What Is Click-to-Text, and How Can My Business Use It?

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If you haven’t set up Click-to-Text yet, it’s one of those really simple things that can have a huge impact.

Click-to-Text is a button or link on a website that will open up a text message when clicked - like this.

When mobile viewers click this button (or text link), a text will open up pre-addressed to your business.

The rest of this post addresses Click-to-Text on your website, but you should also check out:

How do I get Click-to-Text on my website?

The base code is:

<a href=”sms:14232180111“>Send us a text!</a>

Replace the 10-digit orange text number with your own text number. Note: you must leave the 1 in front of your 10-digit number!

Then replace the green call-to-action with your own call to action.

The orange is where the message will be sent. The green is what will be displayed on your website. For design and placement questions, please refer to your webmaster.

If you're not sure how Click-to-Text can help your business, below are 3 common benefits.

You can also view point #4 in our guide: 9 Powerful Ways to Grow Your Brand Through Small Business Texting. Point #4 breaks down Click-to-Text for your website, Google Ads (Adwords), Instagram page, and Google My Business Listing.

Manage texts as a team with Text Request.

Click-to-Text Button

1. Mobile is King

The majority of all web traffic comes from mobile devices, and those mobile viewers prefer to text. Click-to-Text helps you meet customers where they are and improves the customer experience.

2. More Inbound Communication

People under 50 prefer texting over calls, emails, and other messaging apps. Click-to-Text lowers the barrier to entry for all of these people, increasing the amount of inbound communication you'll get from your website.

For most businesses, that means more leads and an easier way to reach your audience when you need to.

3. Records

Everything in Text Request is recorded. So when someone texts you, you always have a record of the person, their message, and the best way to reach them, even if no one on your team is currently available.

 Consumers would rather text you than call someone else

There are also 3 things to keep in mind when determining how successful your Click-to-Text button or link is.

1. Website Traffic

Click-to-Text does not bring new visitors to your website. It helps convert people who are already there.

If your website traffic is low, your inbound text volume will likely be low, too. You provide the traffic. We’ll help you start conversations.

2. Placement

If your number isn’t clearly visible - like, front and center on your home or contact pages - people might not realize they can text you. If they can’t see what you built, they won’t come.

3. Confusion

You need to give viewers a clear-call-to-action. For example, “Click here to request pricing.”

If your number is placed ambiguously on your website, viewers won't know what benefit it could bring them.

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