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5 SMS Marketing Myths That Could Be Ruining Your Strategy

Are outdated SMS marketing myths holding back your business growth? This guide takes a look at five SMS marketing myths that could be ruining your strategy, and teaches you how to use text marketing to increase revenue while improving the customer experience. Sound good? Give it a read!

How to Send Links Through Text Request ( & When You Should)

You text for all sorts of reasons every day, and sometimes you need to include a link. It makes things easier for customers, and will increase your conversions. So how do include link in texts through Text Request? Check out this guide to find out.

Which Online Recruiting Platform is Best for Your Business?

There are plenty of online recruiting platforms to help you find your ideal candidates, but which one is best for your business? In this guide, we break down five common recruitment platforms, their pros and cons, and give recommendations based on what your business is trying to accomplish. Dig in!

20 Text Messages You Should Send to Your Coworkers

Texting is how people choose to talk to each other. How does that apply to business, and what does it mean for your workplace communications? We'll answer those questions in this guide, and give you examples of text messages you should send to your coworkers. Take a look!

What Is Data-Driven Marketing (& How Can You Use It)?

Data-driven marketing is using information about your customers to inform your decision-making. It's not a new concept in business, but the way companies gather and process this data certainly is! Here's what you need to know about data-driven marketing to start improving your business today.

How to Create Great Customer Experiences with Text Request

The customer experience embodies every interaction someone has with your business, both before and after they purchase. Text Request has many features that are designed to make different parts of the customer experience great, and this guide is going to show you how they work.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Shareable Content: 11 Tips to Skyrocket Social Shares

Content marketing is a growing industry that becomes more powerful to your business the farther your content spreads. So how do you get people to share your content? This ultimate guide to creating shareable content shows you how to create content that brings in exponentially more social shares.

5 Steps to Create High Converting Landing Pages

You create landing pages to connect content with conversions, to bring in traffic and increase sales. Think about it - a landing page is often the last thing a customer sees before they move forward with a deal. Here are 5 steps to creating a high converting landing page.

How to Grow Your Startup to $1 Million (and Beyond) without Funding

Investment isn't the best call for every startup, but how do you bootstrap a startup successfully? In this interview-style article, we'll showing you what it takes to grow your startup to $1 million dollars and beyond without funding. We'll answer tough questions and give you insights to succeed.

8 Common Customer Retention Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

It's much easier to grow your business through customer retention than through new customer acquisition. The problem is knowing how to get customers to come back! That's why we're showing you how to fix these eight common customer retention mistakes. Take a look!