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[Podcast] Best Career Advice? 12 Leaders Share the Tips that Helped Them Succeed

What’s the one piece of advice you were given that completely changed how you approach your work? We highlight words of wisdom from the 12 twelve business leaders featured in Season 1 of the Build Your Queue podcast.

[Podcast] 3 Essentials to Hosting a Successful Company Event

In-person events are the #1 lead generation tactic for a majority of marketers. But how do you host one that builds quality customer relationships? We spoke with Mackenzie Burysek, Event Sales Manager with LEO Events, about how to host an event that brings in the prospects and opportunities you need.

[Podcast] 4 Essentials to Public Speaking for Acquiring Customers

How can you use public speaking as a strategic customer acquisition channel? We spoke with Max Farrell, co-founder and CEO of Workhound, about how to turn a speaking event into an opportunity that generates positive ROI, including converting listeners into customers.

[Podcast] 3 Essentials to Growing Your Ecommerce Brand

How can your ecommerce brand increase sales and encourage repeat shoppers without physically being able to interact with customers? We spoke with Rob Bettis, an independent paid media manager for ecommerce brands, about how you can earn loyal followers and grow your brand online.

[Podcast] 4 Steps to Finding a Strategic Financing Partner

How can you think strategically about where you get your capital from, and whether you need outside funding at all? We spoke with Santosh Sankar, Forbes 30 under 30 honoree and Partner with Dynamo Ventures, about how to make strategic funding decisions that fit your business.

[Podcast] 4 Essentials to Protecting Your Business for Future Success

How do you develop a legal framework that protects your business as you grow? We spoke with Autumn Witt Boyd, founder of the AWB Firm, about how to take the right legal steps that put your business in a great place to succeed both today and years down the road.

[Podcast] 4 Steps to Developing Your Employees’ Talent

How can you bring out the best in your employees so both they and your business can benefit? We spoke with Wade Hinton, VP of Global Inclusion and Diversity for Unum, about how you can discover and nurture your teammates’ hidden talents.

[Podcast] 4 Essentials to Strengthening Your Community as a Business Leader

How can you as a business leader make time to strengthen your community? We spoke with Tim Kelly, owner of Kelly Cars, managing partner of Chattanooga Brewing Co, and co-founder of Chattanooga Football Club, about how to contribute to your town knowing the work will come back to grow your company.

[Podcast] 6 Essentials for Profitable Social Media Marketing

How do you turn social media into a profitable marketing channel for your business? We spoke with Mickey Cloud, Executive Director of The Sasha Group (a VaynerX company), about how to stand out on social media platforms so you can make profitable returns on your investments.

[Podcast] 4 Steps to Creating a Loyal Brand Community

How do you create a loyal following around your brand? We spoke with Shannon Stephenson, CEO of Cempa Community Care, about how to deliver your brand’s message to the people you serve, so you can consistently grow a loyal community.