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How to Create a B2B Email Marketing Strategy that Actually Works

Email is the top way B2B marketers prefer to generate business, but without a solid marketing strategy your campaigns can go unread. So, we've put together a guide to help you target the right audience and maintain your subscriber list while adding the most value to your B2B email campaigns.

3 Ways Mechanics, Auto Shops Text to Schedule More Services

Waiting for the greenlight to fix a client's car can back things up in your auto or repair shop. You and your mechanics have to constantly fight to keep the flow of traffic moving, while also scheduling services and asking for reviews. Luckily, texting can make all these tasks a breeze, while also bringing in more customers to mechanics and auto shops.

10 Videos from People Every Marketer Should Learn From

Even if your marketing strategy is top-notch, you know the field can change in an instance. Marketers have to constantly stay inspired and open-minded to navigate a continuous wave of new trends and technologies. So, we've put together a list of 10 motivational videos from top professionals any marketer can learn from to help you change your perspective and seize the day.

9 Ways to Improve Communication Across Your Organization

Poor communication can lead to all sorts of problems across your organization and management. With 56% of communication managers saying they have a hard time keeping employees informed, you know your own company could benefit from updating your communication plan. So, we've put together nine tips to help you improve internal communication across your organization!

3 Ways for Sales & Support Reps to Win Over Angry Prospects

If you work in sales or customer service, chances are you've had to deal with angry prospects and customers. Whether it's unrelated stress, a fear of being burned again, or something on your company's end, an angry customer's tunnel vision can make your job feel like mission impossible. Luckily, we have three ways to help you stay calm, turn the tide, and actually win over angry prospects.

4 Ways Title Companies Improve Client Communications by Texting

You and your title company have to communicate with buyers, sellers, and mortgage brokers to make closings happen. It’s a lot! And texting can be your secret weapon to bringing in more clients and making your life easier. How? See how to improve client communications at your title service!

3 Ways to Get Others to Follow Your Ideas

No matter your role, you're always selling your ideas and opinions to someone else. But how do you get others to listen to what you have to say, and even take action? Here are three ways to get others to follow your ideas by being a leader who puts their peers first.

5 Ways Financial Advisors Text Compliantly with Clients

Navigating FINRA while bringing in new customers to your financial services business can be a hassle. Your customers want a financial advisor they can reach ASAP, but you don't know how to text them compliantly. Here's five ways Text Request can help.

How to Hire a Marketer: 4 Tips for Creating a Job Description [Plus 7 Interview Questions]

Handing off your marketing tasks to a new hire is not a simple process. Do you need an in-house marketer or an agency? A manager or an executive? What do you put in your job post, and what questions do you ask during the interview? There's a ton of steps to address, and we've put together a guide to help you.

7 Ways Lawn Care Services Grow Revenue by Texting Customers

You know how to create the landscape of your client's dreams, you just need reviews, photos, and fast communication to get the word out about your lawn care service. Why not text them? Here's seven ways texting can make bringing in new lawn service customers easy.