12 Text Message Templates for Responding to Negative Reviews

Customers can give you negative reviews despite the quality of your work. But luckily, 45% of consumers are more likely to work with you if you acknowledge their complaints. That's why we put together 12 text message templates you can use to respond to negative reviews.

4 Steps to Schedule and Keep More Appointments

Your business depends on booked appointments for consistent revenue. But how do you convert enough prospects to increase your average bookings, plus make sure those prospects actually come to the appointments they scheduled? Here are four steps to scheduling and keeping more appointments.

3 Ways for Sales & Support Reps to Win Over Angry Prospects

If you work in sales or customer service, chances are you've had to deal with angry prospects and customers. Whether it's unrelated stress, a fear of being burned again, or something on your company's end, an angry customer's tunnel vision can make your job feel like mission impossible. Luckily, we have three ways to help you stay calm, turn the tide, and actually win over angry prospects.

The Ultimate Guide to Dealing with Unhappy Customers (with Examples!)

Unhappy customers can be costly. And besides, you always want people to think well of your business! But what can you do if someone's upset? This guide gives you best practices for dealing with unhappy customers, and provides a great template to use in your own work. Take a look!

Here's Why You Should Be Texting for Collections (Accounts Receivable)

When you provide a service for someone, you want to be paid for that service, right? Of course you do! But sometimes people just forget to pay their bills. Other times, they need a few days to get the money needed.

How to Use Text Messaging (SMS) as a Customer Service & Support Tool

89% of the population wants another option for customer service. That's a big deal! Because it means almost 90% of people don't like the service they're receiving. If people don't like the service you're providing, why should they stay with your company? That's not a good situation, but what can you do about it?

Texting vs. Live Chat: Customer Service Pros & Cons

Customer service might be the most important part of any business. And with continual demand for quicker, more personal service, leaders have been asking “How can we improve?" How can you make your customer service feel like 2 friends having a chat, instead of like a corporate nightmare?

86% of Business Calls Aren't Answered. Let Me Text You!

People, we have a problem: business calls. It seems like every time I call a business, I either end up waiting on hold, or nobody answers at all. Who's that good for?