How to Add Text Messaging to Your Google Adwords Ads

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Advertising on Google is powerful, and today we’ll show you how to make your ads even more effective by adding text messaging to your Google Adwords ads.

Google currently owns about 79% of the global search market, and their advertising platform (Adwords) can help you be #1 in their search results without paying much.

Google Search Engine Market Share

PC: NetMarketShare

In other words, a lot of people go to Google every day in search of answers and solutions to their questions and problems. Adwords makes sure your targets find you when they're searching.

The best part about Adwords for today’s mobile-first consumers is that Adwords now supports texting, so viewers can text your business straight from the ad!

Adwords calls this feature a "message extension," and below we'll show you how to add message extensions to your ads, so you can start getting more leads through text. All you need is a way to handle incoming messages.

Text as a business with Text Request's easy to use dashboard.

Add Message Extension to Google Adwords Ads

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Studies consistently show that consumers would rather text your business than call, so these message extensions are a great way to get more leads out of the ads you're already paying for.

Follow the guide below to add text messaging to your Google Adwords ads, and boost your conversions in the process!

What if I don’t have an Adwords account?

If you need to create your own Adwords account first, click here, and follow the steps. All you need is an email, website, and company name. Creating your account will look like this:  

Starting your Google Adwords Account

If you already have a Google account, you’ll want to use your Gmail address. To create a Google account, click here.

Create your first ad.

If you’re creating an Adwords account for the first time, follow the prompts to create your first ad (and ad group).

To make it easy, choose the default settings, pick a few relevant keywords (e.g. "Chattanooga HVAC," "cleaning service," etc.), and add your billing information.

We’ll make specific changes to include message extensions after creating the ad. For more details on creating your first ad, view this Google support doc.

Create Adwords Ad

Add text messaging to your Google Adwords ads.

At the time of this writing, Google is supporting 2 different dashboard designs. Here's what each looks like.


Old Google Adwords Dashboard


Adwords Dashboard

Since I don’t know when they’ll merge everyone into just 1 design, I’ll show you both below.

Step 1: Locate the Ad Extensions tab.

Step 2 / 3: Choose Message Extension and click “+ Extension.”

Depending on your current design, the order flops.


Old Google Adwords Dashboard

Adwords Message Extension Example


Add Message Extension in Adwords

Step 4: Fill out your details, and save.

Step 5: Add your extension to a campaign or ad group.

This automatically sticks your message extension to the bottom of all ads in that particular campaign or group.

Then you’re good to go! Though you might want to check three things:

  • That your daily budget is large enough to display the ads
  • Your ads are turned on
  • And that you're advertising on mobile devices

Now people can text you straight from the ads! Once you're somewhat familiar with Adwords, you might want to check out this best practices guide. 

Message Extension Created

To add text messaging to your current business, and start gaining text leads through Google Adwords, sign up for Text Request today!

You’ll be able to manage all your text conversations in one place, add as many users to your account as you want, and communicate with customers the way they want to communicate.

Plus, there are no contracts.

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