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5 Ways Economic Development Officers Connect by Texting

Economic development officers need to help local businesses stay informed so they can thrive, but gaps in communication keep this from happening. Here are five reasons why more economic development officers are turning to text messaging for conversations and mass updates.

4 Steps to Developing Your Employees’ Talent

How can you bring out the best in your employees so both they and your business can benefit? We spoke with Wade Hinton, VP of Global Inclusion and Diversity for Unum, about how you can discover and nurture your teammates’ hidden talents.

5 Ways I Doubled a Self Storage Business's Online Reviews With Text Request

Online reviews are essential to increasing leads, but getting consumers to take time out of their day to write them is a challenge. Matt Casady shares how he used Text Request to double a self storage business's amount of reviews by linking customers directly to where they needed to leave their review.

4 Essentials to Strengthening Your Community as a Business Leader

How can you as a business leader make time to strengthen your community? We spoke with Tim Kelly, owner of Kelly Cars, managing partner of Chattanooga Brewing Co, and co-founder of Chattanooga Football Club, about how to contribute to your town knowing the work will come back to grow your company.

SMS Promotions: The Ultimate Guide

SMS promotions have huge potential, because 99% of texts are read and have a 250% higher conversion rate than emails! But there are many moving parts to creating a successful SMS promotions strategy. This guide will show you how to increase customer engagement and return shoppers through SMS promotions.

6 Essentials for Profitable Social Media Marketing

How do you turn social media into a profitable marketing channel for your business? We spoke with Mickey Cloud, Executive Director of The Sasha Group (a VaynerX company), about how to stand out on social media platforms so you can make profitable returns on your investments.

3 Ways to Generate Leads with Text Request

You need a way to generate more leads, but 68% of marketers struggle to create and capture enough demand to do so. Broken communication is the culprit, but Text Request can give you the tools to successfully connect with target customers. Here are three ways you can generate more leads with Text Request.

4 Steps to Creating a Loyal Brand Community

How do you create a loyal following around your brand? We spoke with Shannon Stephenson, CEO of Cempa Community Care, about how to deliver your brand’s message to the people you serve, so you can consistently grow a loyal community.

6 Ways to Schedule More Appointments with Text Request

You need an affordable and quick solution to schedule more appointments. Luckily, 95% of texts are read within three minutes, and Text Request offers the tools to grab customers’ attention so they book and keep their next appointment. Here are six ways you can use Text Request to fill your appointment slots.

5 Essentials to Improving Sales Team Performance

How do you motivate your sales team to not only improve their individual performances, but to improve the performance of your business as a whole? We spoke with Brian Trautschold, co-founder and COO of sales gamification software Ambition, about what it takes for your sales team to reach its goals.