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7 Ways to Close More Sales with Text Request

You want to boost sales and increase revenue, but only 19% of sales are actually closed. Prospects can't take calls at work and emails get lost—but a text stands out. You just need a tool to harness the power of text, which is why we're going to show you seven ways Text Request can help you close more sales.

4 Steps to Earning Positive Local Media Coverage

How do you create opportunities to get your local business positive media coverage? We spoke with John Martin, morning news anchor for WRCB-TV (NBC, Channel 3) in Chattanooga, about how you can fit into a reporter's goals so they share your story.

12 Text Message Templates for Responding to Negative Reviews

Customers can give you negative reviews despite the quality of your work. But luckily, 45% of consumers are more likely to work with you if you acknowledge their complaints. That's why we put together 12 text message templates you can use to respond to negative reviews.

10 Text Message Templates for Marketing and Promotions

Great returns on marketing and promotions come down to using the channels where your audience is already at. That's why we recommend SMS, because every consumer prefers to receive texts. You just need enticing messages, which is why we’re giving you 10 text templates for marketing and promotions!

6 Key SMS Lead Generation Tactics to Grow Your Business

Your business needs leads, but how do you generate them in a way that’s affordable and doesn’t take up all of your team’s time? You text them, because texts are opened 99% of the time and are the #1 channel for engaging consumers. Here are six key SMS lead generation tactics to grow your business.

4 Steps to Schedule and Keep More Appointments

Your business depends on booked appointments for consistent revenue. But how do you convert enough prospects to increase your average bookings, plus make sure those prospects actually come to the appointments they scheduled? Here are four steps to scheduling and keeping more appointments.

6 Problems Keeping You From Closing More Sales Opportunities

Your business loses time and money when a deal falls through. You need to be able to handle any potential road bumps as they pop up during a close, which is why we researched the top six most common problems keeping you from closing more sales opportunities.

5 Ways to Gain More Online Reviews

You need more reviews to encourage consumers to take a next step toward a purchase. But how do you go about asking customers for them, and which tactics work best? Here are five tricks to help you gain more online reviews!

4 Problems Keeping Customers From Buying Again

Your business depends on repeat shoppers for a consistent source of revenue—but common barriers can keep you from retaining the desired amount of customers you'd like to have. Here are the top four reasons customers don’t return and how you can prevent them.

10 Most Effective Lead Generation Tactics

You need leads to grow your business. But which lead generation tactics will give you the most bang for your buck, plus be relatively simple to manage? Here are our top 10 most effective lead generation tactics.