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How to Craft Emails People Actually Want to Read

Email is a major marketing channel with high audience reach and ROI, but how do you make sure your email is one out of the 15% that are actually opened? In this guide we will show you how to increase your email click-through rate by boosting your sender reputation.

Business Live Chat vs. SMS Chat: Which is Better for Your Business?

Your business needs a chat option to communicate quickly and personally with customers, but which chat option is better for you? This guide breaks down the differences between two popular options - live chat and SMS chat - so you can make the right decision for your business.

How to Show Emotion in Your Written Business Communications

Written communications with customers and employees are a major part of business. How can you get your point across clearly, and minimize confusion? This guide gives you all the tips to accurately convey emotion and tone of voice in your written business communications. Give it a read!

4 Effective Ways to Repurpose Your Business Content in 2019

You spend so much time creating high quality content, but then what happens? You have to do the same thing over again! This guide quickly shows you how to repurpose your business content, saving you time by turning one great piece into multiple pieces of content that your customers will love!

20 Text Messages You Should Send to Your Coworkers

Texting is how people choose to talk to each other. How does that apply to business, and what does it mean for your workplace communications? We'll answer those questions in this guide, and give you examples of text messages you should send to your coworkers. Take a look!

5 Examples of Awesome Email Subject Lines (& Tips to Create Your Own)

Most people decide whether to read an email based on the subject line. So here are examples of awesome email subject lines that have increased other brands' open rates, and tips you can use to create your own engaging email subject lines.

What is the Best Time of Day to Contact Someone?

You need to contact customers and prospects if you're going to bring in sales. So when is the best time to do that? In this guide we break down the best time of day to contact someone by email, phone call, and text message. When should you contact people? Take a look to find out.

How to Write a Press Release (That Actually Grows Your Business)

You want your business to get attention from potential customers, the media, maybe even from investors and other industry professionals. How do you do it? Press releases are one easy way. Here's how to write a press release that actually grows your business and gets you the attention you want.

How to Get More Responses from Your Outbound Communications

Are you struggling to see high engagement rates from your marketing and sales messages? Try these six tips to get more responses from your outbound communications.

8 Email Marketing Lessons to Make Your Newsletters Interesting

A lot of people question the effectiveness of email marketing. Most online marketers and website owners have at some point said, “Email is dead!” Some still believe that. But they’re wrong.