4 Alternatives to Missing Phone Calls and Losing Business

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Every phone call is a chance to grow your business, which means missing phone calls is a surefire way to lose business. Unfortunately, no one can answer every call. So what can you do?

How much business is lost by missing phone calls?

Of phone calls to businesses that are answered, 86% are placed on hold.

32% of those placed on hold hang up immediately, and since every call is a chance to grow your business - either through sales or great service - this means you're missing out on just over 25% of your potential!

Thankfully, there are solutions to this problem. Here are 4 alternatives to missing phone calls and losing business that you should consider implementing.

1. Hire more people.

If you can't handle all the calls you get, it's probably good to hire another person to help you handle those calls. More employees means higher overhead, but getting back 25% of your potential would be worth it, right?

Searching for Lost Business

Every business is different, but I'd guess that between the relatively low wage you'd pay someone to monitor the phone and all the value those extra calls would bring, you'd be better off with more people.

Plus, if any of those calls lead to more money for your business, then this new hire is helping your business grow while making sure your competitors don't.

2. Encourage people to email you instead of call.

Can't handle enough calls? Have people email you! That's simple, right?

But if you want people to email you instead of call, you have to make sure you can answer every single one of those emails quickly. Why do people choose to call, anyway? Because they want a quick answer.

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Taking the average 6+ hours to respond to someone's email is way too long. And taking too long might even raise your call volume. That's not what you want!

The reality is that most emails aren't read, so you need to make sure your staff is constantly on point if you want email to be your go-to inbound communications channel.

Text Request Business Lost from Missed Phone Calls

3. What about live chat?

Live chat is a great option that allows people to get answers quickly, though it doesn't provide much mobility, which is something consumers today crave.

With another instant gratification offer like live chat, you'll be able to reduce the number of calls you get, handle more conversations simultaneously, and bring in more business that you would've otherwise lost by missing phone calls.

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All-in-all, live chat is a good option to have whether or not you're suffering from too many calls. Although, we'd also recommend you go with a mobile-first option that more people can take advantage of.

4. Most people would rather text, anyway.

Texting is a great way to stand out, because it's not something all your competitors do already (probably). Texting as an inbound communications channel also creates a great mobile experience for your audience.

Consumers want mobile quick and convenient communication

We all want to resolve our issues ASAP, and texting is about as instant as it gets. It also allows people to go on about their day instead of waiting on hold.

Plus, one employee can handle multiple text conversations simultaneously, which can't be done well with phone calls. Texting is a great tool, and there are at least 8 reasons why texting is crucial to business communication.

Finishing Touches

Every phone call is a chance to grow your business, but too many businesses miss too many calls! Yet this doesn't have to happen to you.

Follow one (or all four) of these alternatives to missing phone calls and losing business, and you'll be able to regain more than 25% of your lost potential! The only people who wouldn't want that are your competitors.

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