5 Ways Our Marketing Agency Engages Leads with Text Request

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Leads are the name of the game in any business. They're the only way you can increase sales and revenue.

As the Content Marketer at Loud Rumor, my team depends on me to find viable leads that end up on sales calls. I do this by creating content and resources that start conversations.

The problem was finding the best channel to distribute that content and in a way that allows for an organic back-and-forth between me and the audience. That’s why my team and I turned to texting.

Since using Text Request, our response rate has increased by 260% and our opt-in rate has increased by 300%!

Want to get that same engagement from leads? Here’s how our team did it!

Why did we switch to texting to generating leads?

When it came to engaging leads, people wouldn’t give us their phone numbers. They were comfortable sharing their email to receive content, but phone numbers were off the table and some people would even give us inaccurate numbers when we asked.

Texts on the other hand got people excited to share their actual numbers. They didn't want us calling them, but they were okay with an SMS subscription because they loved the idea of receiving educational content (like blog posts and videos) and reminders instantly through SMS.

The best part though, was how sending content this way opened the gate for organic, real-time communication. I’m able to speak with prospects on a different level when the average response time to a text is just 90 seconds!

Texts are also opened 99% of the time (even if it’s a number the person doesn’t recognize). The engagement is always great and it allows for me to build more casual relationships with contacts than I ever could over email.

Plus we get to keep their number for sales follow ups when they opt-in for content!

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How do we interact with leads through text?

Every day I’ll send out messages to our contacts about new videos and resources. When their responses come in, I’ll reply and we’ll have an organic conversation about how it helps them.

People love realizing that there’s an actual person on the other side of the phone personalizing their experience. In fact, 40% of people are more likely to spend money with a business after personalized marketing experiences like this.

It’s a great way to build trust and lead them to see us as an expert in our industry they eventually want to work with!

5 Ways We Increase Leads Using Text Request

Originally our marketing agency was looking for a texting solution that was specifically catered for fitness studios, which is why we asked our current clients who they were using.

Many of them were already using Text Request, and they quickly convinced us the software was something we could use too.

It’s an easy to use platform that helps us keep in touch with leads through five powerful tactics I’ll mention below.

1. Create powerful relationships through organic, one-on-one conversations.

I’m in the Text Request conversations menu about three times a day just talking to people. I want the messages I send to be as personalized and casual as possible, which is what one-on-one conversations like these allow for.

These messages will range from updates on new blog posts, to reminders about the release of new videos. We’ve even sent some messages from our CEO to highlight content the specific prospect may find valuable:

“Hey Shaun! I’m going to be doing a video soon on referrals, and I really think it’s going to be perfect for your goals. I’m also taking live questions as we record, in case you have any specific questions you’d like to ask.”

Messages like these help us get to know the people who are in our circle, then move them further along the sales process.

2. Get the word out to a large group of contacts with Text Merge.

Normally my strategy is to build relationships through one-on-one conversations, but it’s nice to also have the option to send group messages when I have an update that I want to share with multiple contacts at once.

Text Request group messages work like BCC email, so no one can see anyone else’s response. This is perfect for the personalized feel I want my messages to have! Even though these group messages go out to multiple contacts at a time, I still get to handle any responses on a one-on-one basis.

I can also upload a CSV file and automatically format group messages with Text Merge. Text Merge saves me a huge amount of time when it auto-populates fields like [First Name], [Last Name], [Time], and [Date] in a group message.

3. Engage leads directly from our website with SMS Chat.

My director originally reached out to Text Request using the SMS Chat on their website. From that conversation alone, we decided to add Text Request as a partner, because the SMS Chat was such a powerful lead generation tool.

SMS Chat allows prospects to message us directly from our website using their phone number. Our responses go directly to their phone where the rest of the conversation lives.

Since adding the widgit to our website, we've gotten a 2600% response rate! That’s 2600% more than we ever got through email submission forms. People like knowing they can reach out and get an immediate response.

Once we have their number, we can continue to send them content and grow a relationship until they’re ready to make the decision to work with us.

4. Use our landline number to draw in curious prospects.

Text Request gave our original landline phone number texting capabilities, and it’s been great for getting leads to respond to us!

When people see it’s a landline number texting them, it piques their interest and makes them more likely to respond than they would to a generic number. They’re also more likely to save our number to their contacts when they recognize it as a traditional landline.

This is great for when the lead wants to move on from receiving content, to talking business. They already have the number they need to call in their phone!

5. Rely on customer service for last minute advice or help.

Text Request’s customer service is second to none. Even if I have a last minute question at 4 p.m. on a Friday, I know I’ll get an answer right away.

I always feel comfortable asking for advice on how we can best iron out our campaign plans, and they have plenty of resources available to help us bounce ideas off of.

“There was one time when I needed to send out a mass communication to all of our members, and when I reached out to the Text Request support team at 8:30 p.m. they got back to me within five minutes to show me step by step how to do it.” - Patrick Cundiff (Marketing Director), Loud Rumor

How does Text Request help our clients?

Part of what we do as an agency is generate as many leads as possible for our clients, so we can help them with their sales process.

Not many fitness studios have a way of staying in contact with their members, and if they do it’s from their personal phone. That’s why we direct our clients to Text Request, so they can grow and scale their business.

We’ve been partners with Text Request for a year now. They’re regular vendors at GSDCON, our annual convention, and value helping fitness studio owners become better marketers and increase their sales as much as we do.

It’s nice to have a partner that is helping both us and our clients!

“The absolute necessity of having a good texting software is why Loud Rumor is both a partner and client of Text Request. Text has a night and day open rate compared to other communication channels, which is why consumers prefer it.” - Patrick Cundiff (Director of Marketing), Loud Rumor

What’s the best way for your own business to start generating leads with Text Request?

Having a channel to send valuable content is great, but holding conversations around that same content is what will truly get leads to feel comfortable enough to take the next step with your business.

Make your messages personable, like someone is actually behind it on their phone.

There’s no need to sound overly formal or robotic. People like text for a reason, because it’s short, sweet, and casual.

Text Request offers text templates and other guides to help you start conversations in a way that’ll convert. Test different ones and see which get the most engagement!

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To learn more about Text Request, talk to a representative, or get pricing information, visit our Demo page. If you are ready to sign up for Text Request, visit our Pricing page.