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Are You Targeting Customers on the Right Devices?

You need to advertise and market your business, but where? This post breaks down device ownership and usage across American adults to help you understand the best fit for your business. Find out if you're targeting customers on the right devices, and how you might want to change your strategy.

The History and Evolution of the Smartphone: 1992-2018

The history and evolution of the smartphone is fascinating. It's one small device that has completely changed the way we interact with the world around us - for better or for worse. So what's happened on its 26-year journey? Let's take a look.

How Much Online Traffic Comes from Mobile Devices?

We know people spend a lot of time on their smartphones, but how much online traffic actually comes from mobile devices? Questions like this are good to answer, because they help us: 1. Understand how people behave and interact with the world. 2. Guide our decision making as marketers, representatives, owners, and business people in general.

How Much Time Do People Spend on Their Mobile Phones in 2018?

We'd all agree that people are on their phones "all the time." But what does that look like in minutes and hours? How much time do people spend on their mobile phones in 2018? Thankfully, there's been a lot of research done on this recently. We'll share that research below, and give you a breakdown on what it means for our day-to-day lives. So, how much time do people spend on their mobile phones in 2018? Let's dig in!

Crucial New Study Brings Light to Franchise Texting

If you're not familiar with us, we work with about two dozen national franchises to help them achieve their goals in this mobile-first era. Given what we do and who we work with, you can imagine our delight after seeing FranchiseHelp's latest study on franchise texting. Even by our standards, the results are rather incredible! Let's dive in.

Is Our Mobile Dependence Actually A Bad Thing? Here's the Research

It doesn't take much to notice that cell phones are everywhere, and used for everything. But is our mobile dependence actually a bad thing? Everything I need to make it through my day - from boarding passes to spreadsheets, entertainment to communication - fits in my pocket. What's more useful than that?

Study Shows: Most Americans Can't Go A Day Without Cell Phones

Our cell phones aren't just a part of our daily lives. They're extensions of our selves, pieces of our identities, and necessary tools for our careers. That's a lot for one little device! Could you go a day without it?

Here's How Often the Average American Checks Their Phone Every Day

Americans check their cell phones 150 times a day, every day. That means on an average day (6:00am - 10:00pm), we each reach for our phones every six minutes. That's incredible! What in the world are we doing on these things? Everything. The most used function on cell phones is text messaging. People text for 101 reasons every day!

Research Shows a Surprising Number of Bosses Support Texting at Work

Many people worry what their bosses will think about them being on their smartphones in the office, but studies show most bosses support texting at work. Actually, bosses tend to support anything that helps you do your job better. If texting - or being on your phone for any reason - helps you help the company, your boss is likely to support it.

Studies Show You Lose This Much Business by Placing Callers on Hold

Phone calls can be great for your business! Except when you leave people on hold. When you leave callers waiting, you leave people wanting. And since you've left those people wanting, they turn to your competitors to solve their problems.