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4 Text Request Features That Are Great for Promotions

You have a message that you need to get in front of your target clients. How can you do it? By sending SMS promotions! Lucky for you, Text Request has four features that are tailor made for promotions. This post covers what they are, and how you can put them to use to grow your brand.

How to Send Pictures (& Other Media) Through Text Request

Pictures are a great way to convey messages, especially for business. But when is it okay to text pictures, and how can you do it professionally? This quick guide shows you exactly how to send pictures (and other media) through Text Request, and breaks down four common opportunities to do it.

5 Ways Clubs Increase Member Engagement Through Text Message

You have to communicate with a lot of people to run your club, but phone calls and emails don't work like they used to. What other option is there? This guide teaches you five ways clubs increase member engagement through text message. This is all you need to take your club to the next level!

7 Text Request Features Perfect for Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is a critical strategy for any business. It's much better having customers come to you than having to go find them. So how does Text Request help? We'll show you. Here are seven Text Request features perfect for inbound marketing (and when to use them).

5 Text Request Features to Help You Convert Website Visitors into Customers

Every business wants to bring in more customers and clients. How do you do that? There are lots of ways, and your website traffic is a great place to start. Here are 5 Text Request features that will help you convert website visitors into customers. Take a look!

8 Ways Cleaning Services Increase Revenue by Texting

Your cleaning service has to bring in new clients, provide great experiences to current clients, and keep up with employees in the field. That's a lot! And texting will help you do all three better. Take a look at these eight ways cleaning services increase revenue by texting to find out how.

5 SMS Marketing Myths That Could Be Ruining Your Strategy

Are outdated SMS marketing myths holding back your business growth? This guide takes a look at five SMS marketing myths that could be ruining your strategy, and teaches you how to use text marketing to increase revenue while improving the customer experience. Sound good? Give it a read!

How to Send Links Through Text Request ( & When You Should)

You text for all sorts of reasons every day, and sometimes you need to include a link. It makes things easier for customers, and will increase your conversions. So how do include link in texts through Text Request? Check out this guide to find out.

20 Text Messages You Should Send to Your Coworkers

Texting is how people choose to talk to each other. How does that apply to business, and what does it mean for your workplace communications? We'll answer those questions in this guide, and give you examples of text messages you should send to your coworkers. Take a look!

5 Text Request Features Perfect for Content Marketing

Creating content is only half the battle. To do content marketing well, you also have to distribute that content and make sure your audience engages with it. That's where Text Request helps. People engage more with text messages. Here are five Text Request features perfect for content marketing.