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4 Ways Child Care Services Improve Parent Communications by Texting

More schools and day cares are utilizing texting as their favorite communication method with parents. Is your own child care service ready to connect with parents faster and more easily? Check out these four ways you can begin texting with parents.

How to Build a Powerful SMS Subscriber List

Your business runs on loyal customers who keep coming back. But how can you update them on your latest products and services when no one is opening emails or responding to calls? An SMS subscriber list is the perfect place to gather returning customers in one spot for fast communication—and we're going to show how to build one.

5 Ways Tutoring Services Should Be Texting With Parents, Students

Lining up communication between students, parents, and staff can be a challenge when no one is answering your phone calls and emails. Luckily, mobile-based tutoring is on the rise, and we have a guide to show how you can join in with Text Request. Here's five ways you should be texting at your tutoring service.

7 Ways to Get Quick Results with Text Request

You need to see quick results any time you add a new product or strategy. Even though good things take time, you need to show those around you that you're on the right path. We get that, which is why we're detailing seven ways to get quick results from Text Request, so you can come out swinging!

How to Use SMS to Grow Your E-Commerce Business

Text messages boast a 99% open rate and a 95% response rate, but how do those statistics translate to bringing customers to your ecommerce business and keeping them? In this guide we will introduce you to eight different ways SMS marketing can boost your e-commerce store’s sales.

3 Ways Franchise Development Reps Increase Sales by Texting

Franchise development isn't easy. Nothing is when you need 100-200 leads to close one sale! But FranDev reps all over are increasing franchise sales by texting with prospects. They're generating more leads and closing more deals, and here's how.

20 Text Message Templates to Schedule Appointments Better

Appointments are one of the most important things in your work, so it's paramount that you're able to schedule and confirm them as needed. That's why we're sharing 20 text message templates you can use to grab customers' and employees' attention, and schedule appointments better.

15 SMS Marketing Ideas to Generate More Sales

SMS marketing is the fastest way to reach and engage your customers. If you do it right, it will also help you take your sales to the next level. How? This list of sms marketing ideas unpacks over a dozen unique opportunities, and explains why they work to help your business generate more sales.

5 Ways Private Schools Should Be Texting with Parents, Students

Parents would much rather text your school than wade through calls and voicemail. Schools who are already texting love it, and find that their parents love it, too. Here are five ways private schools are successfully texting with parents and students, and why you should be doing it, too.

5 Ways Mortgage Brokers Increase Revenue by Texting Clients

Mortgage brokers have to communicate with a lot of people, but clients don't answer phone calls or emails. What can you do? This guide shows you five ways brokers increase revenue (and make their lives easier) by texting with clients professionally. Take a look!