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5 Ways Dentists Text to Schedule More Appointments

Every dental practice wants to increase its appointments and improve no-show rates. The key is to provide a great patient experience through smooth communication, and your dental practice can do just that with texting. Here are five ways dentists can text to schedule more appointments.

5 Ways Real Estate Agents Close More Properties With Texting

As a real estate agent, you know better than anyone else what it means to be a one man army. That's why you need the power of texting to draw in more leads, book showings, and request reviews to help you rank as the go-to agent in your area. Here are five ways you can use texts to close more properties.

7 Ways Marinas Text to Schedule More Rentals and Services

Your marina sells boats, organizes rentals, and schedules services. That's a ton of tasks that can pile up, and it doesn't help that no one is answering your calls. But with texting, you can get all those things done faster, which means increased profits! Here are seven ways your marina can text.

12 Text Templates to Grow Your Vacation Rental Business

Your vacation rental needs fast communication to book the most guests. That's why texting's 99% open rate and 90 second average response time sounds like your best bet, but what kinds of texts would you actually send guests? Here’s 12 text templates you can use to grow your vacation rental business.

9 Ways to Acquire and Retain the Best Talent

Hiring and retaining talent in your industry can be a huge challenge when 64% of your employees think they should find a new job after spending only two years with you. Here’s nine ways you can create a work environment they don't want to leave by hiring the best fit talent.

7 Ways Fitness Clubs Text to Motivate Members and Increase Business

Your gym’s members can quit for so many different reasons—and often within the first six months of their membership, too. But with texting, you can stay top of their mind with scheduled reminders and tips. Here's seven ways your fitness club can text to motivate members and increase business.

6 Ways Therapists Help More Clients With Texting

Your therapy practice needs an effective way to keep in touch with clients, as well as draw in new ones. That's why more and more therapists have begun texting clients for scheduling, questions, and extra support. Here's six ways your practice can reach and help more clients with texting.

7 Ways Sales Psychology Can Help You Close More Deals

Closing any sale can feel impossible when prospects turn away the moment they realize they're being sold to. But with sales psychology, you can learn the best way to approach customers. And that’s with these seven common psychological triggers that will help you relate to them and close more deals.

5 Ways Politicians Engage More Voters with Peer to Peer Texting

Campaigns can't rely on landlines or phone calls to gather the stats, supporters, and volunteers they need anymore. Texting is the new communication channel politicians are turning to for voter engagement.

5 Ways to Bridge Your Employee Age Gap & Motivate Different Generations

Employee age gaps can cause teams to stereotype and resent each other. But there are many more things the four generations in our current workforce have in common than not. The key to bridging employee age gaps is to capitalize on those similarities and learn how to motivate different generations.