7 Ways to Close More Sales with Text Request

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Your business wants to boost its sales and increase revenue. But closing a deal and collecting that revenue is one of the most difficult parts of a sale, and the average close rate across all industries is just 19%.

Why so low?

Prospects need to continuously be engaged, receive direct confirmations for appointments and estimates, and they need a communication platform that does it all at a lightning fast speed.

Text Request offers all that and more by giving you a professional and organized tool to text with prospects. Let’s look at seven different ways you can use Text Request to close more sales!

Why should your sales team use Text Request to close more deals?

Prospects expect your business to be able to text.

Texting is the number one preferred form of communication across generations, and 91% of people would rather text than call a business.

The speed texting offers is also invaluable for starting and finishing deals. You can figure out which prospects are serious and which ones you need to walk away from so much faster when 99% of your texts are opened and read within 90 seconds.

In fact, texts can increase conversion rates by as much as 328% when used regularly as follow-ups!

You just need the right texting platform to help you get started, and Text Request makes it easy by allowing you to text-enable your already existing business number.

We also offer a wide array of features and goodies to help you best organize and deliver your messages, which we’ll talk all about next!

7 Ways You Can Close More Deals With Text Request

1. Be available at any time.

Your prospects have day jobs and family that keep them preoccupied throughout the day. They can't take a call at work, and email gets lost in the flood—but a text stands out.

Depending on your service, prospects might only be able to give you attention in the early AM or late PM. They'd rather text in those situations, and being available then is huge (even if it's just to receive a message and reply later).

Autoresponses can help you accomplish that by sending a pre-created reply to any inbound messages saying that you received their message and you’re going to get back to them shortly.

Text Request also gives you the option to have messages escalated, or delivered directly to your personal cell phone after a certain amount of time has passed and the text still hasn’t been resolved. This ensures you never miss any questions and are always available, so you can close deals faster.

You need to be able to reach prospects whenever it is good for you, and they need to be able to reach you whenever it is good for them. Text Request can help you with that.

2. Schedule and keep more appointments.

You need to be able to schedule and confirm appointments efficiently if you’re going to move the prospect toward a close. That means getting the appointment booked with fewer touches, and decreasing your no-show rate.

But that can be easier said than done when you don’t have a set scheduling workflow.

Text Request makes this easy when you use templates to schedule appointments. Templates are the Text Request version of saved messages you can repeatedly send to leads.

These templates can also include Calendly and Google Calendar links to make scheduling appointments as smooth as possible for prospects. They just have to click the link and pick a time slot that works best for them.

You can even schedule appointment reminders in advance, so prospects never miss a beat. Automated reminders have been found to decrease no-show rates by 16%, and 63% of people prefer receiving their reminders as texts.

PC: 10to8

3. Follow up after leads message you from your website.

Text message leads are 600% more likely to convert than email or form submission leads, which is why you need to advertise that people have the option to text you.

Text Request’s SMS Chat makes it easy to announce that your business texts. It gives leads the ability to message you directly from your website. SMS Chat is a widget that goes on the bottom-right-hand corner of your website, and can be customized with a call-to-action that tailors to your business, like:

“Text us for a free quote!”


“Text us for a list of our available houses!”

Prospects will always have questions when they first visit your website, and SMS Chat keeps them from having to go dig for answers. Their cell number is also automatically saved afterwards, so you can continue to follow up with them and lead them further down your sales funnel faster.

4. Send personal upsells that resonate with prospects.

The more you work with the prospects, the more you’ll learn what they do and don't need. Texts can be a great way to negotiate with them and up-sell products and features that you know will fit their goals and budget.

Texts also have a personal, informal touch that will reinforce that the upsell is intended just for them (rather than being an email blast you’re sending to everyone).

Text Request also allows you to categorize prospects into groups, so you can best organize them by their needs.

For example, a CRM could categorize their Text Request contact groups as “Partners” vs. “Customers.” Or an online retail business could categorize their tailored marketing campaigns into groups like “Shoe Shoppers” vs. “Dress Shoppers.”

5. Promote deals and discounts on a mass scale.

It’s a pain to manually send a deal you’re currently running to each prospect individually and then have no one engage with it. But with Text Request, you can send the promotion to all your contacts at once, plus know that 99% of them are going to see it.

Monthly promotions can also be a great way to check in on cold leads and entice them with new deals or discounts. You can even include pictures to show off your new products and features to further seal the deal.

You can also use keywords to let prospects manually opt-in on their own for mass promotions and updates.

A keyword is a word prospects can text to receive more information on a topic related to the word. For example, if you’re a real estate agent, you can assign each property their own keyword, and all the information pertaining to that specific property will be sent to leads who text it.

This information could naturally include deals and discounts as they become available. It’s the perfect way to both attract leads and continuously nudge them toward a purchase.

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6. Deliver estimates faster to keep the ball rolling.

Sending estimates and waiting for prospects to approve them takes up a major bulk of your sales team’s time (especially if you don’t have a solid delivery and confirmation process in place).

Text Request can cut that time in half when you use our Text Merge feature. Text Merge allows you to directly drop in your spreadsheet of contacts and their individual estimates into a message so they’re automatically inserted, like this:

“Hi [name], thanks for considering Two Men and a Truck for your next move! Your current estimate for a move from [location] to [location] at [time] on [date] is available here: [link] Let us know if this works for you.”

Not only is delivering estimates like this fast—you’re also going to get ridiculously quick responses from the customers because the average text is read within 90 seconds.

7. Re-engage cold leads with updates and promos.

Prospects go cold for multiple reasons, and re-connecting with them can feel impossible when 85% of your emails aren’t opened and 80% of your calls go to voicemail.

This is where texting’s 99% open rate can come in. Sending a follow-up text is quick, harmless, and will make your prospect incredibly thankful if they wanted to close the deal and just got sidetracked.

In fact, the majority of cold leads just weren't ready to buy or take action at that time, and 66% of leads won't buy for 3 months after they contact you.

Texting cold leads is a great way to see if now's a better time, or if they have any more interest.

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Add Text Request to Your Closing Strategy!

One of the most important parts of closing a deal is following up with prospects. Your goal is to grab and keep their attention, which is exactly what a text does.

You just need the right tool to help you manage your texts professionally, and our customer support team is ready to help you get started.

Try a free demo today, or check out our Closer’s Handbook to learn more about how texting and Text Request can fit into your closing tactics.