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Top 5 Reasons People Miss Scheduled Appointments

No-shows have cascading negative effects that will cost your business hundreds of thousands of revenue each year if you aren't proactive. That's why we researched the top five reasons customers miss scheduled appointments, so you can learn how to prevent them.

6 Key Tactics To Close More Sales

You need sales to grow your business, but how can you ensure your sales process actually closes deals so your time and effort with prospects doesn't go to waste? Here are six tactics to help you close more sales.

How Do Online Reviews Bring Your Business Value?

Gathering reviews for online reputation management is huge among businesses. But how do reviews actually create profit, and how can you track the ROI they generate? We did the research to show you all the different ways online reviews can bring your business more value.

How to Build a Powerful SMS Subscriber List

Your business runs on loyal customers who keep coming back. But how can you update them on your latest products and services when no one is opening emails or responding to calls? An SMS subscriber list is the perfect place to gather returning customers in one spot for fast communication—and we're going to show how to build one.

10 Lead Generation Problems Costing You Millions

Your business needs leads to grow and maintain itself. But certain barriers can keep you from getting the lead quality and volume you want. We're going to help you identify those common lead generation problems, so your small business can get back the millions of dollars a year you're missing out on.

5 Ways Property Management Companies Grow Their Business by Texting Prospects, Tenants

Your property management company needs to reach its tenants and potential lessors, but that's easier said than done when none of them answer your calls or emails. That's why we've put together five ways your property management company can text tenants and prospects to grow your business.

4 Ways to Use Onboarding to Create Company Advocates

How can you simultaneously develop and retain your company's talent? We spoke with Katie Love, Marketing Manager at Workhound, about how to create a company culture that nurtures your new hires into company advocates.

13 Texts You Should Send to Warm Leads to Close More Sales

You have to walk warm leads through the sales process to close sales. You can only do that by offering value and keeping their attention. This guide will show you how to do that by texting leads, and give you 13 example texts you should send warm leads to close more sales. Take a look!

4 Steps to Growing Your Franchise by Optimizing Communication

How can your franchise increase revenue when you're struggling to connect with customers? We spoke with Brian Elrod, CEO of Text Request, about how to adapt your franchises's communication strategy so more customers reach out to you. Listen to the podcast, or read the article to learn more.

Texting for Debt Collections: The Ultimate Guide to Increase Accounts Receivable Payments by Text

Your business can't collect debt payments when customers don’t answer your phone calls or emails. You need a way to cut down on all the time and pain it takes to reach them—but also still stay compliant. That's why we're giving you the ultimate guide to increase accounts receivable payments by texting.