3 Content Marketing Fundamentals & Why They Work

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Content marketing has been a significant part of many companies' revenue strategy for years. But for a large population, content marketing is still nothing more than a buzzword. Even if content marketing is fully integrated into what you do everyday, it's easy to forget about the fundamentals, especially if you tend to focus on details rather than the big picture. Below we outline three content marketing fundamentals to always keep in mind, and explain why they work.

1. Create something that you would personally want to look back on.

Content marketing centers around value, specifically around providing value for others to draw them in. If you're providing material that you would have no reason to revisit, to review and refresh your memory with, how much value is that content actually providing for your audience?

To this day, a lot of people marketing online just want to talk about their sale or their deal. It's a lot of "me, me, me." When content marketing, you want to give more than you ask for, and what you give needs to be valuable enough that you would want to use it again.

2. Do it as often as you possibly can.

Creating new content has to become a priority. You have to treat it like it's a priority by continually crafting new content. There's about 200,000 pieces of content released online every minute of everyday (not including tweets, status updates, comments, etc.). If you want your content to be more than just a drop in the ocean, you've got to create as much valuable content as you possibly can.

You also have to do it consistently. Releasing one hundred pieces of content in a day, and then waiting until you have another set of one hundred doesn't help you (much). You have to create and distribute continually. And if your content does have value, your brand stands a much higher chance of being seen.

3. Don't give up on content marketing.

Bill Gates is credited as creating the content marketer's mantra "Content is King!" He said that in 1995. Content has been around in a big way for over twenty years now, effectively growing with the rise of the digital era and the dot-com bubble. Content marketing is a proven method of modern marketing.

If you're doing it right (learning, getting better as you go, following these steps, etc.), content marketing is not something that's just going to stop working. How you should use content, and maybe what type of content you should make, is going to change. But the fact that you need to keep doing it, and keep engaging people, and keep adding value as a brand isn't going to change.

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