3 Communication Strategies to Increase Revenue

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Are you spending a lot on marketing, but not seeing the new business you thought you would? Whether you have web leads that aren’t converting or texts that don’t turn into paying customers, your conversion rates could use some work.

You need a strong communication strategy to achieve ideal conversion rates. But these days communication is so much more than phone calls.

If you’re still expecting every potential client to call you, know that 46% of consumers prefer messaging companies over phone or email. Plus most prospective clients will move on to your competitor if you don’t respond immediately on their platform of choice—whether it’s phone, email, text, social media, or website chat.

But a fast response isn’t everything. You also need an effective and efficient lead conversion process in place to quickly turn prospects into paying customers. But if you’re like most small or mid-sized businesses, you may not know where to start.

So here are three tips to capture and convert more leads to increase revenue.

1. Offer 24/7 live texting.

No matter your business type, customers are reaching out at all hours of the day and night—and on weekends, too. Your leads are on their phone all the time (before bed, Saturday morning, Sunday afternoon). If they text you, no matter the time or day of the week, they’ll expect an immediate response.

The best way to convert the lead is to have a live person answering them. Automated responses are helpful, but the difference between a bot and a live person can be the difference between making the sale or not.

Imagine someone is looking to book a cleaning service on Saturday, but they don’t reach out until Thursday night around 9. This person texts to ask several questions about the cost of services, whether the house location is an issue, and timing for six rooms.

Cleaning Service #1 has an after-hours autoresponder that promises to check in with the prospect the next morning. But this is a rush and nobody enjoys starting a task and not finishing it. The lead moves on to the next company to ensure the cleaning is booked and off their plate that night.

Cleaning Service #2 answers the text message immediately. The responding staff member addresses the lead’s questions and gets them booked on the calendar for Saturday, before Cleaning Service #1 is back at work.

Answering texts live allows you to connect with and nurture more leads than you would have been able to inside of regular business hours. Through around-the-clock text support, your business will not only be able to reach more leads, but you’ll be able to showcase your services and demonstrate your professionalism as well.

Providing accommodating customer service will better your reputation and ensure more satisfied customers, which can practically guarantee more future referrals and potential leads!

2. Screen for high-quality leads.

67% of lost sales are a result of sales reps not properly qualifying their potential customers. Screening new leads is arguably one of the most important aspects of gaining and converting leads.

To convert the clients you truly want for your business, you’ll need to filter out the leads who might not convert. Effective screening results in leads who are:

  • Ready to purchase (no tire-kickers).
  • Looking for the service or product you offer.
  • Willing and able to pay your price.

The faster you can identify these ideal prospects, and redirect all others, the more time and energy you can spend nurturing and converting them.

Here’s an example of an effective screening process:

1. A real estate agent’s staff answers texts sent in response to an outbound marketing campaign.

2. The staff member then asks about the prospect’s ideal home location, size and type of real estate, and price range to make sure it fits with the agent’s offerings.

3. The lead is genuinely interested and is a good fit to start searching with this agency.

Your business will be able to guarantee your time is being spent wisely and your team focuses on quality prospects and takes on the best clients when you properly screen clients.

3. Call back text leads who went cold.

A certain percentage of your text conversations with new leads will always drop off. So making sure they’re nurtured is vital to drive the most conversions. That’s why 74% of global companies prioritize lead nurturing—but small businesses should care too!

You need to follow-up with the leads you haven’t heard from to capture as many of them as you can. Chances are, they may have just been distracted, had a service interruption, or simply forgot to book an appointment on your calendar. But a quick nudge could recapture their attention.

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For example, a personal injury lawyer could send out mailers with a number to text for legal services. A new lead gets the mailed brochure and texts the business to ask about being represented in litigation over their recent car accident. The lead stops responding before the initial consultation is booked so the lawyer calls the lead back. It turns out that the person was just distracted by their kids and is happy to get the consultation booked and off their plate.

A simple phone call can make the difference between booking a new lead and never hearing from them again. By calling back the leads that went cold, you ensure that each potential client is given every opportunity to become a customer.

Outsource what you can’t handle if you’re overwhelmed.

All of these tips are designed to help your business convert more text leads, but if you can’t put them into effect, they won’t do you much good. If you’re like most small or mid-sized businesses, you probably don’t have the free time to screen leads, call back potential prospects, or answer texts 24/7.

More likely, you’re booked throughout the day, with a team of one or two people answering calls, texts, and emails, and with a limited staff and budget, you probably can’t offer weekend, overnight, or after-hours availability.

Why not try outsourcing to a virtual receptionist service that’ll take the extra load off your plate and help you convert more leads at the same time?

What is a virtual receptionist?

Many people hear “virtual receptionist” and think a computer is answering their calls and texts. But virtual receptionists are real people, who answer calls, chats, texts, and social media messages on behalf of your business, often based in North America. Virtual receptionists answer your incoming communications as though they are sitting in your office.

Virtual receptionists do much more than a call center—they answer questions about your business, qualify new leads, schedule appointments, and log information into your CRM.

A quality virtual receptionist service handles all your communications 24/7 if you like, or just the hours and services of your choice. For example, if you currently have a receptionist in-house who answers calls on the phone and text messages via Text Request, you can set up your receptionist service to handle these calls and texts after-hours and on weekends.

How can virtual receptionists help convert more leads?

Response speed is everything to today’s buyers, and their patience typically wears out after 10 minutes. In fact, 82% of consumers rate an “immediate” response as important or very important when they have a marketing or sales question. To convert the most leads, you need to be available when they’re ready to buy.

But the odds are stacked against you—being available 24/7 is hard for smaller businesses. Virtual receptionists are available around-the-clock to answer texts that come into your business so that you can still capture and convert leads whether your business is open and available or not.

Virtual receptionists can also provide initial screening on your behalf. The quality leads that the receptionists screen, alongside a transcript of the conversation, will be passed along to your business (either via email or directly into their CRM), allowing your staff to focus on doing billable work while having all necessary information for follow-up.

If you have a virtual receptionist service that offers texts and calls, they can perform call-backs for your leads who went cold to answer any questions, schedule an appointment, or simply push them further along your sales funnel.

Responding to leads quickly isn’t easy for most businesses, especially when you take into consideration after-hours and weekend inquiries. In fact, only 37% of businesses respond to leads within an hour.

By outsourcing and using the right technology, you can facilitate the lead qualification process even if you don’t have a large staff (or are a solo show). Implement a few processes to capture every lead who texts you and follow up with those who drop off, and you’ll ultimately see more high-qualify leads, better conversion rates, and more revenue!

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