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Does Guest Posting Still Work in 2019?

Guest posting is a strategy as old as SEO. But does creating content for other sites for backlinks still work? We ask that question and dig into the data to answer it. Plus, we'll give you actionable tips to improve your own content and search engine optimization strategies. Click to dive in!

The Ultimate Guide to Dealing with Unhappy Customers (with Examples!)

Unhappy customers can be costly. And besides, you always want people to think well of your business! But what can you do if someone's upset? This guide gives you best practices for dealing with unhappy customers, and provides a great template to use in your own work. Take a look!

8 Steps to Close More Leads with Sales and Marketing Alignment

Sales and marketing must work together to generate leads and create loyal paying customers. But that's easier said than done! This guide shows you how to use sales and marketing alignment as an ongoing strategy to bring in the right prospects and close more leads. Take a look!

6 Ways Marketing Agencies Increase Customer Engagement Through Text Messaging

Marketing agencies need to continually provide new value for clients. How can you do that? This quick guide shows you six ways marketing agencies increase customer engagement through text messaging, bringing in more leads, sales, and reviews for their clients. Check it out!

The Ultimate Guide to Optimizing a Blog Post for SEO Success

Optimizing a blog post isn't as simple as using the right keywords. So how do you tackle SEO and get your articles to rank at the top of search results? This guide gives you everything you need to optimize your blog posts for SEO success. Take a look, and start improving your search results today!

18 Texts You Should Send During the Hiring Process

It takes a lot of communication to vet, interview, and hire someone. And slow response times can significantly slow you down. That's one great reason to text! Texts get responses almost instantly. Here's how to text professionally, and examples of texts you should send during the hiring process.

The Ultimate Guide to Hosting Profitable Webinars

Webinars can be a great way to garner interest from your ideal audience. If you do it right, webinars can even create warm leads and sales for your business. So how do you make them work? This guide teaches you everything you need to know about hosting profitable webinars!

4 Text Request Features That Are Great for Promotions

You have a message that you need to get in front of your target clients. How can you do it? By sending SMS promotions! Lucky for you, Text Request has four features that are tailor made for promotions. This post covers what they are, and how you can put them to use to grow your brand.

The Ultimate Guide to Fitness Studio Lead Generation

You have to keep generating leads to keep your fitness or wellness studio in business. But how do you do that? This guide breaks down five steps you can take to generate leads like the top studios in the nation! Click through to learn more from the ultimate guide to fitness studio lead generation.

How to Send Pictures (& Other Media) Through Text Request

Pictures are a great way to convey messages, especially for business. But when is it okay to text pictures, and how can you do it professionally? This quick guide shows you exactly how to send pictures (and other media) through Text Request, and breaks down four common opportunities to do it.