24 Text Message Templates to Increase Contractor Profits

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Whether you’re a general contractor, carpenter, electrician, drywaller, HVAC, or roofer, you need a reliable way to reach homeowners. But that’s easier said than done when 80% of your calls go directly to voicemail.

How can contractors like you reach customers when you need to?

99% of SMS messages are opened, and 95% are read within three minutes of being sent. That’s huge, not only for scheduling your services, but also:

  • Bringing in more leads
  • Sharing estimates
  • Re-engaging customers with promotions
  • Scheduling service reminders and updates in advance
  • Collecting outstanding payments
  • Requesting customer reviews

There are a ton of different ways you can message your customers, and we’re here to help with examples and text templates for each of them!

Here are 24 text messages templates you can use to increase your contractor business’s profits.

Why should contractors text homeowners?

The best way to reach customers is where they’re already at, which is texting on their smartphones.

Texting is the number one way customers prefer to communicate, and 89% of them want the option to text you.

Campaigns and promotions are also more likely to convert when texted links have a 40% to 45% click-through rate!

Some contractors who text customers have seen a 50x return on monthly spend for text promotions, as well as $17,000 in new revenue in under a month!

Let’s look at 24 text templates you can start sending today to increase your contractor business's profits.

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1. Answer questions directly from your website.

Homeowners want immediate help when a pipe bursts or tree crashes through their roof. That’s why 50% of the time they’ll choose the first business to respond to them.

You’re more likely to be the first business to respond to customers, when you give them the option to text you directly from your website.

Consumers would rather immediately start a conversation over text, than wait for a phone system to tap them in.

Our SMS Chat widget lets them do just that from your website. All your responses go to their phone (where the rest of the conversation lives), plus you get to keep their contact information for later!

Below are some examples of how you can direct conversations once they come in through SMS Chat.

Template 1: “Hi [Name], I’m sorry to hear you’re having some trouble with your pipes. Can you send me a picture of the damage?”

Template 2: “Hello [Name], thank you for considering us for your bathroom renovation! What changes do you have in mind?”

Template 3: “[Company Name] is here for all your [service] needs. Tap this link to start the estimate process: [link]”

Template 4: “Hi [Name], before we book you for a [service]. Can we schedule an assessment call to learn how we can best help you? You can book a time here: [link]”

One of the fastest ways to get the ball rolling is by asking potential customers to simply send you a picture of the area they want serviced. You can learn so much more in a few seconds doing that, than piecing information together over the phone.

2. Share and request information for estimates.

Getting information for an estimate requires a lot of back and forth between you and the homeowner. You need all the required information to start the estimate process, you may need to follow up if a detail slipped through the cracks, and customers have to approve the estimate once you send it.

That can be a nightmare to handle over the phone, especially if the customer is in meetings all day. But with text, they’ll be able to answer you discreetly, which cuts out a game of phone tag!

Sending new customers a quick text to ask them when they’re available, or if they still need time to review an estimate, helps you do what’s best for your clients (plus keeps your services chugging along).

Template 5: “Hi [Name], attached is a link to your estimate. Let me know if everything looks good, and we can book a visit for your [service]: [link] ”

Template 6: “Hello [Name], we need to document what floor you’re on at your apartment complex to complete our quote. Just let me know, and we can move on to taking the next step toward booking your [service].”

Template 7: “Hi [Name], thank you for choosing [Business]! You can fill out this online form to get your quote: [link]”

Template 8: “[Name], we’ve completed your quote. You can review and agree to its terms here: [link]”

Customers will love directly getting their quote as a link or image, instead of having to scour their email inbox for it!

3. Re-engage customers with text promotions.

You have maintenance plans and seasonal check-ups that can benefit customers (and help you generate more revenue). But phone calls and emails almost never encourage homeowners to reschedule a service before your offer expires.

You’ll get a much higher response rate when you text these promotions instead, especially since the average SMS conversion rate is 45%!

Template 9: “Hi [Name], thanks for always choosing [Business]! Here’s a reminder that you’re scheduled for you next [service] at [date].”

Template 10: “Hello [Name], did you know we’re running a winter special on [service]? Learn more details at: [link]”

Template 11: “Hi [Name], your next AC tuneup is coming soon. Would you like us to schedule a visit?”

Template 12: “Hi [Name], want more lighting fixtures on your back patio? We have a new summer deal on outdoor lighting you can check out here: [link]"

Text Request makes it easy to categorize customers by their specific maintenance plans and tuneup schedules with our Group feature.

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4. Schedule service reminders and updates.

There’s nothing more frustrating than showing up on the day of a scheduled service and realizing you’ve been locked out.

Sending text reminders can help you avoid this, especially when you know they’ll be seen by customers 99% of the time.

You can even go the extra mile when you head out for a service, by including an image of yourself or the teammate who will be doing work on the home (so the customers know exactly who to expect).

This helps you provide the ultimate customer experience for homeowners, especially when you can update them from the road if you’re running a few minutes late or will be arriving early!

Template 13: “Hi [Name], here’s a reminder from [Business] that [Worker Name] will be stopping by today for [service].”

Template 14: “Hello [Name], [Worker Name] is on his way to help you with your [service]. [image]”

Template 15: “Hi [Name], we’re running a few minutes behind schedule, but we’re on our way to [service] your home today.”

Template 16: “Hi [Name], [Worker Name] is stopping by to [service] your bathroom today. Don’t forget to leave the door unlocked for him. [image]”

Text Request lets you schedule these service and appointment reminders in advance, so you don’t have to worry about remembering to send them the day of.

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5. Request payments.

You need to be paid when you finish a project, but sometimes that can be easier said than done. The reality is the number one reason clients don’t make a payment is because they forget.

You just need a quick way to remind them, and texting is the easiest way to do that.

Template 17: “Hi [Name], this is a reminder that the bill for your kitchen renovation is available at: [link] - [Company Name]”

Template 18: “[Name], the invoice for your new lighting fixtures is now available at: [link] Let us know if you have any questions about the pricing! Or if you'd like to pay over the phone with your credit card.”

Template 19: “Hi [Name], thanks for choosing [Company Name] for your [service] today! You can pay your bill at: [link]”

Template 20: “Hi [Name], did you know we offer a payment plan for our [services]? You can check it out at: [link]”

Don’t forget to send a link to your payment portal, so the process is as fast as possible for your homeowner!

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6. Collect customer reviews.

Reviews can be the deciding factor in which contractor a homeowner goes with.

That’s why you need to make an active effort to ask happy homeowners for them!

Texting your review links directly to customers after a successful service is the fastest way to do this.

Template 21: “Hi [Name], love your new kitchen island? Tell the world about it here: [link] ”

Template 22: “Hello [Name], our workers loved helping you with your [service] today. You can give them some love back by writing a review at: [link]”

Template 23: “Hi [Name], we appreciate you always choosing [Company Name] for your [service]! Do you have time to tell us what we’re doing right today at: [link]”

Template 24: “Hi [Name], today marks the grand opening of your finished basement! Let us know how you love it at: [link]”

Some businesses that text to ask for reviews have grown their amount by 58%!

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Start text messaging homeowners professionally today!

Between your customers and workers, there’s a ton of moving parts your contractor business has to keep track of. That’s why your team needs a place where they can view and answer every text you receive.

Text Request gives small businesses just that with our universal dashboard, where anyone can jump in to take over a conversation. This is great when other workers are out of the office or caught up helping a homeowner.

We even give you a ton of useful features to streamline your business texting as much as possible, including:

  • Templates: Saved responses to make sending estimate forms and review links faster
  • Message tags: Markers that help you identify homeowners by their specific stage in the contracting process
  • Merge Messaging: A group message that lets you format custom fields to personalize your updates or promotions
  • Autoresponses: Automatic responses to ensure you get back to homeowner ASAP, even when you’re not immediately available
  • Text enable your current phone number: So you don’t have to get a new one

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