Study Shows: Most Americans Can't Go A Day Without Cell Phones

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Our cell phones aren't just a part of our daily lives. They're extensions of our selves, pieces of our identities, and the necessary tools for our careers.

That's a lot to pack into 10 square inches!

Most of us are digital natives. We grew up with computers and laptops and mobile phones in such a way that texting and being social online feel as natural as showering and going to work.

Our cell phones help us complete our work. They help us communicate with people we love. They store our schedules, our reminders, and our happy memories.

Cell phones give us an instant connection to everything in the world! That's probably why 84% of Americans say they can't go a day without cell phones, according to a Time Mobility Poll.

This also means 16% of Americans are probably lying.

Every day, we use our phones to check the time, the weather, the news, email, various social media sites, to search for answers on Google, and more.

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Maybe you could go a day (or longer) without cell phones while you're on vacation. But that's not your typical day, is it?

Most Americans Can't Go a Day Without Cell Phones

Here's the problem with our mobile dependence, though.

Most people don't understand it.

Our heavy usage of cell phones is often demeaned and belittled. But we've always grown dependent of new technologies!

We became dependent on alarm clocks to wake us up in the morning. We became dependent on cars to travel and make it to work on time.

We've become dependent on newspapers and televisions - even toilet paper!

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Could you go a day without using a refrigerator? It would probably be more inconvenient than what it's worth. Cell phones are the same way.

They're a relatively new technology that have changed the way we interact with the world around us, and that's okay!

Rather than demeaning mobile dependence as a dreadful part of the human condition, why not embrace it as technology that advances us?

People Turn to Mobile Devices for Product Buying Decisions


Why not instead learn how to best incorporate mobile technologies in our daily lives, and especially into our careers?

Consumers today are increasingly mobile-centric. If your business isn't keeping up - or staying ahead of the curve - it's going to fall behind.

Who would that be good for?

Most Americans say they can't go a day without cell phones. That's not a bad thing! But what are you and your business doing to adapt?

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