What is the Best Time of Day to Contact Someone?

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Whenever you’re contacting customers or prospects, you’re probably looking for a sale. But failing to contact them at the right time could lead to zero responses.

That’s a huge chunk of potential customers you could be missing out on - and a gigantic waste of time, since almost a 25% of a salesperson’s time is spent actively selling. There’s 500 hours a year you could make more effective just by changing when you contact someone.

How Does a Salesperson Spend Their Time

So what is the best time of day to contact someone?

Below I’m going to give you research and guidelines to follow. Whether you’re relying on text messages, phone calls, or cold emails, I’ve got you covered so you can get more responses and spend your time actually selling.

The Best Time to Email Someone

Finding the right time to email your potential customer is crucial. Why? Because if you’re sending it too early in the morning, it could fall to the bottom of their inbox and get missed.

But if you send an email too late, a response could be put off until the next day - decreasing your chances of getting any response at all!

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So, when is the best time to email someone?

According to data collected from Get Response, MailChimp, and Wordstream, CoSchedule found that Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Wednesdays (in that order) are the best days to email someone.

Best Day to Send Email

HubSpot also added to that data, finding midweek to be the best time to email someone.

HubSpot Best Time to Email

Hubspot’s data also found that emails sent on a Tuesday saw 20% more opens than the average email.

The worst time to email someone is Monday morning, as people are focused on their top priorities for the week and catching up on anything they missed over the weekend.

However, Monday afternoons seem to be OK. Mondays and Wednesdays get 18% more opens than the standard message.

If you’re selling to businesses, you should avoid weekends. Think about it: On Saturday and Sunday, the majority of people tune out of “work mode” to spend time with their families. If you’re emailing on the weekend, there’s a high chance no one’s going to have a good time.

10am has been found to be the best time to email someone, according to Campaign Monitor.

Campaign Monitor Data

But judging by this data from Customer.io, the gap between 8pm and midnight could be the perfect opportunity to boost your email open rates, particularly if you're a blog or you sell to consumers (instead of businesses).

There's less competition which may help you get your foot in the door.

Emails Sent and Opened by Time of Day

When using this data to plan your email schedule, don’t forget to use the timezone of your ideal customer. 10am where you live might be 7am where they live. If you don't account for that, your results might be disappointing.

The Best Time to Call Someone

Ready to hit the dial button on your phone and start selling? Before you do, think about what time you’re making your call.

After analyzing four weeks of data (and over 13,750 calls!), CallHippo found that Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days to make a business call. They get the highest answer rates.

Call Hippo Best Day to Make a Business Call

Generally, calls are avoided at the start of the week as people are getting back into the swing of things. Calls on Fridays are often ignored because people are ready for the weekend. So midweek - once again - is your perfect opportunity.

Now we’ve found the perfect day, let’s move on to the perfect time.

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People rarely answer calls when they’re busy. That’s why 3:30pm - 5pm is the perfect time to call. They’ve finished the majority of their work for the day, and their effort-rich tasks for the day have been checked off the to-do list.

Some people are even looking for a distraction (or a low-priority task), because it helps them feel productive even though most of their energy is spent.

Call Hippo Best Time of Day to Call Someone

It’s best to avoid calling your prospect between 7am and 9am any day of the week. During this time, they’re either organizing their day (weekdays), or still sleeping in and relaxing (weekends).

The Best Time to Text Someone

Text messages don’t need a lot of time or effort to respond to, but don’t let that fool you into thinking the timing of your message doesn’t matter. It does.

Think about it: When are you most likely to respond to a text?

My answer is whenever I’ve got the time - and it seems like I’m not the only one, since the average response time is only 90 seconds. But let’s take that a step further and think about when you’re most likely to respond to each type of text message.

Service Businesses

People will text anytime during the day. But if you’re a service business using Text Request to message customers during business hours, the lunch hour during any weekday and Friday afternoons will be your best options.

Why? Because a text is a small task to complete, and by this point in the week (or day), people are usually looking for smaller tasks to fill their time.

Retail Businesses

On the flip side, retail stores might find that weekends are the best time to text their customers, purely because you’re catching them in the time they’re out of work mode (when they have a chance to think about buying things or visiting your store).

If you’ve got a flash sale happening on a Sunday, send a quick message the day of or the day before. If you send it during the week, they’ll forget about you before your sale even starts!

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In all cases, you should avoid texting at times when your prospect is likely to be sleeping. In fact, just avoid texting between 8pm and 8am. Waking them up or bothering them while they’re trying to relax is never going to lead to a sale!

Finding the Optimal Times for Your Customers

When using this research to find the best time of day to contact someone, remember that this is a general guide. The optimal time for a phone call, text message, or email can vary drastically, and depends on the daily routine of the person you’re selling to.

That's why it's so important to know your custom buyer personas.

So, use these best practices as a basis for your own communications strategy and run a few tests. Slightly adjust the time and day of each contact, and record which combination gets the best results - in terms of open rates, responses, and actual sales.

Once you’ve gone through this cycle and found the best times for your targets, this revamped sales strategy could become your business’s biggest driver of new customers!

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