5 Ways Breweries Stay Ahead of Competitors With Text Messaging

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With over 7,300 regional breweries, brewpubs, and microbreweries currently in the U.S., standing out from the competition is a must. You try to compete with frequent bottle releases and keeping up with Untapped, but what if I told you there was a new tactic on the rise?

Breweries who’ve started texting have seen an increase in engaged customers who love the instant gratification of being able to reach you immediately. And that’s because text messages have an open rate of 99% and an average response time of 90 seconds.

That kind of speed means you can give instant updates on stock and new releases, as well as answer any questions about about beer types, ingredients, and ABVs.

Besides, 89% of people want to text your brewery because it’s their favorite form of communication. And the kind of engagement texting brings will create solid relationships with customers and lead you to financial success.

Here are five ways your brewery can stay ahead of competitors by making customers happy with texting.

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1. Give immediate updates and increase foot traffic with SMS Chat.

There’s nothing more frustrating for you and your customers than when they make a long drive to your brewery, only to find out that a certain beer has run out on tap or in cans.

Customers won’t make the bulk purchases they originally had in mind, and you have to watch them leave disappointed.

Plus, people will always have general questions about hours, visiting bands, and private room availability.

With SMS Chat though, customers will be able to text you directly from your website for information. All you need is a call to action, like “Text us to find out what’s in stock!” which the customizable widget allows you to do.

You’ll get 50% more sales than your competitors, if you’re the first person to respond to them. And you can even setup autoresponses, so if a customer reaches out to you before or after hours, they’ll get something like:

Thanks for reaching out to Naked River! We have 11 four-packs of our newest DIPA release left. Our hours are 10 to 8 M - SAT. For more information, checkout: https://bit.ly/2sN1uWr

This ensures customers know you’re going to get back to them as soon as your staff is available.

2. Keep your team in the loop on busy days with a user-friendly dashboard.

Customers can have a ton of questions about everything from allotment, to pricing, to even parking when it’s a big release day.

Texting can make it easy for your customers to reach out to you with these questions, and our user-friendly dashboard can make it even easier to respond to those questions.

Every message appears in one place, so each staff member can easily take over a message chain if another staff member is tied up. And if any message falls through the cracks, it will be escalated in the thread after a certain amount of chosen time passes.

The best part is, Text Request lets you text from your business’s number, so your staff’s personal number won’t be bombarded with messages. There’s also three different places staff can access the message dashboard—the Text Request mobile app, the Chrome extension, and through the main website—so they can choose what suits them best.

The more streamlined your team’s communication is, the more successful your events will be in comparison to your competitors.

3. Offer customers VIP treatment when they sign up for your SMS subscriber list.

You know your customers like the exclusivity of limited releases and one-of-a-kind can art. Why not give your loyal fans more of that through exclusive VIP text updates?

VIP members could get behind the scenes content they crave, limited merch offerings, or early announcements with discounts to ensure they’re in line on release days.

Building an SMS subscriber list can be as easy as:

  • Catching people at your brick-and-mortar register
  • Adding a signup option on your website
  • Offering discounts for customers who sign up

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VIP content and discounts keep you at the top of your customers’ minds, while also giving you a chance to show off your brewery's backstory and personality when you send things like old recipes or original drafts of can art.

Your competitors are already sharing this kind of VIP content on social media and email blasts, but with texting you know your fans will immediately see the content and be engaged at a much higher and faster rate (remember, texts have a 99% open rate).

4. Allow customers to opt-in for personalized updates with keywords.

Sometimes your customers are specifically interested in just collecting cans or what’s on tap.

With keywords like, “DRAFT” or “FRIDGE,” customers can receive specific updates that fit their needs. This is also another great way to get customers to opt-in to that VIP subscriber list we just talked about.

Your could even go as far as including keywords for specific types of beer, like “SOUR,” “IPA,” or “STOUT,” so customers can always know when their favorites are in stock or set to release.

Instant updates like these ensure repeat visits by turning casual fans into die hard ones who are constantly able to stay in the loop.

5. Link to your Untapped account and get more reviews.

It’s no secret that Untapped is changing the way people drink and share beers. If your own brewery is not getting ratings on the app, you risk falling behind competitors who are.

With texting though, you can easily link to your brewery's Untapped page to ask for ratings when customers opt-in to your SMS subscriber list.

70% of customers will leave you some kind of review if you just directly ask them to, whether it’s on Untapped or Google. Texting the link just makes the process quicker and painless.

And speaking of Google, you can double down by asking customers to also leave you a Google review so your search ranking increases. The more Google reviews you have, the more likely you are to appear first over a competitor in a customer’s search.

Unbottle your brewery's reach with texting.

Standing out from other breweries means creating strong impressions on customers—and lightening fast communication is one way you can do just that.

Super fans want to be able to keep up with what you’re doing, and newcomers will need to know what’s in stock. Texting can help you share all that and more with your customers, so they get the best experience and spread the news about your brewery.

If you’re ready for your brewery to start texting, schedule a free demo to make sure the software is the best fit for your staff. Text Request also offers complimentary training and user guides to help your brewery get the most out of texting!