.

I'm not going to tell you what to do, but I might love you a little more if you made this.

28. To tell them about your awesome promotion.

Who's got two thumbs and a pay raise? This guy! points thumbs at self

29. To complain about your job.

Like when that one manager undermines your value for the thousandth time.

30. To tell your Uber who to look for.

I'm right out front, wearing a denim jacket like it's still in style.

31. To insult your coworkers behind their backs.

That is the ugliest effing skirt I've ever seen.

32. To book a hotel room.

Could I get a non-smoking room with a king bed for this Friday and Saturday night, please?

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33. To ask for room service.

Could I get a toothbrush up to room 423? Completely forgot mine!

34. To leave a review of a business you've worked with.

You guys do great work, but man it is so hard to get hold of someone there!

35. To volunteer for an event.

I volunteer as tribute!

36. To organize an event.

I've got the petting zoo coming at 2. When will you have the ice cream truck here?

37. To flirt with them.

How you doin'?

Joey Tribiani How You Doin Friends GIF

38. To ask them where they are.

Where are you? It starts in 5 minutes!

39. To ask them to take you to the doctor.

I'm so dizzy. Can you drive me?

40. To tell them you're going to be late.

Bad wreck on 24, just sitting in traffic. Sorry! Be there when I can.

41. To ask your friends if they like the article of clothing you're considering.

Too much?

42. Because there's a crisis, and you need them to come to you right this second.

Did you hear what happened? My office. Now.

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43. To freak out over that movie you just saw or book you just read.


44. To ask them to cover your shift, project, or assignment.

Can I bribe you to do this for me?

45. To apologize for an event or someone's behavior.

Hey I'm sorry John's been so rough on you lately. It's unacceptable, and I'll talk to him about it. Don't take it personally!

46. To check in with the babysitter/nanny/daycare/etc.

Did Kaytee get to bed on time?

Kids are Dead Tired Meme

47. To network, or see if the person you know knows someone else helpful.

I'm thinking about going into real estate. You wouldn't happen to know someone whose brain I could pick, would you?

48. To poll a group.

Like when you need to know if pizza or burgers would be better for that house party.

49. To give a group of people an FYI or a heads up.

Hey guys, John's going through a serious rough patch at home. If he seems off or rude, please don't take it personally. Just be kind while he's trying to work through this. Thanks for understanding!

50. To recommend a restaurant.

Do yourself a favor and go to Taco Mamacita! Best tacos in town.

51. To chew them out.

This message has been censored by the FCC.

52. To find the best time for a group event.

What time works for each of you?

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53. To plan a surprise party.

John's supposed to get off work about 6, which means he'll be home around 6:30, which means we need everyone there absolutely no later than 6:15!

54. To order food.

Cheese pizza to go. Make it a large, my good man.

55. To donate to a relief fund.

Like when there's a natural catastrophe, and you want to do everything you possibly can without leaving your couch.

56. To offer words of encouragement.

John! Killer proposal earlier. I know things aren't easy right now, but you're doing great, and I'll be more than happy to do anything I can for you. Just say the word!

57. To share a link.

Like when you find that next big thing for your business or career.

58. To express your love for tacos.

Is there any way I can get paid in tacos? I need to be paid in tacos.

59. To talk politics.

Excuse me while I stick my foot in my mouth.

60. To schedule your vacation through Airbnb.

I know your place isn't "pet friendly," but would you perhaps allow a chinchilla?

61. To ask for a price quote.

About how much would it cost to clean a 3 bed, 2 bath, 1800 sq ft home?

62. To ask them to help you move.

I'll pay you in tacos!

63.To ask them to grab something while they're out.

Can you pick up some flour and brown sugar on your way home, please? Thank you!

64. To tell them you love them.

Hey guess what. I love you :)

65. To offer counsel during a rough patch.

Hey John, let's go grab a drink tonight and talk through some of this. I know a quiet place over on the south side. It'll be good, I promise!

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66. To plan a hiking trip.

I've already got a two person tent. You wouldn't happen to have a couple extra hiking poles, would you?

67. To share photos from your awesome hiking trip.

Like that insane view from the top of Mt. Katahdin!

68. To ask for money, or remind someone they're bill is due.

Hello valued customer! This is just a friendly reminder that your bill is due by the 27th. Have a great day!

69. Because you just got engaged.


70. To announce that you're pregnant.


71. To tell them to leave you alone.

You can't sit with us!

Gretchen Weiners You Can't Sit With Us Mean Girls Gif

72. To share stories you've overheard.

I hear she does car commercials... In Japan!

73. To ask a club about memberships.

What do the dues look like?

74. Because you don't want to actually speak to anyone.

Like after a stressful day of work.

75. To ask for help on a project.

Hey John, I think I've bitten off a little more than I can chew here. Would you mind helping me out? It would really mean a lot.

76. To share what your kid(s) did this weekend.

Like that adorable thing they said, or the cute picture they drew, or the destruction done to your poor walls with a sharpie.

77. Because you're in a rush.

Can't chat, everything okay?

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78. To give live updates of certain events, like childbirth or the big game.

Just made it to the hospital... This kid must be pretty comfortable in there... It's a boy!

79. To see if they want to grab lunch with you.

It's Dollar Taco Tuesday at Mojo. You in?

80. To get an update on another family member.

How's Aunt Myrtle? Any better?

81. To tell them how you really feel about [insert controversial subject matter here].

I have my opinions and they're definitely factually correct because I believe them!

82. Because whoever you're trying to reach didn't answer your call.

Hey, I know you're busy, just wanted to give you an update on Aunt Myrtle. Give me a shout when you've got a few. Love you!

Please Hang Up and Text Me

83. To share fun facts.

Did you know that starfish don't have brains? That's so weird!

84. To forward a quote or message from one person to another.

Like when you've gotten a good referral and need to share it with the right people.

85. To brainstorm marketing ideas.

I've got it! We release two photos. One of the dress colored blue and black. One colored white and gold. Then we ask people what colors they see and make it go viral. This idea's gold! Or is it blue?

86. To talk about a new relationship.

This one's different, I swear!

87. To share your love for small furry animals.

My goal in life is to own a chipmunk farm. And I'm only slightly joking.

88. To tell them you're hungry.

My stomach sounds like the Kraken has awoken.

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89. To ask for an opinion on anything relevant.

Did you get a chance to look over that last piece? Any thoughts?

90. To check in on your business while you're out of town.

Update? Everybody still doing their jobs while I'm gone?

91. To claim a project, article pitch, or assignment.

I want the Reagan story!

92. To ask how you should appropriately allocate your investment portfolio.

Do you have any simple suggestions? I'd rather not have to come downtown to meet if I can help it, at least not for the next week or two.

93. To ask for a copy of that file.

Can you make a quick copy for me? Thanks!

94. Because it's late, and you don't know if they're still up.

Like when you have all those thoughts at night that you have to somehow get out before you can rest.

95. To hold a conversation between video game levels or checkpoints.

Everyone has done this at some point.

Reasons to Text Someone Video Games Meme

96. To freak out about the awesome game going on.


97. To discuss a Craigslist listing.

How new is it? Any damage I can't see in the photo? I'll give you $40.

98. To ask your realtor about housing options and ideas.

How much of a price difference are we talking between a neighborhood close to the highway to one several miles away?

99. To tell the school your son's going to be picked up early today.

Hey gals, I'll be grabbing Will at 2 for a dentist appointment. It would be awesome if you could make sure he'll be ready with all his homework and such. Thanks!

100. To ask them for their best email address.

Hey I've got a packet for you to look over. What's the best email to forward it to?

101. To tell them how proud you are of them.

John, I've got to say how proud I am of you, and how awesome you've been handling this whole situation over the last few weeks. Great job!

Why would you text someone?

This is just the tip of the iceberg for reasons why you might text someone. I'd guarantee there are hundreds more reasons to text someone that you could come up with!

Texting is one of the most versatile things that we do every day. As this list shows, we text for literally any reason you might communicate with anyone about anything.

What do you text for? What could you be texting for?

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