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The Ultimate Guide to Texting for VoIP

A lot of businesses use VoIP numbers and text messaging, but how do you pair the two? And what's the best way to utilize their combined features to increase sales? In this guide we’ll show you all the different options and strategies you have when texting from your VoIP number.

3 Ways Mechanics, Auto Shops Text to Schedule More Services

Waiting for the greenlight to fix a client's car can back things up in your auto or repair shop. You and your mechanics have to constantly fight to keep the flow of traffic moving, while also scheduling services and asking for reviews. Luckily, texting can make all these tasks a breeze, while also bringing in more customers to mechanics and auto shops.

4 Ways Title Companies Improve Client Communications by Texting

You and your title company have to communicate with buyers, sellers, and mortgage brokers to make closings happen. It’s a lot! And texting can be your secret weapon to bringing in more clients and making your life easier. How? See how to improve client communications at your title service!

5 Ways Financial Advisors Text Compliantly with Clients

Navigating FINRA while bringing in new customers to your financial services business can be a hassle. Your customers want a financial advisor they can reach ASAP, but you don't know how to text them compliantly. Here's five ways Text Request can help.

7 Ways Lawn Care Services Grow Revenue by Texting Customers

You know how to create the landscape of your client's dreams, you just need reviews, photos, and fast communication to get the word out about your lawn care service. Why not text them? Here's seven ways texting can make bringing in new lawn service customers easy.

5 Ways to Grow Your Medical Practice by Texting Patients

Strict HIPAA regulations can make communicating with medical patients stressful. Clients are already picky about the medical practice they visit, and it's hard to reach out for reviews when no one is returning voicemails or checking their emails. You're ready to try texting, and we have five ways your medical service can stay compliant while bringing in new patients through texts.

4 Ways Child Care Services Improve Parent Communications by Texting

More schools and day cares are utilizing texting as their favorite communication method with parents. Is your own child care service ready to connect with parents faster and more easily? Check out these four ways you can begin texting with parents.

How to Build a Powerful SMS Subscriber List

Your business runs on loyal customers who keep coming back. But how can you update them on your latest products and services when no one is opening emails or responding to calls? An SMS subscriber list is the perfect place to gather returning customers in one spot for fast communication—and we're going to show how to build one.

5 Ways Tutoring Services Should Be Texting With Parents, Students

Lining up communication between students, parents, and staff can be a challenge when no one is answering your phone calls and emails. Luckily, mobile-based tutoring is on the rise, and we have a guide to show how you can join in with Text Request. Here's five ways you should be texting at your tutoring service.

7 Ways to Get Quick Results with Text Request

You need to see quick results any time you add a new product or strategy. Even though good things take time, you need to show those around you that you're on the right path. We get that, which is why we're detailing seven ways to get quick results from Text Request, so you can come out swinging!