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Text Request Revolutionizes Advertising Efficiency With New Software

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Text Request is improving business advertising campaigns by enabling businesses to manage text messages from their customers.

Instead of asking customers to call or email, businesses using Text Request can simply ask their audiences to text them for a quote or additional information.

By making their call-to-action the preferred form of communication for American adults under 50, businesses advertising their 10-digit text numbers are reporting percentage ROI's in the thousands.

A recent CTIA and Nielson study reveals that the number of text messages sent each month increased over 7,700 percent in the last decade. A more recent study shows that consumers 18-44 y.o. keep their smartphones by their side for 22 hours of every day.

How Text Request Boosts Advertising

By engaging in text conversations, businesses are meeting customers where they prefer to be met, tearing down barriers to entry and improving the sales cycle.

Businesses spend billions on promotions trying to get consumers into their stores and onto their websites. However, consumers mostly see these promotions outside of business hours, while reading or watching TV before or after work, when there is little to no chance of reaching a business if they tried.

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"It just makes sense," says Brian Elrod, Text Request co-founder and CEO. "Anytime I read or watch something I see ads, but that usually isn't during my work day. When I do see them, though, my smartphone is either in my pocket or sitting on the couch beside me.

"If I see an interesting ad, I should be able to shoot that business a quick text that I'm interested. Otherwise I'll just go on with my life, forgetting that business and how they can benefit me."

"They already want me to call them or email them," says Director of Communication James Dawson. "Why can't I text them?

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"Everybody texts," continues Dawson. "Over 80% of business calls are put on hold. Only 18% of people check their voicemail - Coca-Cola's corporate office in Atlanta threw it out entirely. People prefer to communicate through text, and people run businesses. So why aren't businesses texting? We connect those dots."

More About Text Request

Text Request is not a mass texting or SMS marketing tool. Users will never receive unsolicited messages from Text Request, nor from the businesses they choose to communicate with.

Other than standard text messaging rates, Text Request is completely free to consumers.

There are no downloads needed and no contracts to sign to use the system. Click here to learn more about how Text Request can work for you.

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