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20 Text Message Templates You Should Send to Coworkers

Texting is the way people prefer to communicate. How does that apply to business, and what does it mean for your workplace communications? We'll answer those questions in this guide, plus give you examples of text message templates you can send to coworkers.

3 Essentials to Creating a Marketing Strategy for a SaaS Product or Feature

Every SaaS product needs a marketing strategy, so customers actually buy and use it. We spoke with Kelly Oechslin, Product Marketing Manager of RollMaster, about how to leverage your SaaS product to bring in new customers, while also encouraging your existing customers to implement new tools and integrations.

18 Text Templates You Should Send During the Hiring Process

It takes a lot of communication to vet, interview, and hire someone. And slow response times can significantly slow you down. That's one great reason to text! Texts get responses almost instantly. Here's how to text professionally, and examples of texts you should send during the hiring process.

4 Steps to Building a Successful Restaurant Business

Establishing a successful restaurant requires a ton of moving pieces. We spoke with Jason Bowers, Owner of Bitter Alibi and Daily Ration, about how you can build a restaurant that offers a quality dining experience and gets customers championing you through word of mouth.

15 SMS Marketing Ideas to Generate More Sales

SMS marketing is the fastest way to reach and engage your customers. If you do it right, it will also help you take your sales to the next level. How? This list of SMS marketing ideas unpacks over a dozen unique opportunities, and explains why they work to help your business generate more sales.

3 Essentials to SaaS Customer Acquisition

Growing a SaaS company from the ground up is no joke. We spoke with Tommy Nguyen and Matt Huddleston, co-founders of StoragePug, about how you can create a SaaS marketing strategy that builds your reputation by word-of-mouth and consistently attracts new customers.

20 Text Message Templates to Schedule Appointments Better

Appointments are one of the most important things in your work, and revenue depends on you being able to schedule and confirm them as needed. That's why we're sharing 20 text message templates you can use to grab customers' and employees' attention and schedule appointments better.

3 Steps to Corporate Strategic Communications Planning

Corporate strategic communications planning has multiple moving parts. We spoke with Sybil Topel, VP of Marketing and Communications at the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce, about what all exactly needs to be included in your organization’s communications plan.

6 Ways Insurance Agents Should Be Texting with Clients

Insurance agents have a lot going on. You've got to run quotes, manage an office, and continually service clients. How can you slim down your to-do list while creating more revenue opportunities? We'll show you how other insurance agents get more done by texting clients.

3 Essentials for Retailers to Grow and Compete

How can your retail store differentiate itself and bring in enough customers to keep business booming? We spoke with Kevin Doran, owner of R&A Marketing, about ways to hyper focus your customer targeting and ultimately grow your retail store’s profits.