Boost Your Sales Funnel: Close More Leads Through Text

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Every business has some sort of sales funnel. Sadly, most of those sales funnels start out very wide, and end surprisingly narrow. Let's fix that.

How awesome would it be if your sales funnel was more like a sales column? Where the majority of your qualified leads turned into paying customers? It's possible, if you do the right things.

What is your sales funnel missing?

Everyone these days prefers to text. You're probably familiar with that.

But did you know that Gallup, (among others) found text messaging to be the most popular and most used form of communication for anyone under 50? That’s why over 560 billion texts are sent every month.

Number of texts sent daily and monthly

You want to boost your sales funnel. People clearly want to text. So why not merge the two to reach your goals?

Your business gets people who are interested - in a piece of content, becoming a customer, or something else that you do - and turns them into leads. All of these people understand that you provide value to them.

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At the same time, you know you can provide value to these prospects. You're on the same field, now all you need is a credit card.

So why is the typical sales funnel so wide? It doesn't make sense. Prospects understand your value. You understand your prospects. Where's the breakdown?

So what's the actual problem?

9 times out of 10, the reason for such a huge discrepancy between the number of leads a business gets and the number of leads they're able to close is communication. You can't reach the people you need to reach!

We know that people are inundated with 88 or more emails every day. You're lucky if anyone answers their phone anymore without a scheduled meeting. Nobody listens to their voicemail anymore.

Number of emails sent and received daily

Emails sent and received to and from business accounts every day

And so you're left with all of these people who are interested in the value you provide, but who you lose touch with. It's like your sales funnel has a big hole in the side! You keep pouring leads in, and they just flow right out.

Texting is a simple fix that far too many businesses overlook. 99% of texts are opened. They have an average response rate of 45%, and an average response time of 90 seconds.

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Texting is friendly, it's what people prefer, and it gets results. Actually, studies have shown that incorporating texting into your sales funnel can improve your closing rates by anywhere from 100% to about 300%.

That's amazing!

How does texting boost your sales funnel?

It's rather simple, really. The short answer to how it boosts your sales funnel is that texting is just what people prefer.

But if you want to get more into it, think about how people interact with their phones. We're always checking our phones. Most of us keep sound notifications on, or have them on vibrate, or keep them right beside us, or somehow ensure that we see whenever a new [whatever] comes through.

That's just what people do. People see your text almost immediately.

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Now, chances are you're not going to close an entire sale through text. Maybe you will, it's certainly been done. But more often you're going to text with prospects just like you'd text with friends.

You'll shoot a message over like "Hey John, saw you wanted a price quote. Let me know when you're free to chat. Thanks."

Or maybe something like "Hey man, just checking in. I know this is important to you." Or whatever your sales speak might be.

Often, texting is the wingman to your sales funnel. It doesn't necessarily close the deal, but it gets your foot in the door. And that's why it's so effective!

The hurtle 9/10 businesses face is being able to create an open and effective channel of communication between prospect and business. Texting gets you over that hurtle.

You want more sales. People want to text. It's a no-brainer! Add texting to your sales funnel.

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