86% of Business Calls Aren't Answered. Let Me Text You!

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People, we have a problem: business calls.

It seems like every time I call a business, I either end up waiting on hold, or nobody answers at all. Who's that good for?

This isn’t attending to my needs as one of your (potential) customers, and no amount of hold music telling me how "valued" I am is good enough to make up for that.

What’s the deal, businesses? I’m trying to give you money. Why won’t you let me?

I’m not the only one this is happening to. Ask around! Check the statistics. 86% of all business calls get placed on hold.

That's absurd!

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Should I email you? How long is it going to take you to respond to that, and will my needs even be resolved when you do respond?

We, customers, want another option. Or, at least the 89% of us dissatisfied with current customer support options do.

Did you know that 32% of callers hang up immediately after being placed on hold? How much business - how much revenue - are you losing from that?

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How many people simply hang up and call the next business on the Google search results page? There are definitely other companies that do what you do.

You lose a third of your incoming leads simply because you’re busy helping other people. Imagine that.

Did you also know that an additional 58% of people will hang up within 5 minutes of waiting on hold? How long does it take you to close a deal over the phone? How many other customers could you be losing while gaining one?

Customers want another option. Businesses, you need another option.

Text messaging.

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Yes, that thing you’ve been doing for twenty years can be used to greatly improve your business’ communication. When you're not quick enough, customers can just leave a text with you.

There will always be business calls, and there will always be emails. But instead of losing a massive chunk of leads and customers to hold times and frustrations, let them text you.

Open a third line of communication for your customers. You can call a business. You can email a business. Why can't you text a business? You should be able to text a business!

You know how often we use our phones. We check our phones 150 times a day!

I guarantee you we’d rather send you a text than wait on hold. For crying out loud, we could text you quicker than your phone could ring!

Let customers text your business directly. Give me and the rest of us an option to communicate with you the same way we communicate with all of our friends. We'll gladly give you more money for that.

Customers don’t want to waste any more time on hold. You don’t want to lose any more leads or customers. So just let us text you. Please?

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