Research Shows a Surprising Number of Bosses Support Texting at Work

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Many people worry what their bosses will think about them being on their smartphones in the office, but studies show most bosses support texting at work.

Actually, bosses tend to support anything that helps you do your job better. If texting – or being on your phone for any reason – helps you help the company, your boss is likely to support it.

That’s a testament to how far we’ve come with mobile devices. Our smartphones have even become a necessity for most of us to do our jobs!

But many still have anxieties about using personal phones at work, and that’s okay. We’re here to answer your questions.

Common Questions About Using Mobile Phones at Work

  • If I'm on my phone, does it look like I'm not working?
  • Should I do this on my computer instead of on my phone?
  • How often is it okay to be on my phone?
  • What about for personal things? 

Generally speaking, your boss wants you to do well. After all, you were hired to help them!

Most bosses support texting at work, and more generally using your phone, so long as it furthers your job and the company. What helps you help them!

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If you're texting with clients to do better business, keeping up with emails from your phone, or even researching the best Instagram hashtag for your branded post, Boss is going to be pleased. That's certainly better than twiddling your thumbs all day!

In fact, a 2012 study showed that roughly 80% of bosses support texting for work-related things. And since mobile everything has only become more important in the last 5 years, we're willing to bet this number is now much higher.

Bosses Support Texting for Business

But some employees are still hesitant because they aren't sure how it will look for them to be on their phone.

After all, bosses can't tell whether you're closing a multi-million-dollar deal or scrolling through Facebook! It's a valid concern, and here's how you can handle it.

How can you set the right impression or expectations?

Most problems are solved by setting the right expectations up front.

Some work environments assume you need your smartphone to succeed in your job, and some don’t. If yours doesn’t, then sit down with your team and bosses to set the right expectations.

Share why you’ll be using your smartphone, and how that purpose will help the company further its mission and achieve its goals. Even if your boss is an old-timer who owns a flip phone, they should understand this.

Smartphones certainly can be distractions at work, what with endless notifications and instant access to everything. But they also offer possibilities and efficiency.

Employee expectations when texting for work

If you want to use your phone to do your job better, set the right expectations with your team so everyone's on the same page!

Bosses support texting at work, but how can it help?

Texting is a communications tool, and when used properly can add a lot of value. Adding value is always good!

We each communicate for a 101 reasons every day, and texts can be used in any of these common situations. You can text to schedule a lunch meeting, to follow up with leads, to get feedback from co-workers, or for anything else!

Texting is what people do. We already send dozens of texts every day!

It makes sense that you'd text at work, and it makes sense that bosses support texting when it brings value to your job and to your company.

So don't fret! Use your phone at work with the confidence that you're helping everyone achieve mutual goals.

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