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How to Grow Your Startup to $1 Million (and Beyond) without Funding

Investment isn't the best call for every startup, but how do you bootstrap a startup successfully? In this interview-style article, we'll showing you what it takes to grow your startup to $1 million dollars and beyond without funding. We'll answer tough questions and give you insights to succeed.

5 Successful Strategies to Lead Your Small Business Effectively

It's your responsibility to lead your small business, but we can help. Without hiring a bunch of new people or throwing money at marketing campaigns, here are five successful strategies you can follow to improve employee loyalty, get more customers, and grow your business.

How to Make Your Next Office Meeting Worth the Time

Most of us would agree that we waste a ton of time in office meetings. But maybe we exaggerate how much time we spend in meetings, and underestimate the value of getting everyone together. Still, there’s got to be a better way than the current, mainstream way of doing things. Right?

Startup Journal: Approaching Employee Happiness

When you're working so closely with the same small group of people day-in and day-out, it's imperative for everyone to get along, to be able to work well with each other. How many bands and businesses have you heard break apart because of "creative differences"? Employee happiness - synergy within the workplace - is crucial, particularly when developing a fragile, infant company.

Startup Journal: What Personality Do You Need for a Tech Startup?

If there's only one lesson you could learn about what it means to be involved in a tech startup, I hope you would learn this. No one succeeds by fitting the mold. Successful tech startups do not succeed by adhering to some definition of what a tech startup should be. Each person involved in a tech startup does not succeed by some stock set of personality traits.

6 Steps to Maximize Your Trade Show Experience

We've been to a lot of trade shows, expos, and conferences recently. Each time we do better than the time before, and it's because we're constantly trying to improve the experience - our experience and the experience of everyone around us. Every time we go, we learn something new and figure out how to implement that into what we're already doing. The following is what we've learned throughout this process.

Startup Journal: The Feeling When Your Business Takes Flight

When I was 13, a family friend took me flying in a Cessna 172, a tiny and reliable little beauty with only four seats and a single-prop engine. Not only was it my first time in a co-pilot’s seat, it was my first time in an airplane! Once we reached cruising altitude, the pilot looked across at me, grinned, let go of the control column, and invited me to fly for a while. I nervously grasped my controls, and held them rigidly. I was determined not to fly into the ground (a comfortable 6,000 feet below us), or crash into any mountains (which, in central Mississippi, are non-existent).

How Do You Know When Your Startup Business Should Pivot?

So much changes in a startup during the early days. How do you know when your business should stay the course, and when it should pivot? You have to keep up with changes and adapt as you go, or your business will fail. We all get that. The difficult part is figuring out when you just need to tweak what you're doing, and when you need to completely change directions.

Startup Journal: The Difference a Year in Business Makes

It's amazing what you learn during your first year in business. It feels almost surreal. I've been with Text Request for about 14 months at the time of this writing. So much has changed! Mostly for the better. I don't even mean within the company, necessarily, though Text Request has certainly come a long way.

Startup Journal: Learning Work Life Balance as an Entrepreneur

Work life balance is an issue for every professional at some point or another. For entrepreneurs in particular, it's an ongoing struggle. At least until you figure it out. Being an entrepreneur naturally creates instability and forces you to make sacrifices - to your paycheck, other commitments, and your time.