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How Do Online Reviews Bring Your Business Value?

Gathering reviews for online reputation management is huge among businesses. But how do reviews actually create profit, and how can you track the ROI they generate? We did the research to show you all the different ways online reviews can bring your business more value.

Texting for Debt Collections: The Ultimate Guide to Increase Accounts Receivable Payments by Text

Your business can't collect debt payments when customers don’t answer your phone calls or emails. You need a way to cut down on all the time and pain it takes to reach them—but also still stay compliant. That's why we're giving you the ultimate guide to increase accounts receivable payments by texting.

How to Get More 5-Star Online Reviews

Online reviews are perhaps the best sales and marketing tool available. Here's how to get more 5-star online reviews for your business, and earn more customers from them. Check it out!

5 Ways to Increase Retail Sales Through Creative Customer Experiences

Retailers are actively competing to create the best customer experiences, so your own strategy needs to be genuine and meaningful if you're going to prevail. Here’s five ways successful retailers increased sales through creative customer experiences.

5 Steps to Design Customer Surveys for Insightful Feedback

Good customer surveys can help you transform your business, but only if you do it right. This guide walks you through designing the goals, questions, and layout of your customer feedback surveys so that you can get the insights you need to improve your business. Click through to learn more!

5 Rewards to Keep New Customers Coming Back

You spend a lot of time and effort getting new customers - but what happens next? This guide breaks down what you can do to keep new customers coming back again and again, so that you build relationships and brand loyalty. Can you afford to miss this?

6 Effective Steps to Prevent SaaS Customer Churn

Churn is perhaps the biggest issue facing SaaS companies. If left unchecked, it can completely undermine your sales and product! So how do you prevent (and reduce) SaaS churn? This guide walks you through six effective steps. Take a look!

How to Get Your Business Review Link on Google, Facebook, Yelp & Capterra

Online reviews are crucial to any business these days. But before you can get reviews, you have to get your business review link to share with customers. How? This guide shows you how to get your business review link on major platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp, and Capterra.

How to Create Great Customer Experiences with Text Request

The customer experience embodies every interaction someone has with your business, both before and after they purchase. Text Request has many features that are designed to make different parts of the customer experience great, and this guide is going to show you how they work.

8 Common Customer Retention Mistakes (and How to Fix Them)

It's much easier to grow your business through customer retention than through new customer acquisition. The problem is knowing how to get customers to come back! That's why we're showing you how to fix these eight common customer retention mistakes. Take a look!