4 Ways Child Care Services Improve Parent Communications by Texting

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Keeping up with all the parents your care center serves is difficult at best, and chaotic at worst. Between questions, status updates, last-minute schedule changes, and the occasional disciplinary notice, there’s a lot of communication! And that doesn’t even include what it takes to bring in new families.

The problem is phone calls, emails, and voicemail aren’t getting the job done. Your parents barely pay attention to them, even though you spend so much time trying to connect.

That’s why we’re going to talk about texting.

Schools, day cares, and other child centers are already texting with parents to make their lives easier, speed up communications, and create better experiences for everyone. In this guide, I’m going to show you five ways your child care services can too.

1. Bring in new families to serve.

Your main priority is nurturing the kids you’re responsible for every day, but you also have to continually bring in new children so your can business can survive and thrive. That means you have to make it really easy for parents to find you online and trust you.

Texting helps with the latter, and helps you stand out from competitors.

Click-to-Text and SMS Chat are two options that will let parents text your day care from your website. These are both powerful tools, because parents would rather text you their questions than scour your website looking for answers, and because this lets you capture prospects at any time of day or night, even when a live rep is not available.

After they text in, you can text back-and-forth with them to answer their questions and schedule a time for them to tour your facility. And, because people tend to work with the first person to respond, this fast communication gives you an edge over other services.

2. Get updates from parents.

Schedules change all the time, and it’s difficult for parents to connect with you when that happens. Maybe something came up and they’re going to be running 20 minutes late for pickup, or their child got sick overnight, or a close friend is going to be picking them up instead.

In most cases, Text Request can add conversational texting to your day care’s phone lines. That gives parents the option to text the same number they already have saved in their phones, which, as they’ll tell you, makes it much easier for them to share updates with you throughout their chaotic days.

It’s also easier on your end, because you won’t have to field all those calls one at a time anymore. You can get a text even if you aren’t available right that second. This makes everyone’s lives easier while also putting your center ahead of the curve.

Sidebar: Check your office phone number below to see if it’s eligible for texting.

3. Keep your parents in the loop.

Every day at work is a new experience, and some days you need to get your children’s parents involved. Let’s say one of your kids gets sick and they need to be picked up ASAP.

Statistics show most people, particularly those under 40, are going to see a text before they’ll answer a call or check their voicemail. So send that kid’s parents a text, like:

“Hi [Mrs. Humphries], [Jordan] got sick and needs to be picked up. Let me know when you can get over here. Thank you!”

Even if Mrs. Humphries is working or running around town, she’ll see that message quickly and be able to take the necessary steps. She can also respond to learn more about what’s going on and tell you when she’ll get there (or if someone else will be there in her place).

A much more fun method is to share a picture of whatever the kids are working on that day. You might send something like the image below:

Keeping up with parents through text makes your life easier while strengthening the relationships your child care service has with parents. That’s a win-win!

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4. Earn more online reviews to grow your brand.

Parents do a lot of research online before deciding who to entrust their child to. They’re looking for others’ experiences, and almost 90% of them treat online reviews (from Google, Facebook, Yelp, etc.) just like personal recommendations from friends and family.

That’s why the daycare with the most online reviews is normally who earns the most new business!

So how can you get more online reviews (and more children to care for)?

You have a lot of parents who are happy to recommend you to others. All you need to do is grab their attention and ask. Texting is perfect for this. In fact, organizations tend to earn 600% more reviews by asking through text than through the next best channel (email).

To earn more reviews, just text parents asking them to leave a review on your favorite platform (the place parents are most likely to find you). E.g.:

“Hi [Jacob]! We love working with you and your son. Would you please share your experience with [Daylight Day Care] on Google? google.com/ourbusiness We really appreciate it!”

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How can your day care service start texting professionally?

The first thing to do is pick a tool that fits your service’s day-to-day needs. A few things most people like are:

  • A shared online dashboard, so your team can all see what’s happening and cover for each other as needed
  • Options to text from your computer, tablet, or smartphone
  • The option to text using your main office phone number
  • Features like out of office replies, saved template messages, BCC group (broadcast) messages, and scheduled messages to make your life easier

Text Request offers all this and more. The next step is to get your team on the same page. Why do you want to text, and how will you handle it? To start, schedule a quick Text Request demo, where you can bounce your questions off a real person and see how the software works.

For any other questions, just use the SMS Chat in the bottom right corner or visit our contact page!