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7 Ways Franchises Increase Profits with Text Messaging

Franchises need communication for lead generation and sales, but robocalls and spam emails make communication hard when customers don’t respond. People will text your franchise though, because texts don’t get spam and are opened faster. Here are seven ways your franchise can text to increase profits.

13 Text Message Templates to Revive Cold Leads

Leads can become cold for all sorts of reasons. Whether they missed your last email or got overwhelmed at work, a simple text can draw a lead back into the deal and even increase conversion rates by 328% when used regularly as follow-ups. Here are 13 text templates you can use to revive cold leads.

5 Ways Breweries Stay Ahead of Competitors With Text Messaging

Your brewery is looking for a way to stand out from competition and increase foot traffic. Texting is on the rise for breweries for just that reason, because it gives people a direct line to updates on new releases and what’s in stock. Here’s five ways your brewery can start texting.

8 Ways Physical Therapists Text with Patients to Grow their Practice

Your physical therapy clinic needs to remind patients about appointments and get the word out about your practice. Luckily, texting can help you do both while also giving you a fast way to share encouragement and at-home exercise routines during your patients' physical therapy.

4 Ways Our Wedding Photography Studio Increased Lead Conversions with Text Request

ABM Photography needed a way to manage their influx of leads. Their owner, Brian Kent, shares how ABM uses Text Request to jump start conversations with busy wedding planners by providing them with a quick and private way to discuss their special day over text.

4 Ways Crisis Pregnancy Centers Improve Results by Texting Clients

Your pregnancy resource center needs a way for women to connect with you on their own terms. Their situation is time sensitive, private, and stressful—but texting can help them communicate with your pregnancy resource center quickly, so they can feel comfortable and in control.

4 Ways to Combine Email and Text Marketing to Increase Engagement

If your email marketing is not getting the level of engagement you want, adding texting to the mix can help you bulk your subscriber list, follow up on announcements, and collect more data for targeted ads. Let’s look at how you can build an SMS subscriber list to get the most out of your emails.

Text Message Lead Generation: The Ultimate Guide

Generating leads through texting is quickly becoming one of the best ways to capture a higher percentage of interested prospects at a faster rate. But how do you start? Check out these five tactics to increasing leads through text messaging.

3 Types of Texts to Engage Your Restaurant's Visitors

Your restaurant needs a direct line of communication to keep customers coming back for your new deals and dishes. 64% of marketers use texts to get the word out about their businesses, but what kind messages should your restaurant send? Here's three types of texts to engage restaurant customers.

The Ultimate Guide to Texting for VoIP

A lot of businesses use VoIP numbers and text messaging, but how do you pair the two? And what's the best way to utilize their combined features to increase sales? In this guide we’ll show you all the different options and strategies you have when texting from your VoIP number.