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7 Ways Sales Psychology Can Help You Close More Deals

Closing any sale can feel impossible when prospects turn away the moment they realize they're being sold to. But with sales psychology, you can learn the best way to approach customers. And that’s with these seven common psychological triggers that will help you relate to them and close more deals.

13 Text Message Templates to Revive Cold Leads

Leads can become cold for all sorts of reasons. Whether they missed your last email or got overwhelmed at work, a simple text can draw a lead back into the deal and even increase conversion rates by 328% when used regularly as follow-ups. Here are 13 text templates you can use to revive cold leads.

8 Biggest Challenges Facing Sales Reps (And How to Overcome Them)

Sales reps must adjust to the modern buyer's tendency to be less interested in being sold a product and more interested in making an informed decision. This new sales climate comes with a whole new set of challenges, which is why we've put together this guide to help your sales reps overcome them.

5 Ways to Increase Retail Sales Through Creative Customer Experiences

Retailers are actively competing to create the best customer experiences, so your own strategy needs to be genuine and meaningful if you're going to prevail. Here’s five ways successful retailers increased sales through creative customer experiences.

5 Ways to Increase Retail Sales Fast

Your retail store doesn't need to spend thousands of hours and dollars finding ways to increase sales. There's plenty of fast and cost-effective ways to get customers in your doors and purchasing, and we've put together a list of them to help you increase sales.

9 Steps to Get First-time Sales Reps Up to Speed ASAP

First-time sales reps need to start selling ASAP, or you lose money. But you can't dump all of the training on them at once and expect results. You need to balance onboarding, training, and follow-up training when bringing a new sales rep up to speed—and we've got nine steps to walk you through it.

3 Ways for Sales & Support Reps to Win Over Angry Prospects

If you work in sales or customer service, chances are you've had to deal with angry prospects and customers. Whether it's unrelated stress, a fear of being burned again, or something on your company's end, an angry customer's tunnel vision can make your job feel like mission impossible. Luckily, we have three ways to help you stay calm, turn the tide, and actually win over angry prospects.

7 Ways Top Sales Reps Spend More Time Selling

You've got to sell, but there's so much other work you have to do day-to-day. How can you spend more time selling instead of doing administrative tasks? This guide will show you how top sales reps are automating and optimizing their days so they can spend more time making sales.

13 Texts You Should Send to Warm Leads to Close More Sales

You have to walk warm leads through the sales process to close sales. You can only do that by offering value and keeping their attention. This guide will show you how to do that by texting leads, and give you 13 example texts you should send warm leads to close more sales. Take a look!

5 Ways to Increase CBD Sales by Texting

The hemp market is exploding, and if you want to sell more CBD (cannabidiol) products, then you have to be able to stand out from competitors. How can you do that? This guide will show exactly what it takes, and how you can increase CBD sales by texting. You can’t afford to skip this!