4 Ways Staffing Agencies Excel with Text Messaging

Ways Staffing Agencies Excel with Text Messaging

Staffers need to vet applicants, fill positions fast, and keep up with everyone while they’re doing it. It’s a lot for anyone to handle! And text messaging can help you do it better.

Texting is the fastest way to reach, engage, and move a prospect from one stage of the process to the next, and it’s this kind of power that helps staffing agencies excel.

Here’s why texting works for staffing agencies.

Less than 25% of emails are read, and less than 20% of calls are answered, but 99% of texts are read.

In fact, texts have a 45% average response rate. That means about half of all messages you send will get a response – and fast, since 95% of texts are read within just a few minutes

How much better would these rates be than what you’re currently doing?

FranchiseHelp Texting Calls Communication Preference
FranchiseHelp.com reports consistently show people would rather text than call.

Text is more convenient, and it’s what people prefer. You can’t always take a phone call, and it could be hours or days before you see an email, but you’ll see and respond to texts ASAP.

That’s why so many staffing agencies love text messaging – it’s easy and it gets results. Here are 4 ways in particular that staffing agencies excel with text messaging.

1. Use text to vet and hire applicants.

One piece of context you need is Text Request. Our dashboard makes it easy for you to text as an individual or as a team from a computer, without having to use your personal cell phone.

You can even use your current business number in most cases.

You can also send and receive pictures in Text Request, and all of this comes with complete organization.

So to help with hiring, staffers are having applicants text in pictures of their resumes. Staffers then review those resumes within Text Request, and follow up with applicants as needed.

The process is quite quick, and easy to manage.

Staffers hold conversations, vet applicants, and offer instructions on what they should do next, all through text.

The beauty in it for staffers is that they can connect faster, which helps them produce more while saving tons of valuable time and money.

2. Place temps faster through text.

A lot of businesses need temporary workers ASAP. So when you need to fill 40 positions by tomorrow morning, what are you going to do?

Here’s how staffers use text messaging to fill positions faster.

They’ll tee up their list of temps, and with the press of a button send them a BCC group text. That means everyone on the list gets the message, but replies come directly back to the staffer, not the group.

Online Texting for Groups and Employees

This allows staffers to send out 1 message that says something like:

Company A needs 40 people tomorrow at 8am. Are you available?

The first 40 people to say yes get the job, and the staffer spends all their extra time accomplishing other goals.

As an added perk, staffers also text company addresses to workers, which provides a record and easy way to load directions (just click on the address to open directions in your Maps app).

3. Track employee hours through text.

When you work with a lot of people, you have to make sure everyone’s in the right place at the right time, and that they get paid accordingly.

Text messaging is a great way to keep up with this. You can text recruits where they need to be and when, and they can text you their hours for the day or week.

Benefits of Texting at Work

All you have to do is look under that contact in Text Request, and all of their information will be waiting for you, perfectly organized.

4. Text important reminders and updates.

There are a lot of details in the hiring process, which can be stressful for applicants. This is where a personal touch is both helpful, and leaves a lasting positive impression.

In Text Request, you can schedule messages in advance. So staffers are scheduling reminder texts and well wishes for applicants before their important moments, like interviews and first days on the job.

A little encouragement goes a long way, and because texts are read instantly, it’s also an assurance that applicants won’t miss anything important.

This is one more thing you and your team can do to fill more positions while delivering top notch service. Plus, it’s super easy!

Bring it together.

Text messaging takes a lot of necessary roles and turns them into easy tasks.

Instead of making dozens or hundreds of calls a day, leaving voicemails, and sending emails, you can send a few texts and be done with it!

Text messaging helps staffing agencies save countless hours while also increasing productivity and output.

How can your agency start texting?

It’s easy to get started. Just go to textrequest.com/purchase and choose the plan that’s right for your team.

The system’s easy to learn, and we offer free support to all users. Text Request also has no contracts, and a 30-day money back guarantee. So sign up and start texting today!

Start Using Text Request

3 Best Practices for Managing Multiple Users in Text Request

Best Practices for Managing Multiple Users on Text Request

Managing multiple users in Text Request is easy, and you can add as many as you want for free!

In fact, we recommend having multiple users on your account, which is why we’re sharing these best practices for managing multiple users in the first place.

Every business functions differently, but we generally recommend that you have a designated person on each text line to send and receive texts in 3 situations.

  • During normal operating hours
  • After normal hours (e.g. nights, weekends, holidays)
  • When your primary user is unavailable

Keep in mind, the same person doesn’t have to be responsible for everything. Just choose whom you think will live up to each duty best. Now, here are 3 best practices to managing multiple users in Text Request!

1. Get everyone on the same page.

Every user needs to know what you’re using Text Request for.

Are you using it only to respond to inbound (Click-to-Text) messages? Are you using it for appointment reminders? Or will you be you using Text Request to talk about any and every thing with any and every one?

Your users need to know.

Managing Multiple Users Get Everyone on the Same Page

2. Create if-then scenarios. 

If someone texts in [This Message], then you respond with [This Reply].

If [This Situation] happens, then you should [Do This].

Creating if-then scenarios is good for operational consistency and brand voice. They’ll also simplify things for your users.

For most, this means you’ll be sending the same messages over and over again, which provides a great opportunity to take advantage of Text Request’s Saved Responses feature.

What if-then scenarios apply to you? What are common situations or frequently asked questions for your team?

Zach Galifinakis Equation Gif

3. Create failsafes.  

Within Text Request, there are several ways to ensure you never miss a message.

Under Settings, you can turn on Voice Greeting. That way anyone who accidentally calls a text-only number will be directed to the right place.

(If you’ve added Text Request to your current business number, Voice Greeting will not apply to you.)

Next, there’s Escalation. Escalation will forward new messages from Text Request to a personal cell phone if those messages have not been resolved within a predetermined amount of time (that you choose).

Typically, you want messages escalated after your normal response time. So, if your users normally respond to a message within 5 minutes, you might want to set messages to escalate after 5 minutes.

You can also use our iOS or Android app to receive notifications.

Bringing it Together  

You’ll have to decide what’s best for your business and your users. But it’s best to have a system in place for handling messages at all times.

You wouldn’t want to miss messages from customers, or from people who want to become your customers. You’ll also want to make sure your users are all on the same page, and know who’s responsible for what.

These best practices are crucial for managing multiple users, and for making sure your business succeeds with Text Request. Follow them, and you’ll be good to go!

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4 Steps to Implement Text Request Successfully at Your Business

Simple Steps Implement Text Request at Your Business

You’ve signed up for Text Request, and you know how you want to use it. Now what?

How can you make sure that you, your team, and your whole business get the most out of Text Request?

It all comes down to implementation. Here are 4 steps to help you implement Text Request successfully at your business!

1. Get everyone on the same page.

Everyone in your business should know that you have Text Request, and what you plan to use it for. That means people who will be using the service, and people who won’t, should all be in the know.

It’s particularly important that those who will be actively using Text Request know what they’re supposed to do with it. Here are a couple of mini steps to make that easier.

Gordon Ramsey What is Going On Gif

Add users to your account.

A big part of getting everyone on the same page is setting employees up as users on your account. All of these users also need to know why they’re being set up on Text Request.

Are they supposed to use it to communicate with employees? To leave messages with prospects who don’t answer calls instead of leaving voicemails? To send out reminders and notifications?

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If users don’t know why they’re being set up, they won’t be able to use Text Request effectively. You’ll also want to make sure non-users know what it’s being used for, because these communications could indirectly affect them.

Keep in mind that adding multiple users to your account in entirely free, and that Text Request offers unlimited support for any user who might want it.

Add text lines to your account.

You can add as many text lines as you want. Just make sure your users know 3 things:

  • Why you have multiple lines
  • Who’s responsible for which line, and
  • What their duties are on that line

After you’ve created a new text line, you can add each applicable user to that line.

Ensuring everyone on your team knows who’s doing what, why, and on which text lines is a simple but crucial step to implement Text Request successfully at your business.

2. Create consistency. 

It’s best to create protocols that all users can follow to successfully use Text Request day-to-day. E.g. If X happens, a user should do Y. Here are a few examples.

If someone texts your business to start a conversation, then everyone needs to know who’s responsible for that conversation.

If someone asks for more information over the phone, then you reply [“Would you like us to text that to you?”]

If someone texts in asking about price, then [user] should reply with [This Message].

Implement Text Request at Your Business

If someone asks for your contact info, then you include your text number.

If a customer texts in with a complaint, then you [follow steps X, Y, and Z].

If you need to confirm an appointment, then you send [This Message] [This Many Hours/Days] before the appointment.

If someone’s credit card gets declined, then you [text them to call you about it when they’re available].

Every business functions differently, but to implement Text Request successfully at your business, you’ll want to create consistency.

3. Monitor your use, and make adjustments as you go.  

With any plan, you do what you initially think will work best, and then you make adjustments as you learn more. That’s what you should do with Text Request, too.

For instance, you might start by leaving texts with customers instead of leaving voicemails, and find it’s just as effective to cut the call out entirely.

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Or, maybe you start by trying to complete entire conversations through text, and learn that it’s more effective to start conversations with text and finish them on a call.

Whatever you do, you probably won’t know exactly which procedures work best immediately. To implement Text Request successfully at your business, it’s important to monitor your processes, and make adjustments as you go.

4. Spread your wings.  

Soon, you and your team will become experts in Text Request. This is a great opportunity to see where else you can implement Text Request. You’ve seen success in one area, why not try another?

Cheesy Spread Your Wings Flying

If you’ve gotten comfortable texting for, say, appointment scheduling, maybe it’s time to look at including it in sales.

If you’ve gotten comfortable texting for customer service, maybe it’s time look into using it for lead generation or customer notifications.

Texting is a very flexible tool. After you’ve gotten comfortable with Text Request in one area of your business, pick another area to start improving.

Continue to follow these steps to implement Text Request successfully at your business, and there’s no telling what you could do!

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9 Easy Ways to Let People Know Your Business Texts

Easy Ways to Let People Know Your Business Texts

Once you start using Text Request, you have to let people know your business texts. If you don’t, no one will text you, because they won’t know they can! So here are 9 ways you can let people know your business texts.

1. Send out newsletters or emails.

Let’s say you keep your audience updated by sending newsletters. All you have to do is add a paragraph, sidebar, or some other note telling people you’re now texting and why. Here are a few examples.

“We always want to make your experience better, so we’ve added the option for you to text our office directly! Text us at [423-218-0111] for any and all of your customer needs.”

“To make things easier for everyone, we’re going to start confirming and rescheduling appointments by text. Please send your name to [423-218-0111] so we can make sure your information is up-to-date. Thanks!”

“Folks, we know a lot of you don’t answer many calls or emails. You’re busy, and we get that. That’s why we’ve started using Text Request. We’ll text you if we need to reach you, and you can always text us at [423-218-0111] for any of your customer needs.”

Of course, you can say whatever you want so long as you let people know what’s going.

2. Share an interoffice memo.

Unless you’re a sole proprietor, it makes sense to let everyone else on your team – maybe even the whole company – know that you’ve started texting.

A simple email or text will work fine. Example:

“Hey guys, we’re now using Text Request to communicate with [Our Audience] about [Purpose] through text. Let me know what questions you have, and keep in mind that Text Request offers unlimited support to anyone who wants it. Best,”

It’s good to post a notice on any message board (online or physical) your business might have, too. You want to make sure everyone who might be affected by Text Request is on the same page.

Funny Sending Interoffice Memos

3. Advertise it.

There’s usually a call-to-action at the end of an advertisement or marketing campaign. “Visit our website.” “Call now!” Etc.

Whether it’s on the radio, TV, Facebook, magazines, or anywhere else, you can now add “Text us at (XXX) XXX-XXXX!”

Most people under 50 would rather text you than call. People can still text your business even if it’s closed for the day (which is when many advertisements run).

Plus, this lets your audience know that you have a great new option that your competitors probably don’t have.

4. Use Click-to-Text on your website (and other places). 

Click-to-Text is a piece of code that lets mobile viewers click a button to open a text addressed to your business. 

We recommend adding it to your website for several reasons – leads, quality contact info, it’s convenient, etc. This will also let every person who views your website know that texting with your business is an option.

It’s a powerful tool for mobile engagement, but desktop viewers will still see your call-to-action – “Text us for a quote!” or whatever you choose – and get the message.

This is a simple, passive way to let everyone who views your website know that your business texts. It will probably help you generate more leads, too!

For more on setting up Click-to-Text on your website, Google Adwords, Google Business Listing, and Instagram page, view our guide to small business texting.

Text Request Click-to-Text Example

5. Spread the message by word of mouth. 

“What’s the best way to reach you?” is a very common question. Now you can reply with “Just text me.”

In fact, almost any situation that comes up involving you or your business brings a chance to tell people how you stand out.

Does texting make your job easier? Does it improve any operations? Are you ever talking with prospects who you think should work with your company? Is a friend simply asking what’s new with you?

These are all situations where you can toot your company’s horn and share what you’re doing to stand out.

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6. Add it to your voicemails or email signatures. 

Leaving a message with a customer or prospect is the perfect time to share your contact information.

People instinctively do this through their email signatures, and that’s a great place to include your text number. Example: “(XXX) XXX-XXX (Call or Text),” or “Text our office: (XXX) XXX-XXXX.”

The end of any voicemail is another great place to sign off with your text number. After your message, you normally prompt people to call you back. Now you can add “or just text me at [this number].”

Even if people choose to contact you through ways other than text, they will understand that text conversations are an option with you and your brand.

7. Write a blog post or press release. 

The people who check your website announcements and/or blog are the same people you want to know that your business texts. 

You should post something discussing that you’ve started using Text Request and what you’re using it for.

If anyone on your team writes for other publishers, a case study is also a great way to highlight your business. It will let people know your business texts, and help to earn your business more credibility.

Publicly breaking down why you started texting and what benefits your business has seen from that can do wonders for everyone!

Barney Stinson This is Totally Going in My Blog

8. Add it to flyers, posters, or handouts.

Most businesses and organizations print things. You put flyers up on your office doors, you make business cards, you create marketing materials.

There are dozens of cases where you might need something printed or made, and all of them are opportunities to let people know your business texts.

A simple “Call: (XXX) XXX-XXXX ; Text: (XXX) XXX-XXXX” works well when you just need to get your contact info out there. Or you can choose a call-to-action, such as “Text us for a free quote” or “Text us with any questions.”

You already print, display, and hand out these materials to share information. They’re perfect places to let people know they can text you, too.

9. Post on social media.

Using social media to let people know your business texts is one of the more important steps you should take.

Sharing on social media sites helps your website in search results (Google, Bing, etc.). It’s where most people spend a significant chunk of time, and it’s where your brand already has followers who keep up with you.

Let your audience know they can text you, and encourage them to do so! We even have albums full of images to help you get the word out on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other sites.

Choose a picture that’s right for you, then make a post that includes your text number and why you’re using it.

Something simple will work just fine. Like, “You can now text us to schedule your appointment! (XXX) XXX-XXXX” 

Easy Ways to Let People Know Your Business Texts

For best results, post several times over a few weeks. And if you have the option, pin one of those posts to the top of your profile.

Not everyone is going to see everything you post every time. Posting more, and keeping those posts at the top of your profile, will increase your visibility.

Wrapping Up

Your audience doesn’t just live in one place, nor do they only communicate through just one medium. It’s important to let people know your business texts in several different ways, because you want to make sure your people see and remember your message.

Once people know they can text with your business, you’ll be able to foster more and better communication that will grow your business!

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7 Ways Text Messaging for Business Can Empower Employees

Ways Text Messaging for Business Can Empower Employees

Every company should have a structure around text messaging for business, because the benefits are enormous! One key benefit is that texting can empower employees.

And since empowered employees are more valuable employees, it’s worth investigating how texting at work can strengthen your people. That’s what we’ll do in this article.

Why does text messaging for business matter?

People spend over 4 hours a day on their mobile phones and send dozens of text messages. So fighting the use of phones at work is like yanking the wheel when your car starts to skid. It only makes things worse, yet this is what so many businesses do.

Instead, steer into the skid! Create a structure that encourages people to use their mobile behaviors for good.

People text from their cell phones every day, and Text Request is a tool for managing text conversations as a team. Because people text in different ways for different reasons, I’ll share steps you can take on both the individual and team levels to empower employees through texting.

Let’s get started!

1. Foster relationships with customers.

Research shows texting is how most people prefer to communicate. It’s how we choose to create conversations, and these conversations foster our relationships.

We have a more thorough guide to creating conversations with customers, but here’s the gist.

When employees have conversations with customers, they build relationships with customers. As these relationships grow, employees’ sense of value grows, too.

Think of it like this:

If you have 50 good customer relationships, then you feel like you’re bringing value to your company by growing these relationships. And we know there is value in this, because stronger relationships lead to larger and more frequent transactions, plus referrals.

What’s really powerful is that employees who feel they add value look for more opportunities to add value. So you get this virtuous circle of empowerment.

Add value → Feel good → Add more value → Feel better → etc.

Altimeter Employees Feel Empowered and Inspired

You can take advantage of this through a few processes for texting with customers. Here are some options:

  • Following up with leads or prospects
  • Customer onboarding and success
  • Customer service and support
  • Promotions or exclusives
  • Birthdays and other notable events

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If you already have a system in place for these conversations using calls or emails, just replace the calls or emails with texts. You’ll be able to reach more people faster, hold more conversations, and empower your employees, who will then strengthen your business.

2. Motivate your sales team.

It’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of emotion we call sales. And, if well managed, you can use these emotions to propel your selling. So how does texting fit in?

Salespeople are – more often than not – motivated by results, and texting brings you better results faster than other processes. We cover this more thoroughly in our guides to successful SMS lead generation and converting more online leads, but here the key takeaways.

99% or more of all texts are read, while 20%-30% of emails are opened, and roughly 20% of calls are answered.

On the surface, it’s a simple numbers game. More people read your texts, so you have more opportunities to move prospects through your sales funnel. But if we dig deeper, we see each text is also more effective.

Texting Calls Communication Preference
PC: FranchiseHelp

Texts get over 200% more responses than calls, and bring in close to 300% more conversions, too. Dozens of studies show that more people respond to texts than calls or emails, and that texts are more likely to create conversions than calls or emails.

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In short, texting gets better results, and these results motivate your sales team. Your sales team then contributes more to your business. Everyone wins!

3. Encourage your employees.

Praise empowers, and kind words show that you care. Whether you’re CEO or an entry level employee, you can build up another person in your company.

If someone’s having a rough day, reach out to them. When someone does a good job, let them know! Obviously, you can share these sentiments face-to-face, but text is a popular choice because it’s more discreet.

You might not want anyone eavesdropping on these conversations, and texting from your personal cell phone solves this problem. Here’s an example.

Example #1

Let’s say 2 employees get into a heated argument, where 1 steps over the line. Sadly, this isn’t uncommon. As a manager (or friend), you can text the offended party a quick message like:

“Heard about your spat with [John]. He completely crossed the line, and I’m going to follow up with him.”

A message as simple and non-partisan as this tells the person you’re there for them. It shows support, and strengthens your relationship, which inspires and builds a better business.

Engaging Employees Through Recognition

Example #2

Let’s say So-and-So gives a great presentation, or brings up a wonderfully creative idea, but doesn’t like public praise or being in the spotlight – which is common for top producers.

You can send that person a quick text saying “Great presentation, I had no idea we were missing these opportunities!” Or whatever praise is relevant.

That text would likely make their day! It would also motivate them to work harder and smarter moving forward.

There are countless examples like these, but the main point is this:

Sometimes discreet comments make all the difference in an employee’s feelings and motivation. Text is the go-to solution for these moments. Why not use it in your office?

4. Prove you trust your employees.

You’ve interviewed, hired, and have been working with these employees. Shouldn’t you be able to trust them with a cell phone?

When employees feel trusted, they perform better. When they don’t feel trusted, their stress levels increase and performance suffers.

Unfortunately, managers become much more controlling whenever they don’t trust employees. And when you try to control a human being with ideas and free will, you place a lot of undue pressure and stress on them.

Leadership Is Not Wielding Authority Quote

All of this tension hurts your business (and your turnover), but there are myriad small things you can do to show trust to your employees!

You can ask for their 2 cents on a subject, assign them to lead a project, or simply let them use their phones throughout the day.

When you show employees you trust them, you empower them. And when you empower employees, they work hard for you.

5. Minimize office distractions.

Impromptu conversations are parasites that suck the productivity out of your business. Conversations are great, but conversations without order are chaos. Here’s an all too common example.

Example #1

Employee A is working on a project when Employee B turns to Employee A and says, “Did you hear about this?” Employee A has not heard about it, and frankly doesn’t care. But Employee B already has their attention, so Employee A humors Employee B by indulging in the conversation.

Interruptions like this might temporarily lighten the mood, but they’re needless distractions.

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Example #2

Employee A asks Employee B “Did you get my message?” The answer is either “yes, and [this needs to happen],” or “no, I was working on [something else].”

Occasionally these memos are urgent, but 9 times out of 10 they aren’t worth the interruption.

Unfortunately, these distractions have a profoundly negative impact on performance. Studies show it takes, on average, about 25 minutes to regain focus on a task after being distracted.

So it only takes a few of these interruptions to lose hours of productivity every day. When productivity suffers, morale suffers. And when moral suffers, your business suffers.

Plantronics Small Biz Trends What Employees Want
PC: Small Business Trends

Here’s how texting fixes this problem.

When someone on our team needs to check in with someone else, they send a text saying “When you have a minute, let’s talk about [XYZ].” So whenever the recipient gets to a stopping point, they check their phone, and then converse as needed.

This way, we’re able to finish our tasks and projects before turning our attention elsewhere.

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It’s a simple and effective way to increase productivity without adding stress, which empowers us to do more and be better. I’m confident texting like this can do the same for your office.

6. Bring your business up to speed.

Employees use technology every day to accomplish their goals. This technology is an extension of employees’ skills, and can help or hurt depending on how useful it is.

Sadly, inadequate technology is one of the more prominent issues holding employees back at work. This shows us people are capable of doing more if they’re given opportunities, and that technology creates these opportunities.

The thing is, you don’t need a powerhouse budget to implement new tools that help your team accomplish its goals. Many tools – like Text Request – only cost $50 or so a month. That’s a small price to empower employees and grow your business.

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Texting plays a crucial role in this technology conversation, because less than half of businesses are currently equipped to handle any form of messaging. Yet every prospect, customer, and employee with a smartphone texts.

Do you see the disconnect?

Employees could do their jobs better and bring more value to your business with a tool to manage text messaging with customers. Help them help you by investing in tech.

7. Share ideas and feedback.

People appreciate being heard. When you feel your contributions are valued, you become fulfilled, which motivates you to contribute more, and so on.

When you make employees feel this way, your business will soar! So how does texting fit into this?

Texting is a great way to share ideas with individuals or groups, get feedback on those ideas, and foster discussions that propel your business forward.

Pomello Why Employee Engagement Matters
PC: Pomello

These ideas could be shared anonymously by texting into a line that functions as an “ideas box.” (Maybe your executive team discusses these ideas once a month.) You could also text your ideas to colleagues to spark – or better yet, set up – conversations at any time.

When people can share, be heard, and get constructive feedback, everyone wins. Texting is one way to create and manage all of these conversations.

A Final Note to Empower Employees

People text every day – it’s just what we do! And if you take the right steps to implement texting in your company, you can see incredible value.

Empower employees and boost your business by creating processes around text messaging for business. It’s simple to do, and the results are priceless.

Manage your business text messaging as a team with our easy-to-use dashboard.

9 Powerful Ways to Grow Your Brand Through Small Business Texting

Powerful Ways to Grow Your Brand Through Small Business Texting

Small business texting might be the most underutilized tool you already have. Everyone texts, and we text for a 101 reasons every day, including business!

Texting has been the most popular form of communication for a decade, and it might feel like a rather commonplace thing. But that ubiquity is exactly what gives it so much power.

So, how can small business texting grow your brand? How can it take your business from point $A to point $B?

We’ll cover exactly what small business texting is, and offer 9 powerful ways to grow your brand through small business texting. Let’s dive in!

What is small business texting?

You’re probably familiar with SMS marketing, where you get an automated text from 555-55 with some business’s latest discount. Well, small business texting is the opposite of SMS marketing in 2 ways:

  • SMB texting uses long-code numbers. E.g. (423) 218-0111
  • SMB texting focuses on conversations instead of promotions

As a small business, you care about the relationships you build with your community. Small business texting reflects these values, because it’s communicating with customers, prospects, and co-workers just like friends and family.

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Normally, employees are already texting for work from their personal cell phones. Small business texting moves these conversations to a shared online dashboard, where they can all be managed under 1 roof.

Keep Calm and Text Friends

In short, small business texting helps you fully step into the mobile-first age while remaining compliant and personable.

Manage your business text conversations with Text Request’s easy-to-use dashboard.

Now, here are 9 powerful ways to grow your brand through small business texting!

1. Get more online reviews by texting links to customers.

Not many people want to be a business’s first customer. Most want to work with an already established business, and so we look at previous customers to gauge the company’s value.

The idea behind this “social proof” is that you want someone else to confirm your decision. When we hear “Yeah, that company was great to work with,” we think it’s safe for us to work with them, too.

This is such a powerful phenomenon that social proof – such as online reviews and word of mouth – is consistently ranked as one of the most influential factors during the buying process.

Invesp Importance of Online Customer Reviews
PC: Invesp

So how can small business texting get you more social proof? Whatever your specialty, there’s room to ask for feedback. You could be:

  • Accountants
  • Maids
  • HVAC or maintenance professionals
  • Staffers or recruiters
  • Retailers
  • Restaurateurs
  • Business development professionals
  • Agency owners
  • Or anyone else

All you have to do is ask!

It’s likely part of your process to get each person’s cell number. After a sale or appointment, send that customer a text, like:

“It was a pleasure working with you! Would you share your experience on [Google]? goog.le/mybiz Thank you so much!”

It will be best for you to encourage reviews wherever people are most likely to look for you, whether that’s your Google listing, the App Store, Yelp, or somewhere else.

These positive online reviews will bring you more customers, because other people will see how valuable your business is. And over time, these simple texts will significantly grow your brand!

2. Close more sales by following up through text.

According to this year’s State of Inbound report by HubSpot, the #1 challenge salespeople face is getting responses.

Their biggest problem isn’t overcoming objections, or creating enough qualified leads. It’s reaching people who’ve already expressed interest! That’s where small business texting will help you.

HubSpot State of Inbound Sales Challenges
PC: HubSpot, State of Inbound 2017 Report

Fist, here are a few relevant stats on texting and sales:

  • 38% of salespeople say their biggest challenge is reaching prospects
  • 35%-50% of all sales go to the vendor who responds first
  • 99+% of texts are read
  • Texts have an average response time of 90 seconds
  • Texts get a 45+% response rate
  • 90% of people would rather be texted than called
  • Texts have a 205% higher response rate than phone calls
  • Texts convert 295% more than phone calls

Together, this research shows that small business texting is a pretty important sales tool! And here’s what it looks like in practice.

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People search for what your business does, and come across your website. Then they fill out a form or send you an email – they might even call you!

But that person is going through the same process with several other companies. So how do you stand out?

Be first!

The first business to respond has the highest chance of closing the deal. And since texting is the fastest, most reliable way to reach someone, you should send a text to follow up with them.

I Wanna Go Fast Ricky Bobby

This is a process you can automate.

You can set up your CRM so that any person who submits your contact form automatically gets sent a text. But chances are you’ll want to tailor your responses to each person.

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Let’s say someone asks for a quote or estimate. Here’s a text you might send as soon as you see that request come through:

“Hey Jane, just saw your request! I have a couple of follow up questions. Do you have a moment to chat this morning? Thanks! – [Kim @ Company]”

What’s really powerful here is the text’s role as a wingman. Only 15%-20% of calls are answered, but a text gets your foot in the door almost every time!

SMS Marketing for Retail Wingman
Text is your communications wingman

9 times out of 10, you’ll get a response like this:

“Hey Kim, how about 12 or so? Thanks!”

And just like that, you’ve scheduled a call with someone you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to reach!

What’s more, we know that leads who text with you convert into paying customers at a significantly higher rate. But we’ll get to that in a bit.

These texts help you create conversations with leads before your competitors can, which inevitably helps you grow your brand.

3. Gain referrals through viral customer service.

When people have a great experience, they talk about it. They tell their friends over coffee, the bring it up at family dinners, and they share it with the entire world on social media!

Disney World’s a good example here. They could stop advertising today, and millions of people would still flood their parks every year. Why?

Because people love to talk about their magical experiences at Disney. And these customer advocates become powerful referral machines.

Referral Candy Word of Mouth Sales Generated

Or take Zappos. One Zappos representative stayed on the phone with a customer for over 10 hours! while making sure the situation was resolved.

That story has been covered more times than you can count, and that customer has told everyone she can about it!

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Great experiences create memories to talk about, and just like Disney and Zappos, small business texting can help your business create these viral customer service experiences. Here’s how.

Far too many people abhor contacting customer support. In fact, 89% of customers want another support option!

And why shouldn’t they? When 86% of phone calls are placed on hold, emails take 6-48 hours to get a response, and no one has 30 minutes to spare for a live chat conversation. But a text cuts straight through.

Richard Branson Customer Expectations Quote

When a customer texts in their need, they can just go back to whatever they were doing before! Example:

“Hey team, why am I seeing a $30 fee on my account? Makes no sense to me. Thanks.”

A few minutes later, your representative replies:

“Hey Matt, looking at your account. It seems the fee was mistakenly assigned to you. I’ll credit your account now!”

A few minutes later…

“Matt, I’ve just credited your account. Thank you for working with us!”

The customer replies with a “Thank you for being so quick!” And now you have an awesome opportunity to text him a review link (see powerful way #1).

Customer Service Text vs Call

To create great experiences people want to talk about, follow these simple steps as quickly as you can without sacrificing quality.

  1. Acknowledge the customer’s problem
  2. Tell them you’re going to make it right
  3. Actually make it right
  4. Offer something extra as your condolence

Small business texting lets you take something people hate – customer service – and turn it into something enjoyable! And since texting lets you handle several conversations at once, you can help more people faster.

No one has to wait on hold, it’s super quick, and it doesn’t take away from the customer’s day. These are the experiences people tell their friends about!

4. Generate more leads through superior mobile engagement.

What would you do if you found out 2/3 of your customers were coming from 1 place? You’d probably put more resources into that 1 successful channel!

This is exactly what’s happening on mobile, and it’s why so many marketers, VPs, and CEOs are continually focusing more and more on mobile engagement.

A few years ago, mobile users accounted for 60% of all online traffic, and that number’s been trending upwards since.

comScore Mobile Share of Total Digital Minutes
PC: comScore

Chances are, more and more people are finding your business through their phones, and texting is the primary way people communicate from a mobile phone.

Small business texting puts 2 and 2 together to help you generate more mobile leads in 4 different places!

  • Your website
  • Adwords
  • Google My Business
  • Instagram

How to get more mobile leads through your website

The Click-to-Text button is a powerful yet simple tool. Essentially, you place a piece of code on your website, and a text addressed to your business will open whenever a mobile viewer clicks that button.

Text Request Click-to-Text Example

Mobile viewers who come to your site will be more likely to contact you, because most people would rather text you than call someone else. All you need here is a number that can receive texts (which we can help you with).

Plus, people who text you are more likely to convert into sales.

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How to get more mobile leads through Adwords (Google Ads)

For this to work, you need to be using Google Adwords, and you need a number that can receive texts. After you’ve got that, here’s the step-by-step guide to set up Click-to-Text on your Google Ads!

1. Login to your Adwords account.
2. Go to the Campaigns tab
3. Click the sub tab that says “Ad Extensions”

Google Adwords Dashboard Screenshot

4. Click the red “+ Extension” button.
5. Click “New Message Extension.” Add your text number, call to action, and pre-filled message.

Ad Extensions Screenshot

6. Ensure bids are turned on for mobile ads under Settings >> Devices.
7. Start receiving texts through your Google ads!

How to get more mobile leads through your Google My Business listing

Most small businesses have a Google business listing – it looks like this:


Text Request Google Listing Screenshot


For those who don’t already have one, we strongly recommend you set up your listing! Follow these instructions to set up your Google business listing.

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Once your page has been verified, follow these steps to set up your Google Chat (Messaging) feature.

1. Login to your My Business account.

If you’re listed as an account Owner, you’ll be able to see the Messaging option on the left side menu. (You should also see a Chat card when you scroll down your homepage.)

If you do not see the Messaging menu option, you are probably not listed as an Owner on the account. You can check this by clicking on the Users menu option. If needed, you can reach out to an Owner to change your permissions level.

2. Add your number.

Once you’re on the Messaging screen, add your 10-digit number that can receive texts (e.g. your current business number or Text Request number).

Google Chat Screenshot

3. Enter the confirmation code.

Google will send a confirmation code to the number you enter, so make sure you have quick access to that number. After entering the confirmation code, you’ll be all set to start receiving texts through Google search results!

Note: When someone clicks on the Send a Message button, they’ll see a different number than the one you entered. This is OK. You’ll receive the message and the recipient’s phone number from a still different Google number.

Google made this part a bit confusing, but I believe they did this so they can track your response time, which will sometimes be shown in search results.

How to get more mobile leads through Instagram

If your business has an Instagram profile, here’s how you can add a Click-to-Text button to help you get more mobile leads.

1. Go to your business’s Instagram profile, and select Edit Profile.

InkedText Request Instagram Screenshot 1_LI

2. Select Contact Options.

InkedText Request Instagram Screenshot 2_LI

3. Add your phone number.

InkedText Request Instagram Screenshot 3_LI

4. Choose the Text option.

InkedText Request Instagram Screenshot 4_LI

5. Make sure you save it!

InkedText Request Instagram Screenshot 5_LI

6. Now you can receive texts!

InkedText Request Instagram Screenshot 1_2

Texting is such a simple form of mobile engagement that you will inevitably convert more mobile viewers into leads through Click-to-Text. What brand doesn’t want that?

5. Keep more customers for longer by sending time-sensitive messages.

It’s common for customers to forget. They forget to pay you, they forget to update their credit card information, and sometimes they forget about your business entirely!

None of this is good, and it causes you to lose customers.

It costs 5x-25x more to get a new customer than it does to keep an existing customer, and even a 5% increase in your customer retention can lead to a 20%-95% increase in your total revenue!

Clearly, keeping customers is important, but what can you do about it? Use small business texting to help you keep your customers from churning. Here’s how.

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When a customer’s bill is due, or when their statement becomes available, send them a friendly text. E.g.:

“Hey Marissa, hope you’re well! Your bill is due on [DATE], and you can pay it here [LINK]. Thank you!”

Because 99% of texts are read, this reminder text will actually be seen by your customers! It’s also easy for customers to pay their bill from the message, which provides a great experience.

Through this, you’ll retain more customers, and increase your collections!

Lost Business Cartoon

Another common cause for customer drop offs is when their payment information expires, and you can’t reach them to update it. A simple text will do wonders here!

“Hey Larry, your CC is expiring. Just go here to update it [LINK] Thank you!”

These steps are simple to add into your daily routine, and will drastically improve your bottom line. Take it from one of our users!

In 3 months we have seen an increase in sales by 17%, an increase in collections by thousands a week, and a 66% increase in customer retention! – Sarah, Healthcare National Marketing

6. Build stronger customer relationships through nurturing conversations.

People enjoy doing business with other people we have relationships with. And research shows that people do more business with these contacts as the relationship strengthens.

This is what you want – quality relationships that help your company grow. So how does that work?

HubSpot Inbound Methodology

It works through “lead nurturing,” which is the process of your brand building relationships with potential customers.

What’s really powerful is that nurtured leads – those who’ve built a relationship with your brand – will make 47% larger purchases on average than leads who don’t have a relationship with your brand!

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Building relationships isn’t always easy, and lead nurturing includes many tactics, such as:

  • Email marketing
  • Promotional products, like ebooks and whitepapers
  • Conversations
  • Product videos
  • And more

The best lead nurturing strategies include all of these tactics, but the one that stands out is conversations.

Powerful Ways to Grow Your Business Through Small Business Texting

Texting is how friends communicate, share stories, and find time to get together. Why shouldn’t your business do the same thing?

Use small business texting to spark conversations, whether that means following up for sales, wishing customers a happy birthday, setting up a phone call, helping them get more out of your products, or even just chiming in to say “hello”!

Customers do a lot more business with brands they’ve built relationships with. Relationships are built through conversations, and those conversations happen through text.

7. Create repeat customers through ongoing engagement.

Brands often wonder why so many customers only make 1-time purchases, and why they don’t keep coming back for the same experience. 

They make the assumption: “If we can get them once, they’ll enjoy it, and that will make them want to come back.”

The problem is, this assumption is wrong.

Thankfully, the solution is simple. If you want customers to keep coming back, you have to give them a reason!

Facebook sends you push notifications, Entrepreneur sends you newsletters with the latest content. The best brands are constantly doing something to re-engage their audiences.

Mark Zuckerberg Messenger Business Live Texting

People spend more than 4 hours a day on their mobile phones, and get distracted by more than 150 advertisements every day!

There’s so much fighting for consumer attention that anyone will forget about you unless you’re constantly fighting for their attention, too. Small business texting happens to be a powerful way to grab someone’s attention.

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Previous customers are a great source of sales opportunities waiting to be tapped. They’ve already worked with you, and they’re primed to work with you again. You just need to pull the trigger!

Representation Customer Journey

So whenever you have a new sale, a new promotion, a new product feature, or any other kind of opportunity, text all your customers! Maybe send a text like:

“Hey John, we’re offering a 25% discount on [XYZ] to all of our previous customers this week! Want in?”

This ongoing engagement helps you grab people’s attention and earn repeat business. Even the people who don’t bite will get a touch point from your brand, which always has its benefits.

It’s important that you provide ongoing engagement, because you need to keep reminding people about your value. Small business texting helps you do that.

8. Hold more appointments by scheduling more people faster.

Most small businesses need to set and keep appointments to bring in revenue, and there are 2 powerful ways texting helps you do this.

You’re probably familiar with the 1st way – appointment reminders. You’ve set an appointment, and you need to make sure that person doesn’t forget. What should you do?

15%-20% of phone calls aren’t answered, and less than 20% of people check their voicemail within a week. Besides, calling every appointment to confirm takes a ton of time!

You could email for confirmations, but the average working adult gets 88 emails every day (or more), and half of those are already spam!

Boost Your Sales Funnel Emails
Emails sent and received to and from business accounts every day

But 99+% of texts are opened! So send a confirmation text, like:

“Hey Scott, still good for 3pm on Tuesday? Thanks!”

Or you might send:

“We’re excited to see you Thursday at 4pm! Please confirm your appointment here [LINK].”

You could send these texts manually, or you could automate the process. If you have questions about which is best for you, talk to us!

Text or Call Us at (423) 218-0111

Whatever you do, there’s no guarantee that 100% of your appointments will stick 100% of the time. And that’s where option #2 comes in.

Many appointment-based businesses have a list of customers who need to be scheduled again. You’re also going to have people who cancel on you last minute, or who just don’t show up. That’s when you turn to this list.

Start reaching out to these “overdue” customers! Send them a text like:

“Hey Sydney, hope you’re well! Just got an opening for [DATE/TIME], and I thought you might like to grab it. Want to set it up?”

Depending on the context, you could also include a reason for why you thought of them (e.g. since it’s about time for your 6-mo check up).

Messages like these are a very personable and considerate way to set and keep more appointments. They also provide an awesome customer experience. That’s the dream for growing a brand!

Live Texting How I Met Your Mother HIMYM That's the Dream

9. Overtake your market by outcompeting other brands.

Most people don’t care about working with the absolute best company in the world. What we care about is solving our problems quickly and working with people we can trust.

Small business texting helps you solve customers’ problems faster than your competitors, and helps you build better relationships than the competition.

More people text for more reasons more times a day than ever before. By adding small business texting to your communications, you will increase sales, provide better customer experiences, and beat your competitors!

So what’s stopping you?

Start texting today.

4 Major Reasons You Should Consider SMS Marketing for Retail

Reasons You Should Consider SMS Marketing for Retail

SMS marketing for retail (or for any small business) is not a new thing, but it is a great thing.

Texting is a very powerful communications tool, but how can you use it to grow your business? And why should you?

The answers are surprisingly simple. We’ll flush out the value of SMS marketing for retail in the Q&As below. Let’s get started!

1. How easy is it to start using SMS marketing for retail?

Let’s say you use Text Request. The time and effort it takes to set up is however long it takes you to enter your contact info and upload your contacts. Maybe 5 minutes.

It’s really easy to get started

The only thing to do from there is create processes for when and why you’ll text customers. E.g. Text past customers new seasonal offers.

Reasons Consider SMS Marketing for Retail

It’s fairly common for retailers to try using a short-code number (like 555-55) instead of a long-code number (like 423-218-0111, which is what you get with Text Request).

There are 3 common problems with short-code:

  • Short-code numbers cost 20X-30X more than long-code numbers
  • They take longer to set up
  • And they come across very spammy

So unless you’re someone like Macy’s, you probably want to use a long-code number. Actually, you can probably use your current business number for SMS!

2. What are the benefits of using SMS?

SMS is a great tool, and not just in direct marketing. In fact, there are at least 8 benefits of using SMS for your business!

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These benefits combine to increase your sales, boost your customer retention, and drive experiences that customers actually want. A short description of each is below. 

Texting helps you be quicker than your competition.

Up to half of all sales go to the vendor who responds first. 99% of texts are read, with an average response time of 90 seconds, and a 45% average response rate.

What’s faster than that? Only 22% of emails are read, and only 20% of calls are answered.

When you communicate faster, you win more business.

Texting makes your business more personal.

Texting is one of the more personal things we do every day!

Marketers send emails, salesmen make phone calls, and friends text. What small business doesn’t want to be like a friend to customers?

Keep Calm and Text Friends

Texting makes you more convenient.

No one is interested in making their life more difficult, but everyone wants to make their life easier.

Often, a text is the most convenient way to communicate. And since communication is needed for your business to succeed, texting is a necessity!

Texting makes you appealing to more people.

Texting is the most used form of communication for those under 50, and more than 50% of senior citizens text regularly!

Because texting is more appealing to more people, your business becomes more appealing.

Texting helps you be preferred.

People would rather text you than call someone else, and they’d rather be texted by you than called by someone else.

Texting Makes Your Business Popular

When you create experiences people prefer, they talk about it. They bring their friends, and they spend more with you. What business doesn’t want that?

Texting makes your business fully mobile.

Smartphones have become a staple of work and life, so much that smartphone sales have leveled off. Everybody has one!

Texting accommodates our move to mobile, and gives your business a chance to be where people already spend their time.

Texting helps you stand out from competitors.

If your competitors aren’t texting, it gives you a clear edge. If your competitors are texting, then you have no excuse not to be texting as well!

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Texting is the ultimate wingman for your business.

You text friends to set up a coffee date or meeting. Why not text customers, and get them to come to your store?

SMS Marketing for Retail Wingman

Or you could text customers to set up a call, or to convert them into members! Whatever your goal is, texting can help you get there.

A simple text is often the catalyst that gets people to take the next step. That’s wonderful!

3. How might SMS help retailers get a customer to come back and buy?

We share dozens of other examples in the “Related” link below, but probably the most effective strategy for creating repeat customers is to send relevant promos. Here’s an example:

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A customer comes in and purchases X. At checkout, you get their name and number for future offers.

Perhaps a month later, you send all customers who bought X a discount offer on Relevant Product Y.

“Hey [Jim], hope you’re enjoying [Product X]! We’re running a special this week – 20% off [Relevant Product Y]. Come take a look! – [Jeremy @ Business]”

Obviously, you can tailor your message to meet your needs (and your customers’), but texts like this make people feel that you care, because the offer is both personal and relevant.

And studies show that customers you build relationships with spend nearly 50% more with you. That’s powerful!

Richard Branson Customer Expectations Quote

4. What are your top 3 tips on SMS marketing for retail?

Text like you text your friends.

Be personal, be friendly, and be relevant. No one wants to be spammed.

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Don’t limit yourself.

People text for 101 reasons every day. Why can’t your business? You don’t have to stick with only promotional texts! There are plenty of options.

You could send confirmation texts for deliveries, or scheduling texts if they’d be relevant. You could send texts for collections and payment reminders, too! 

And there’s always the customer “Happy birthday!” text, which people love. Remember that for any reason you might communicate, you can send a text.

Texting is an add-on.

You can replace other process with SMS, but for most retailers and small businesses, texting is a great compliment to everything else you’re doing.

You might send out a great promotional email, and then also text past customers or members. Maybe you call to confirm appointments first, and send a text if they don’t answer.

The one thing you need to know is that when it comes to SMS marketing for retail, you’ve got options. And those options can be very powerful in helping you grow your business.

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Is Online Texting Right for Your Business?

Is Online Texting Right for My Business

There’s no sense in doing something that won’t bring value, so this guide is here to help you see if online texting could add value to you and your business. 

Let’s dig in!

What is online texting?

Basically, online texting is messaging back-and-forth between a mobile device and a computer program.

In practice, it often refers to a business representative sending and receiving messages between their desktop computer and a customer’s cell phone. Though it’s a flexible tool that can be used in many ways for many reasons.

Without getting too technical, messages go through an “SMS gateway,” which converts them into the correct format for each device (mobile device or computer).

Fun fact, the first text message ever sent – “Merry Christmas” in 1992 – was sent from a computer to a mobile phone.

Since online texting uses standard SMS instead of app-to-app messaging (like WhatsApp or iMessage), no one has to download any apps. It’s just a text!

Online Texting from Computer

Why is online texting relevant?

Smartphones are continually changing how consumers approach brands, and how we buy things. As they become a bigger and bigger part of consumer behavior, businesses are trying to adapt.

But how can businesses accommodate these new behaviors without compromising reputation or quality?

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The viral video and meme approach doesn’t work for the majority of small businesses. So how do you adapt when the most popular approach isn’t a good fit?

This is where online texting comes into play, and why it’s probably relevant to your business.

Memes Small Business

Texting is the most used form of communication for people under 50 years old. It’s also the most used feature on a smartphone – more than the internet, or any app. (Tweet this!)

Chances are, more and more people are finding your business online, specifically through their phones. Consumers find you on their phones, and they prefer to text.

We’ll use the questions below to see if online texting is a good fit for your situation, but it’s usually a no-brainer, because online texting lets companies fully adapt to mobile consumers without compromising quality.

Everyone wins!

Do you want to increase mobile engagement and conversions?

How much is a new customer worth to you?

As more people turn to mobile for more things, there’s a continually higher chance that people will find your business on their phones instead of on their computers.

Text Request Online Texting Click-to-Text

How’s your mobile engagement?

Online texting can help you improve your mobile engagement – and your conversions – with a “Click-to-Text” button.

Once your business has a number that can receive texts, you can place a Click-to-Text button on your mobile website wherever you might want a call-to-action.

E.g., you might want to prompt people to contact you on your home page, or on your contact page. When a mobile viewer clicks that button, a text will open up on their phone addressed to your business, like this (click “Text Us!” from your phone):

Text Us!

Since most people would rather text you than have to call someone else, Click-to-Text helps improve your mobile engagement rates. This will inevitably increase your other conversion rates, too.

Call is Important Please Hold

Plus, anytime someone texts you, you automatically have a record of the sender, their message, and the best number to reach them. It’s the perfect tool for follow-ups!

How are your conversions?

If you’re looking to increase conversions, online texting can help you turn people who text you – or any other leads – into paying customers.

Between ⅓ and ½ of sales go to whichever vendor responds to leads first. (Tweet this!) Texting is the quickest way to reach people!

So if you text your leads, you have a far higher chance of being the first vendor to reach them. That means you have a much higher chance of converting them.

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When someone texts your business, you can follow up immediately with an answer to their question, or to set up a call.

Online texting helps you shore up new business being able to reach more people faster. If that would add value to your business, online texting is probably a good choice for you.

Online Texting Sales Cycle Conversions

Do you need to communicate with customers?

How important are customer communications for your business?

Email Communications

Emails and phone calls can be effective, but they generally leave something to be desired. A good email open rate is about 33%, and a good click-through rate is only 4%. (Tweet this!)

So if the person in charge of your email communications does their job well, then you still have a small number of people who read your message, and an even smaller number who take action.

Since you’re probably emailing people who have already interacted with your business (how else would you have their email?), you would think these numbers should be higher. Sadly, they aren’t.

What about phone calls?

Please Hang Up and Text Me

Phone calls can be effective once you get someone on the line, but getting customers to pick up isn’t easy!

There’s no definitive number, but only about 1 in 5 calls gets answered. That’s not a very good rate either!

People often won’t answer the phone, because they either don’t know who’s calling, or because they’re busy at work. And nobody checks their voicemail anymore!

If you need to reliably communicate with customers, online texting might be right for you. Here’s why.

Online Texting

About 95% of texts are read within just a few minutes. They get an average response rate of 45% (wow!), and have an average response time of about 90-seconds. (Tweet this!)

How much value would numbers like that bring to your business?

How much value would it bring to know that virtually everyone saw your message almost instantly, and that nearly half of them will take action?

Sales Lead Conversion Text vs. Call

Of course, emails and phone calls – and probably other methods of communication – will still have a place. But online texting can be a great wing man to everything else you do.

If you’ve just sent an important email, follow up with a text to make sure that person reads it. If you need to set up a time to call, use a text to schedule it.

Texts are also a great option if you need to send out confirmations or reminders. The options are nearly limitless.

Online texting can help businesses reach the people they need to reach more quickly, more effectively, and more reliably than other methods alone.

If that’s something that would add value to your business, then online texting is probably a good choice for you.

Would you like a better way to do what you’re already doing?

How valuable would it be to streamline what you’re already doing?

Use Online Texting to Streamline Operations

Many businesses need to keep up with employees working outside the office. In these cases, some form of periodic check-in is needed.

Businesses will often use a designated office cell phone for employee check-ins, or will have employees calling in to the office, tying up customer phone lines in the process.

In other situations, expensive software is used for employee communications.

With online texting, people who need to check in can text your dashboard, which automatically records the person, the time, and their message.

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If you have any questions or comments for the person who texted in, you can reply to their message just like any other text.

This keeps your phone lines open for valuable customers, it keeps you from needing expensive software or additional cell phones, and it keeps you from having yet another email to check.

With online texting, every message is already in a compliant, company account. There’s no need for anything else!

If you think a more efficient way to communicate with employees would be valuable, then online texting is probably a good choice for your business.

Less is More with Online Texting

Are you tired of calling people, or of not knowing if they got your message?

How much is your business’s time and effort worth?

It’s common for businesses to call for all sorts of reasons, like:

  • Appointment scheduling and confirmations 
  • Checking in with customers
  • Simple updates and notifications
  • Following up with leads
  • And more

That’s a lot of communication! How much time does your business spend on calls like these?

Perhaps a better question is, how effective are they?

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Calling every person individually takes a lot of time. And when they don’t answer, how do you know they’ll get your message?

Do you leave a voicemail? Do you leave an email? What happens then?

Why not skip all of these steps and just send a text?

With online texting, you can send your message to one person, a few, or thousands! And it only takes a few seconds.

Online Texting for Groups and Employees

Text messages have a 99%+ open rate, which means every person you text is virtually guaranteed to see your message. And now you don’t have to spend hours calling, leaving voicemails, and emailing everyone.

If saving time and ensuring people see your message would add value to your business, then online texting is probably a good choice for you.

Which of the following is your business’s priority?

Every business has a goal in mind when making decisions. What’s yours?

If you want your business to grow, you need to do at least 1 of 3 things:

  • You need to keep your current customers for longer
  • You need to get more from those customers (money, referrals, etc.)
  • And you need to bring in new customers

How can do you all of that? Let’s dig in.

Richard Branson Customer Expectations Quote

Is your priority to keep more customers for longer?

A series of studies has shown that it costs 6-7X more for the average business to gain a new customer than it does to keep an existing customer. (Tweet this!)

Financially, it’s in your business’s best interest to keep as many customers as possible!

But 79% of customers are frustrated with current customer support options, and it doesn’t take much frustration for customers to look elsewhere.

Online texting helps alleviate this problem.

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By providing another option – one that most prefer – customers will be happier with your business, and they’ll stay with you for longer.

Plus, even a 5% increase in customer retention can lead to a 25%-95% increase in profit! (Tweet this!)

In fact, Sarah started using online texting (Text Request) at her company, Healthcare National Marketing, and in only 3 months, said:


“We have seen an increase in sales by 17%, an increase in collections by thousands a week, and a 66% increase in customer retention!”


That’s powerful!

Online texting can help you keep more customers, save more money, and bring in more profit.

Is your priority to get more out of existing customers?

Online texting can also help you earn more from existing customers.

Studies show that nurtured leads spend almost 50% more than leads who aren’t nurtured. (Tweet this!“Lead nurturing” basically means that your brand has been steadily strengthening a relationship with that person. 

You’ve sent them personalized messages. You’ve retargeted them online. They’ve engaged with your brand several times, and they’ve communicated with you.

Keep Calm and Text Friends

Texting is the native language of mobile consumers, and it’s what we use most to communicate with friends and family.

Online texting puts your business on that same level, and uses that advantage to build stronger relationships with customers and prospects.

This leads to those people spending more with your business. Up to 50% more on average! And the more someone spends with you, the more likely they are to tell their friends about you.

Is your priority to get new customers?

In order to get new customers, you normally have to communicate with them.

As covered above, virtually every text is guaranteed to be read, and when you can reach prospects that effectively, everything else gets better, too.

In fact, studies have shown that including text messaging in your sales funnel can boost overall sales by 100% or even more! (Tweet this!)

If your business would find value in any of these examples, online texting is probably a good choice.

Wrapping Up

The text message is an incredibly flexible, personal, and powerful tool. When you can add those characteristics to your business, everyone wins!

In many cases, online texting helps businesses navigate mobile consumer behavior, and improves several aspects of that business. If you think online texting could be right for you, go ahead and give it a shot!

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8 Benefits of Texting for Business That You Desperately Need

Benefits of Texting for Business You Desperately Need

Texting for business is still a relatively new concept, even though texting between friends has been the norm for years. Yet there are certain benefits of texting for business that everyone would enjoy.

There are certain characteristics that any company or business leader would be proud  to own. Like being efficient, personal, engaging, and preferred by customers, among others.

Texting for business injects all of these respectable traits – and more – into the heart of your organization. In fact, there are at least 8 benefits of texting for business that you desperately need.

1. Texting for business helps you be quicker than your competition.

What business doesn’t want to be quicker than their competitors? I hope that’s something you want for your business, and here’s why.

Somewhere between ⅓ and ½ of all sales go to the vendor who responds first. That’s a significant chunk of business! (Tweet this!)

Consumers usually shop around when they’re looking for a new product or service. But almost half go with whoever started talking with them first.

Apparently sales is first come, first served!

I Wanna Go Fast Ricky Bobby

What this means is that you can provide the best pricing for the best products and services, and still lose almost half of your opportunities to whoever’s faster.

Texting for business helps you be quicker than your competition, because texting is generally the quickest way to communicate.

Texts are read in 5 seconds of being sent, on average, and have a 90-second average response time. That’s incredible!

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Meanwhile, you’re lucky if someone answers your phone call, and it could be hours before someone sees your email, if they see it all!

Texting probably isn’t going to replace emails and phone calls completely. It’s simply a tool that your business desperately needs to be quicker than your competition, and ultimately to win more customers.

2. Texting helps your business be more personal.

People aren’t numbers. We have feelings and emotions, stresses and goals, and we like to be treated accordingly.

That means people normally don’t enjoy being part of an automated process, or just another checkpoint towards meeting quota. We want a personal touch!

Text Request Texting for Business Quote

For whatever terrible reason, there’s still this lingering impression among some demographics that texting isn’t personal. That it’s somehow disconnected.

But ask yourself, how many emails do you get every day? How many of those feel personal, and how many of those are simply marketing and sales messages?

Whether you answer them or not, how many phone calls do you get, and who do they come from? Mostly salesmen, I’d imagine.

Now think about how many texts you get every day, and who those messages come from.

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I’d be willing to bet that most of the texts you send and receive are to and from people you have close relationships with.

For the average person, texting is one of the more personal things we do every day. And one of the big benefits of texting is that it places your business on the same level as your customers’ closest friends and family. (Tweet this!)

That’s powerful!

Keep Calm and Text Friends

People tend to work with and think better of those we have relationships with. Texting boosts your customer relationships by helping you become more personal.

3. Texting for business makes you more convenient.

Over the last 50-60 years (at least), our country has had an obsession with convenience.

Call it “optimization” if you want, but we’re always looking for an easier way to do things. The fast food industry exploded because it’s so convenient (and delicious). There’s a convenience store for every square mile.

We buy things based on how close that business is to us, or how easy their website is to navigate. We choose houses, schools, and jobs based on their distance to each other.

Convenience is huge. An easier way to do the things we already want and need is huge. And in communication, texting is more convenient for more people.

Mark Cuban Customer Experience Quote

The majority of web traffic comes from mobile devices. And the statistics show that most of them would rather text you than call. Why? (Tweet this!)

Well, there are several reasons (fear of being placed on hold, don’t want to speak with anyone), but a big reason is that texting is more convenient.

One of the most important benefits of texting for business is that it makes working with your business so much more convenient. And what customer doesn’t want something that’s more convenient?

4. Texting makes your business more appealing.

Texting is a staple of personal communication. You understand that – everybody texts!

As a business, you have a certain niche that you’re targeting. Yet, the products and services you offer only appeal to a specific segment of that audience.

Wouldn’t you want more of your targets interested in what you offer?

You can bring more people in by appealing to more people. Texting helps you appeal to more of your targets.

Breakfast Club I'm So Popular

Back in 2012, RingCentral wanted to learn what business leaders thought of texting for business, so they asked.

They found that at least 80% of bosses were supportive of texting for business purposes! Why? (Tweet this!)

Because those bosses saw the benefits of texting. They saw how effective it was. They saw how, by appealing to more people’s preferences, they could increase sales, boost customer retention, improve customer service, and more.

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That was almost 5 years ago! Today, texting for business purposes is something that a lot of people understand. The only problem – usually – is that they don’t know how to manage texting.

Texting is more appealing to more people, and that’s something every business desperately needs.

5. Texting for business helps you be preferred.

One big goal your business is probably striving for is to be customers’ preferred choice. You want customers to prefer you, or some aspect of your business, over your competitors.

If people prefer your business, they’ll give you their money, and (arguably more important), they’ll tell their friends and followers about you.

Texting for Business & Customer Reviews
PC: Neil Patel

You need customers to prefer what you offer over what your competitors offer, and study after study shows that a significant number of consumers prefer texting. (Tweet this!)

That’s one of the many benefits of texting for business. It meets people where they are with what they want, and directs them to you.

6. Texting makes your business fully mobile.

The average person today is mobile. We’re always on the go, and there’s always something to do.

We spend hours every day on emails, social media, texting, and other various apps. And we do or monitor a lot of our work through our mobile devices.

In fact, the average person today is so mobile that smartphone sales have leveled out. Everybody already has one! (Tweet this!)

What this means is that it’s not good enough to just have a mobile-responsive website. Everyone else should already have that.

Adobe Mobile Business Consumer
PC: Adobe

What this means is that it’s not good enough to just be on Facebook or a few major social media platforms. That’s expected of you.

The average person today is mobile through-and-through, and that means your business needs to be just as mobile as they are.

One of the benefits of texting for business is that it helps your business become fully mobile. Call it an omnichannel approach if you want, but your audience is likely mobile-first, and texting is a significant piece in that.

7. Texting for business helps you stand out from your competitors.

To stand out, you have to be different. If you’re the same as everyone else, there’s no reason for customers to choose you!

There are plenty of ways to differentiate yourself. You can offer somewhat different services. You can market differently, or brand yourself differently.

Maybe you want to create an entirely different experience for customers! One simple way to stand out from your competitors is to communicate differently.

2-way text conversations between customers and your business will help you stand out from your competitors. Texting for business is something different that can give you the edge. (Tweet this!)

Be Different Than Your Competition

8. Texting is the ultimate wingman for your business.

It often takes several touch points to get someone to take action.

You probably have to leave multiple voicemails for people to call you back. It likely takes several emails before someone will click on a link.

You might have to show people ads for products they’ve already viewed (also called “retargeting”) for weeks before they make a purchase, if they do at all.

Your business probably uses some concoction of these methods (and more) to drive traffic, get leads, and make sales. With all of these methods, texting can be an effective, complimentary touch point.

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Instead of calling and leaving voicemails, you can text to ask when they have time to chat, or you can leave a text instead of a voicemail.

After you’ve sent an important email, you can follow up with a text to prompt that person to read it.

When you need to provide a quick update, or if you need to ask someone why they’re late for your scheduled webinar, you can send a quick text.

You could use texting for all your communications if you wanted, but it often works very well as a wingman to everything else you do. It’s there to set you up and get you in the door. (Tweet this!)

Texting for Business Wingman

Texting is a very personal communications tool, and so the more you treat texting for business like you do texting friends, the better off your business will be.

Wrapping Up

There are many benefits of texting for business. Benefits that most are already looking for!

Texting is a very common thing that’s easy to take advantage of, and whose simplicity can have a surprisingly powerful impact on your business.

Texting for business can help you improve your communications, stand out from your competitors, get more customers, and make those customers happier. Who wouldn’t want that?

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Why Has Live Texting Become So Popular for Business Communication?

Why Has Live Texting Become So Popular

Live texting is becoming more and more popular every day. But why?

This is the year everyone has finally been taking mobile seriously. Business leaders aren’t just acknowledging how important it is to focus on mobile viewers and consumers. They’re implementing. They’re actually doing something about it!

If you’re not familiar, live texting is similar to live chat, except consumers don’t have to stay on the website. Consumers text with the business like they would text anyone else. And the business rep handles the conversation (usually) on a desktop.

Mobile optimization is a big, sometimes complicated world. Why the focus on this one aspect?

Because it’s simple.

Live texting might just be the simplest improvement any small business or enterprise can make. (Tweet this!) And it’s such an effective tool. Live texting has become so popular, because it’s simple and effective. That’s the dream!

Live Texting How I Met Your Mother HIMYM That's the Dream

If you’re not familiar with what’s been going on in the mobile trends sphere recently, here’s a quick breakdown:

Relevant Research

The majority (60%+) of website traffic comes from mobile devices. People have questions at all hours, and search for answers to those questions more commonly on their smartphones, which are by their side 22 hours a day. (Tweet this!)

Because of this, Google and other search engines are constantly improving their search algorithms to favor websites that create a better user/viewer experience for those on mobile devices. The majority of search engine users are mobile, so they get priority attention.

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54%-70% of email opens happen on mobile devices. Emails, like everything else, are becoming more like quick notifications, conveniently checked on the go. (Tweet this!)

⅓ of all mobile usage is taken up by texting messaging (more than 90 minutes a day). People send and receive 85 texts a day. Texting is the #1 preferred form of communication for adults under 50, and the most used data service in the world! (Tweet this!)

Making This Research Practical

Live texting has become so popular, because it’s a direct response to each of these trends, and more.

Consumers are searching for products and answers on their smartphones. These same consumers prefer texting. By using Click-to-Text (a button that opens up a text message addressed to your business), live texting gives businesses an edge over their competition.

Live Texting Merry Maids Fishkill NY Click-to-Text

The text message becomes a powerful lead generation and conversion tool, quite simply because people would rather text you than have to call someone else. (Tweet this!)

Live texting enables you to reach consumers where they are – on their smartphones – and lets them reach you immediately through the method of communication they prefer.

And it’s on their timeline, whenever and wherever they want it to be. Consumers love that!

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Live texting has become so popular, because business leaders are able to gain and convert more leads into happy, paying customers.

(Click-to-Text buttons also increase engagement among mobile viewers. That makes you look better to search engines like Google, which in turn increases the number of people they refer to your website. All of this acts as a continually growing cycle. How beautiful!)

How Live Texting Compares

Emails today are treated like tweets. They’re really just quick notifications. The only problem is that people get 2.5X more emails than they send every day. Consumers’ inboxes are cluttered. But text messages stand out. (Tweet this!)

As a business, texting for questions, reminders, updates, etc. helps you break through the noise.

Mark Zuckerberg Messenger Business Live Texting

With live texting, any conversation that needs to happen can happen, instantly.

Compare that to emails, which have a 6+ hour average response time. And to phone calls, which aren’t always an option because people are either working or have something else going on.

Live texting has become so popular, because it enables brands to stand out above the rest by being faster and more convenient. (Tweet this!)

Think about texting. People text for 101 reasons every day! Live texting enables a business to text just like everyone else.

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Leads text in. You can follow up with any leads you get (from anywhere) with a text to close sales, or to move them to the next stage of your funnel.

You can make customer service easier by removing hold times and inconsiderate automation.

Improve collections by sending reminders people will actually read (99% of texts are read).

Communicate with other employees more quickly, and without tying up company phone lines.

Bringing It All Together

Consumers want things to be as convenient as possible. Consumers are mobile. Businesses want to gain more paying customers. Live texting connects these dots.

Live texting meets consumers where they are, and increases business along the way. That’s why live texting is continually becoming more and more popular in business communication. Because it gets results.

Click here to get started.