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4 Steps to Creating a Profitable Demand Generation Strategy

How can your business generate demand when no one knows who you are? We spoke with Patricia Diaz, Senior Demand Generation Manager for Credly, about how to create a demand generation strategy that produces content that connects with customers. Listen to the podcast, or read the article to learn more.

How to Get More 5-Star Online Reviews

Online reviews are perhaps the best sales and marketing tool available. Here's how to get more 5-star online reviews for your business, and earn more customers from them. Check it out!

3 Steps to Increasing Sales Traction

How do you redefine your sales process in a way that helps you start more sales conversations? We spoke with Tom Wengler, HubSpot partner with OctoUX, about how to find and relate to target customers so you can close more sales. Listen to the podcast, or read the article to learn more.

3 Essential Steps to Eliminating Workflow Bottlenecks

How do you build a workflow that saves your company time and prevents bottlenecks? We spoke with David Rowland, Growth Marketing Strategist for SIGNiX, about how to use automations to create a smoother buyer journey for your customers. Listen to the podcast, or read the article to learn more.

6 Ways Electricians Text to Increase Profits

Your electrical company has a lot of technicians and customers to keep track of, but none of them answer your calls. You need a way to reach people immediately to save time and make the most money. That's why we're going to show you six ways your electrical company can text to increase profits.

3 Steps to Crafting Your PR Gameplan

What should your PR plan look like when you're a small business trying to balance other basic needs? We spoke with David Martin, co-founder of Heed Public Relations, about how to craft a local PR gameplan that eventually turns national. Listen to the podcast, or read the article to learn more.

COVID-19 Texting: How to Stay Profitable & Thrive in a Pandemic

COVID-19 has shaken things up for businesses, but by texting you can still engage customers and drive business. Here's our gameplan for select industries to survive and thrive in a time of crisis. Click through to learn more about these unique texting and business development strategies.

Text Message Lead Generation: The Ultimate Guide

Generating leads through texting is quickly becoming one of the best ways to capture a higher percentage of interested prospects at a faster rate. But how do you start? Check out these five tactics to increase lead generation through text messaging.

5 Essentials to Succeeding on Social Media

How do you create a social media strategy that generates profit? We spoke with Mike McDowell, Director of Operations for SocialJoey, about how to use custom, local social media content to connect with customers and increase brand equity. Listen to the podcast, or read the article to learn more.

6 Ways Home Renovation Businesses Text to Book More Services

Your home renovation business needs to schedule contractors, give estimates, and bring in new clients—which is impossible when no one answers your phone calls. That's why more renovators have begun texting contractors and clients instead. Here are six ways your home renovation business can text too.