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20 Text Message Templates to Schedule Appointments Better

Appointments are one of the most important things in your work, so it's paramount that you're able to schedule and confirm them as needed. That's why we're sharing 20 text message templates you can use to grab customers' and employees' attention, and schedule appointments better.

15 SMS Marketing Ideas to Generate More Sales

SMS marketing is the fastest way to reach and engage your customers. If you do it right, it will also help you take your sales to the next level. How? This list of sms marketing ideas unpacks over a dozen unique opportunities, and explains why they work to help your business generate more sales.

5 Ways Private Schools Should Be Texting with Parents, Students

Parents would much rather text your school than wade through calls and voicemail. Schools who are already texting love it, and find that their parents love it, too. Here are five ways private schools are successfully texting with parents and students, and why you should be doing it, too.

5 Ways Mortgage Brokers Increase Revenue by Texting Clients

Mortgage brokers have to communicate with a lot of people, but clients don't answer phone calls or emails. What can you do? This guide shows you five ways brokers increase revenue (and make their lives easier) by texting with clients professionally. Take a look!

5 Ways Home Healthcare Providers Grow by Texting Clients, Employees

It takes a lot of communication to run a home healthcare service. So why should you start texting? Because you need to connect with employees and clients faster and more effectively. This guide shows you five ways home healthcare providers grow by texting. Can you afford to miss this?

5 Ways to Increase Church Engagement by Texting Members

Member engagement is critical to growing a healthy church, and there's a lot more to it than just how many people show up on Sundays. Here are five ways to increase church engagement by texting members throughout the week, so that you can build relationships and strengthen your congregation.

13 Texts You Should Send to Warm Leads to Close More Sales

You have to walk warm leads through the sales process to close sales. You can only do that by offering value and keeping their attention. This guide will show you how to do that by texting leads, and give you 13 example texts you should send warm leads to close more sales. Take a look!

6 Ways Marketing Agencies Increase Customer Engagement Through Text Messaging

Marketing agencies need to continually provide new value for clients. How can you do that? This quick guide shows you six ways marketing agencies increase customer engagement through text messaging, bringing in more leads, sales, and reviews for their clients. Check it out!

18 Texts You Should Send During the Hiring Process

It takes a lot of communication to vet, interview, and hire someone. And slow response times can significantly slow you down. That's one great reason to text! Texts get responses almost instantly. Here's how to text professionally, and examples of texts you should send during the hiring process.

4 Text Request Features That Are Great for Promotions

You have a message that you need to get in front of your target clients. How can you do it? By sending SMS promotions! Lucky for you, Text Request has four features that are tailor made for promotions. This post covers what they are, and how you can put them to use to grow your brand.