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[Podcast] 4 Steps to Keep Your Business Profitable and Avoid Holes

How do you keep your business profitable when you're in a rut? We spoke with Nick Phillips serial entrepreneur and founder of Cash Flow Mapping about how to turn the ship around, so your company can thrive instead of just survive. Listen to the podcast, or read the article to learn more.

6 Ways Logistics Companies Simplify Communications by Texting

Your logistics company wants to reduce costs and effectively manage drivers with a streamlined communication system. The problem is your phone calls and emails go unanswered. Here are six ways other logistics companies simplify communications and increase profits through texting.

[Podcast] 3 Steps to Tell Your Compelling Company Story

How do you connect with customers when they don’t resonate with what your company does? We spoke with Josh Davis from Infosystems about creating a compelling company story that gives customers emotional buy-in to your business. Listen to the podcast, or read the article to learn more.

9 Ways Chiropractors Improve No-Shows by Texting

Your chiropractic practice needs to stay in contact with patients, so they come to all of their sessions—but none of them see your voicemail and email reminders! Luckily, 99% of all texts are read. So we put together nine ways your chiropractor practice can use texting to improve its no-show rates.

[Podcast] 5 Musts to Effectively Navigating Digital Advertising

How do you navigate the world of digital ads when you're new to it and still deciding your budget? We spoke with Philippe LeMaitre from Workshop about creating a digital advertising strategy for your business's specific needs. Listen to the podcast, or read the article to learn more.

4 Ways Salons Book More Appointments With Texting

Your salon tries to give customers a great experience, but no-shows and rescheduling are a hassle to handle during your appointments. Texting can help you can schedule reminders in advance, discreetly handle reschedules, and more. Here are four ways your salon can text to book more appointments.

[Podcast] 5 Steps to Successfully Managing Remote Employees

You have work a remote employee or freelancer could tackle, but how do you find the right person and manage them when they're not in your office? We spoke with Natalie Martin from Heed Public Relations about working with remote employees. Listen to the podcast, or read the article to learn more.

8 Ways Handyman Services Increase Profits by Texting Customers

Your handyman business needs to bring in new customers and keep up with employees in the field. But how can you manage all that when neither your clients or employees are answering your calls? Here are eight ways texting can help your handyman service reach everyone faster and increase your profits.

[Podcast] 4 Steps to Creating Your Own Professional Community

You’re only as good as the people around you, but how do you build that professional community? We spoke with Alexis Willis from the Chattanooga Chamber about creating professional relationships that spring you and your business forward. Listen to the podcast, or read the article to learn more.

5 Ways Moving Companies Grow Profits by Texting Customers

Your moving company needs to constantly draw in business, deliver quotes, and confirm loading times. So, if you don't have a solid communication system in place, like texting, things can get messy. Check out these five ways your moving company can increase profits by using a text messaging strategy.