22 Text Templates to Engage and Retain More Customers

Your business depends on customer retention for recurring revenue. But building brand loyalty requires frequent communication, and customers want you to communicate with them on the channel they spend the most time on—which is text. Here are 22 text templates to help engage and retain more customers.

4 Ways Our Agency Converts and Keeps Clients with Text Request

Getting customers to visit your online store is only the first part of the battle. How do you get them to convert once they’re there? Kevin Doran shares how his team at R&A Marketing uses Text Request to help their clients get more product and pricing inquiries directly from their homepages!

5 Ways Our Marketing Agency Engages Leads with Text Request

Leads are the lifeblood of your business, and you need a way to engage them if they’re going to convert to clients. Sean Hughes shares how his team at Loud Rumor used Text Request to increase their leads' response rate by 260% and their opt-in rate by 300%!

5 Profitable Tactics for Creating Repeat Customers

You want more repeat customers, because it costs 5x less to resell to an existing customer than it does to bring on a new one! But how do you successfully connect with previous customers to get them in your doors again? Here are five ways you can improve your customer retention.

5 Ways to Upsell Customers with Text Messaging

Upselling is a great opportunity to boost your profits and increase the average value of a customer by 5%-25%. You just need the right channel to make sure your message is seen. Here are five ways you can upsell current customers over text and increase your average order value!

3 Ways to Generate Leads with Text Request

You need a way to generate more leads, but 68% of marketers struggle to create and capture enough demand to do so. Broken communication is the culprit, but Text Request can give you the tools to successfully connect with target customers. Here are three ways you can generate more leads with Text Request.

7 Ways to Close More Sales with Text Request

You want to boost sales and increase revenue, but only 19% of sales are actually closed. Prospects can't take calls at work and emails get lost—but a text stands out. You just need a tool to harness the power of text, which is why we're going to show you seven ways Text Request can help you close more sales.

6 Problems Keeping You From Closing More Sales Opportunities

Your business loses time and money when a deal falls through. You need to be able to handle any potential road bumps as they pop up during a close, which is why we researched the top six most common problems keeping you from closing more sales opportunities.

10 Most Effective Lead Generation Tactics

You need leads to grow your business. But which lead generation tactics will give you the most bang for your buck, plus be relatively simple to manage? Here are our top 10 most effective lead generation tactics.

6 Key Tactics To Close More Sales

You need sales to grow your business, but how can you ensure your sales process actually closes deals so your time and effort with prospects doesn't go to waste? Here are six tactics to help you close more sales.