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How to Convert More Mobile Users into Customers

Most website traffic comes from mobile devices. Do you know how to take advantage of all this opportunity? The tips in this guide will show you how.

7 Unique Mobile Engagement Tips to Increase Conversions

Mobile engagement is the next marketing gold rush. Nearly everyone has a mobile device, and tons of research has studied their behaviors. But the average business still has questions, like “How can I use mobile engagement to increase conversions?” This article will answer that question.

Mobile Mary: A Complete Guide for Marketing to Millennials

Millennials have taken over the consumer marketplace. But so many businesses struggle to get Millennials on board! This guide will show you how to approach marketing to Millennials.

How Does Text Request Help Me Capitalize on Mobile Trends?

It’s no secret that everyone’s on their smartphones all the time. Just look around! If your business isn't fully integrating with these mobile trends, you’re going to be left in the dust. Nobody wants to see that. And truthfully that's why Text Request exists! Below we outline several mobile trends, how they affect consumer behavior, and how Text Request helps you to to capitalize on those mobile trends.

If I'm Not On My Phone, Am I Missing Out?

For sometime now we've all lived in a flat world. Location means very little when we can be connected to anyone anywhere at any time. It brings up conversations and arguments around how we should handle all this opportunity. Let's lay a couple of those arguments to rest.

What Does It Mean to Be Mobile Dependent?

You are mobile dependent. We are all mobile dependent. That's not a bad thing! "Mobile dependent" is a phrase tossed around a lot these days, but somehow it's always used as a knock against today's generation. Clearly there's not a very good understanding of the term among the general public. So we'll answer the question: What does it mean to be mobile dependent?

What's the First Step in a Solid Mobile Strategy & Why?

Creating a mobile strategy from nothing is not easy. I know countless blogs and mobile gurus present it simply, but building a mobile strategy can be a very daunting task! That's why we're just going to focus on step one right now.

How Can You Quickly Capture Mobile Viewers?

On average, mobile viewers spend about 15 seconds on a website before their attention is taken by something else. Whatever it is your brand is trying to share with viewers (products, knowledge, entertainment, etc.), you clearly don't have very much time to capture mobile viewers' attention and contact info.

This is Finally the Year Everyone Takes Mobile Seriously

We've been hearing it for years - "Mobile is the way to go." "You've got to focus on your mobile strategy." "Mobile is one of the top trends of this year." The experts have been preaching mobile for ages, but this is finally the year everyone takes mobile seriously. Here's how we know, and what you should do about it.

This is Why Nobody Listens to Their Voicemail Anymore

The majority of people who leave voicemail these days are salesmen and your parents. Things have changed! The way we communicate now is different than how we communicated even a decade ago. This isn't just an opinion, the stats back it up! Only 33% of voicemail from business contacts are listened to, and only 18% of voicemail from unknown numbers are listened t