6 Quick Things You Need to Know About Business Texting

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Business texting is perhaps the largest emerging small business trend. It's also the largest void in business communication, primarily because people still have questions about it. Let's get some answers!

1. What exactly is "business texting"?

Business texting is more or less what it sounds like. It's texting as a business, as one cohesive unit. It's like texting your friends, but with organization built for an office.

Honestly, you'll probably use a computer more than a phone for business texting, mostly because you're probably sitting at a desk when you're at work. The computer's easier for the average worker.

One way to think of it is like this. You've got a company phone. You've got a company email. Now you've got a company text number. And it a lot of cases, you might have multiple people monitoring that communication channel.

2. Are people okay with business texting?

Yep! Everyone texts, so it makes sense that businesses would, too.

Regulations differ between short code (automated) and long code (personalized) numbers. We're not lawyers, but the gist is basically not to harass anyone.

As long as actual humans are manning text conversations - just like you would normally text with anyone - then you're good to go.

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Your industry might have a governing body for communications (what joy). We can't speak for everyone, but Text Request meets FINRA, FCC, and (in some cases) even HIPAA regulations.

3. What do customers think about business texting?

Customers would rather text you than have to call someone else.

Nobody wants to be left on hold. As of a couple years ago, 89% of consumers wanted another customer service option. Most people these days don't answer phone calls. And people respond to texts in about 90 seconds, on average.

For most consumers, business texting is a welcomed option.

Are they going to drop every other form of communication in favor of texting? No, that'd be crazy. But the reports show that people enjoy having it as an option, whether they need to reach a business or the business needs to reach them.

4. What's the ROI on business texting?

It depends on how you use business texting, but it's usually rather high.

If you use it strictly for fielding customer service or scheduled check-ins (which saves time), results are going to look differently than if you use it for gaining leads and closing sales (which directly translates into more money faster).

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If you include text in your sales funnel, ROIs range from 100% to several thousand percent. One of our earliest case studies said this after only three months of texting:

"We have seen an increase in sales by 17%, and increase in collections by thousands a week, and a 66% increase in customer retention!" - Sarah, VP, Healthcare National Marketing

Not bad for a $49 service.

5. What would we text for?

There are literally 101 reasons you might text someone, maybe more! For any reason you would need to communicate with another person, team, employee, or client, you could theoretically send a text.

Here's a short list of what companies use business texting for:

In general, texting is a very flexible communications tool. How will you use business texting?

6. How do I start business texting?

Click here to start texting.