Text Request Champions Program: How to Get Free Swag & Other Perks

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In November 2019, our leadership team was sitting around the conference table asking, “What can we do to grow in 2020?” It probably looked a lot like your own annual planning meetings! At one point someone said:

“You know, if all of our customers referred one new customer next year, we would double.”

So here we are, announcing our Text Request Champions program!

What exactly is the Text Request Champions program?

Here’s our CEO and co-founder Brian Elrod to explain:


A Text Request Champion is someone who loves Text Request, and shares what we do with friends and colleagues.

We think talking about Text Request and recommending us to others is pretty great, and we want to reward you for doing it! We also want to personally thank you, so here’s what we’re going to do.

How do I become a Text Request Champion?

Becoming a Text Request Champion will earn you Text Request swag (with a personal touch), and will open you up to a whole host of future perks! There are 3 ways to become a Text Request Champion.

1. Refer a new customer.

Chances are, you’re friends with someone else who’d enjoy using Text Request (just like you have), and we’ll send you a Thank You for telling them about us.

If you refer a new customer to Text Request, we’re going to send you a big box of Text Request swag! Your big box of swag comes with:

  • A Text Request hat (canvas or trucker-style, your choice)
  • A “Made in Chattanooga” t-shirt (unisex or women’s fit)
  • A Text Request stainless steel travel water bottle
  • Text Request socks (the fan favorite)
  • A Text Request stone coaster
  • And Text Request stickers (for your laptop, water bottle, or anywhere else you want to stick them)

We are also going to profile you and your company on our website!

Keep scrolling to learn how to claim your free swag and Text Request profile.

2. Post a recommendation for Text Request on social media.

A picture’s worth a thousand words (and a video’s probably worth a million). Add a post to your social media profile highlighting your Text Request experience, and just for that we’ll send you a small box of free swag!

That’s something you can do right now to become a Text Request Champion! (Details about your swag box are under option 3.)

3. Post a recommendation for Text Request on an internal forum.

You probably don’t want to help out a competitor, but your peers? You’re happy to offer them advice! We want to say Thanks for sharing Text Request with them.

Let’s say you belong to a franchise system and you have a brand intranet, or maybe you belong to an industry association that has a community forum. Share your Text Request experience and a recommendation in that forum, and we’ll send you a small box of free swag!

Your small box of swag comes with:

  • Either a Text Request t-shirt OR a pair of Text Request socks (your choice)
  • A Text Request stone coaster
  • And stick-anywhere Text Request stickers

Bonus: We’ll also profile you as one of our Featured Companies!

When you become a Text Request Champion (whether you refer a customer or share a post about us), we’ll also profile you and your organization as one of our Featured Companies.

We’ll tell your story, talk about what makes you and your business special, and share that with our thousands of customers. It’s free marketing! Your Featured Company profile comes with:

  • Your own page on our website
  • Social media syndication for all our channels
  • A high quality backlink
  • Being featured in our company newsletter
  • A custom video highlighting you and your company

Bonus #2: Exclusive access to future perks.

As Text Request grows, we want to do more for our customers. And as a Text Request Champion, you’re going to be first in line for all of it. In fact, there will be things Champions get that no one else does. Consider it a small Thank You! for trusting us to help run your organization.

Exclusive perks might include:

  • More swag gifts
  • Promotion on our website and channels (blog posts, interviews, case studies, and more)
  • Priority access to new features
  • Free tickets to Text Request events
  • And more

How do I claim my free swag (and more)?

To become an official Text Request Champion and claim all your perks, tell us what you’ve done!

1. When you refer a customer, text us at (423) 218-0111 or email us at champions@textrequest.com. Tell us:

  • The name of the organization, and
  • The person you referred

Have your referral schedule a demo at textrequest.com/demo. We’ll send you your free swag box and start on the Featured Company profile as soon as we see them sign up!

2. When you post about us on social media, tag us in the post so we can see it! We’ll confirm your details (business name, address, etc.) to send your swag box, and start the Featured Company profile process.

For reference, our social media handles/links are:

Sidebar: Follow us on social media for more frequent updates and advice.

3. If you share a post recommending Text Request in an internal forum, include a link to textrequest.com and take a screenshot of that post.

To take a screenshot on Windows devices:

  • Option 1: Hit “Ctrl + PrtSc” This will take a screenshot and copy it to your clipboard, then you can paste that photo in a message to us.
  • Option 2: Click your “Start” icon and search for your Snipping Tool. This will let you highlight a portion of your screen to take a screenshot and save it to your computer.

To take a screenshot on Mac devices:

  • Click “Shift + Command + 4” to open your Screenshot, then highlight the portion of the page you want to take a screenshot of.

Send us your screenshot by text to (423) 218-0111 or by email to champions@textrequest.com. We’ll get your swag in the mail and start the Featured Company process!

Got questions?

If you have any questions, text them to (423) 218-0111 or email them to champions@textrequest.com.