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How to Create Great Customer Experiences with Text Request

The customer experience embodies every interaction someone has with your business, both before and after they purchase. Text Request has many features that are designed to make different parts of the customer experience great, and this guide is going to show you how they work.

8 Common Customer Retention Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

It's much easier to grow your business through customer retention than through new customer acquisition. The problem is knowing how to get customers to come back! That's why we're showing you how to fix these eight common customer retention mistakes. Take a look!

6 Steps to Handle Negative Customer Reviews Successfully

No business wants to receive negative customer reviews, but sometimes they happen anyway. What's most important is how you handle bad reviews when they come. In only six steps, this guide will show you exactly how to handle negative customer reviews successfully.

How to Use Customer Journey Maps to Grow Your Business

Customer journey maps help you identify the steps customers take before deciding to purchase from you. This guide will show you how to bring in more leads and conversions by tailoring your marketing to each stage of the journey. Learn how to use customer journey maps to grow your business.

6 Not So Obvious Issues Keeping You From Getting Customers

Your ideal customers are looking for you online. But what happens when they find you? If they aren't converting, it's likely because you've got one of these six not so obvious issues keeping you from getting customers. This guide will show you how to fix them.

What's the Real Cost of a Bad Customer Experience?

You know that a bad customer experience can cost you a customer - maybe two - but what's the real cost? How do bad customer experiences affect your reputation, customer acquisition, and hiring? We'll show you, and give you tips to make your customer experiences great.

How to Get More 5-Star Online Reviews for Your Business

You’d like more people saying good things about your business, right? I think we all would. But getting people to speak well of you is bigger than just something that’d be nice. In fact, it’s crucial to any business wanting to grow. Nowadays, people do most of their talking online. People do most of their listening and research online, too. That’s why 5-star online reviews are so helpful, and why bad reviews can be so hurtful.

Why Would Your Business Ever Place Someone on Hold?

Businesses, I've got a bone to pick with you. We spend 20 minutes a week on hold. (Tweet this!) That's over 43 days of our lives(!) spent listening to low quality audio and automated messages telling us how "important" we are to your company. Have you ever noticed the irony in that?

Want People to Spend More? Be More Convenient

People regularly spend more for convenience. So if you want customers to spend more with you, you need to be more convenient!

Customer Experience Questions You Absolutely Need to Answer

Customer experience is crucial to every part of your business, from finding your targets to keeping existing customers happy. You need to make sure your customer experience is top notch. You and your team need to have solid answers to all of these customer experience questions.