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What Does It Mean to "Text Like You Text Your Friends"?

We often describe Text Request as a way for your businesses to text with consumers just like you text your friends and family. But what exactly does that mean? Here are 6 examples and case studies to help you understand what we mean by "text like you text your friends." Let's dive in!

15 Unique Conversation Starters to Drive Customer Communications

Conversations are the strongest tool you have to build relationships between customers and your brand, so it’s important to come up with conversation starters for all sorts of occasions. Before I get into why conversations are important, you need to understand one thing:

9 Smart Steps to Get More Out of Your Next Business Meeting

Some people love a good business meeting, while others avoid them. However you feel, meetings are a crucial piece to most thriving organizations. The problem is so many business meetings are unproductive! They're often unnecessary or mismanaged, which doesn't help anyone. In fact, Atlassian reports that Americans spend 31 hours a month in unproductive meetings, costing employers about $37 billion a year!

Does Anyone Answer Phone Calls Anymore?

The official answer is: Not really. As far as trends show, phone calls will always have a place, but people would rather type. There will always be times where speaking is better than typing, but for now the general public says: Why take several minutes to do something that could be done in a few seconds?

Does Being Personal in Business Actually Matter?

Who would you rather work with: the gargantuan company that owns everyone else, or the mom and pop corner shop? Honestly, who would you rather work with? There's pros and cons to both. The giant corporation definitely knows what they're doing, but you'll probably be treated like a number instead of a person.

How to Use Texting for Internal Communications (and Stay Compliant)

You're part of a business or organization, and that business or organization is made up of a bunch of people who need to communicate with each other to reach common goals. Texting helps you communicate with these people to reach your common goals faster and more conveniently.

5 Types of Communication to Engage Consumers Better

If you don't actively engage consumers, someone else will. And chances are, it'll be your competitors who do. Does anybody want that? The best way to engage consumers is through communication, and thankfully, there are plenty of types of communication you can use to engage consumers better.

101 Reasons You Might Text Someone Today

Ever wonder how many reasons we come up with to text someone every day? Or how many reasons we come up with just to check our phones? On average, you and I and everyone else check our phones 150 times each day. That's an incredible number of times to do anything in a day! But it's as natural to us as blinking and breathing. (Tweet this!) We check our phones without even thinking about it, all the time. That's not a bad thing. I'd actually argue that it's a good thing!

15 Reasons Why I Didn't Reply to Your Email (& How to Improve)

There's not a great chance that any one person is even going to see your email. A good open rate is only 33%, after all. But let's stay optimistic and assume they opened and read it - they just didn't reply to your email. Why not? Here are several common reasons why someone might not reply to your email.

5 Reasons Why Millennials Prefer Texting Over Voice Mail

Over 90% of people who text prefer texts over voice mail. To put that in perspective, 95% of American adults own a cell phone, and virtually all of them text. But why do we prefer texting over voice mail? You have to go through the same number of steps to get the message either way. What's the difference?