How to Write for Text Request? Blog Contributor Guidelines

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Want to write for Text Request? Great! Text Request is an online texting service for businesses. Our goal is to help businesses be better at business, and our blog is a bank of expert resources to do just that.

Think you can help a business owner or manager improve a specific skill or department? Then keep reading.

Topics we currently cover

  • Communications: PR and Brand Building, Customer Communications, Interoffice Communications
  • Customer Experience: New Visitors, Leads, Current Customers
  • Entrepreneurship: Getting Started, Gaining Traction, Growth Stage
  • Leadership: Hiring and Developing Talent, C-Suite/Owner Tips, Managing Employees
  • Marketing: Digital, Content and Link Building, Advertising, Social Media
  • Research: Communications, Device Usage, Business and Consumer Trends
  • Sales: Inspiration and Motivation, Scripts and Template Examples, General Sales Tips
  • SEO: Local SEO, Keywords and On-Page SEO, Technical Tips

Don’t see your topic listed? That means we aren't interested in publishing it, and we will not accept your pitch.

Why write for Text Request?

Writing for Text Request will help you reach a new audience of highly engaged professionals while building backlinks for your own site. It's a chance to share your expertise and provide value for more people. If you care about helping businesses be better at business, Text Request is a good place for you.

Other benefits include:

  • 200,000+ monthly visits
  • Thousands of engaged, daily active users
  • Your own author page and byline
  • Newsletter promotion
  • Social media promotion and syndication
  • An audience full of business decision makers

How to write for Text Request?

Pitch your idea to our team. If we like your idea, we'll ask for an article outline. If we like your outline, we'll ask for a full draft.

Then we’ll take over the editing, publishing, and distribution. We’ll update you when your post goes live, and ask that you share it around with your own audiences, too. The more shares and views your article gets, the better it is for everyone.

How to pitch (and what to include)?

Please email your pitch to with the subject line “Article Idea for Text Request Blog.” We review all pitches, but might not respond to those we do not accept (we get hundreds of these things, after all).

In your email, please include:

  • Your suggested article title
  • Why you think it’s a good fit for Text Request
  • A brief outline or description of what the article will include
  • Three previous writing examples
  • Full name
  • Title, role, or position
  • Company name (freelancers welcomed)
  • Company or personal URL

If your pitch is accepted, please follow the guidelines below when drafting your blog post.

How to write your article?

There are three things we on the Text Request editorial team are passionate about:

  • Creating 10X content
  • The Oxford comma
  • One space after periods

If your article has two spaces after periods, it will be handed back to you for editing.

Creating 10X content” is a term coined by Rand Fishkin of Moz. For us it means that anything we publish needs to be 10X better (more helpful and more valuable) than any other piece of content out there on the same topic.

That's the strategy that's brought us success, and we aren't going to compromise it.

If content is average or “good enough,” it will not rank well in search results, and we will all be worse for it. For more details, read this article: How to Create Content That Actually Increases Organic Traffic

This is what we expect from your own 10X article:

  • Original work
  • Zero spelling and grammar mistakes
  • Minimum 1,200 words (there is no limit, but make every word count)
  • Short paragraphs (1-4 sentences)
  • Thorough research of the topic, or extensive personal experience
  • Actionable tips and instruction
  • Relevant and helpful videos, images, GIFs, graphs, and/or infographics
  • Bullet points, numbered lists, and/or pull quotes to break up blocks of text
  • Relevant and helpful links to reputable sites included
  • Appropriate credit to all sources
  • A brief personal bio
  • Your website and social media links

Accepted articles will be enjoyable to read and, most importantly, valuable to our audience.

Please remove, do not include:

  • Affiliate links
  • Self-promotion (personal experiences and case studies are fine)
  • Fluff
  • Plagiarized, duplicated, or previously published content
  • Cliches and clickbait

We will not publish anything that:

  • Doesn't have visuals like charts, graphs, and videos
  • Doesn't include links to high quality sources
  • Needs editing before we can publish it
  • Plagiarizes other content (even if the "other content" was written by you)
  • Is self-promotional (or a poorly disguised sales pitch)

Here are a few examples of good articles we’re likely to accept:


How long does it take to publish contributor content?

We get hundreds of contributor submissions, and we only publish content twice a week. We also create and publish our own content. It can take several months for us to publish contributor content. Don't worry, we haven't forgotten about you. We just have a lot to go through.

Are Text Request blog contributors paid?

No, Text Request blog contributors are not paid, and are in no way employed by Text Request. All contributors do, however, get their own author page, including a brief bio and a backlink to their website of choice.

Who owns contributed content?

Rights to all content published on the Text Request blog are owned by Text Request. Text Request has the right to edit contributor content to meet our standards. Text Request may remove contributor content from the site as necessary.

Can I republish contributed content elsewhere?

No. Search engines like Google will only index one copy of the same content. Republishing the same content elsewhere puts all parties at risk of being removed from search results.

However, we will promote and distribute contributed content regularly, and you're invited to share it around as much as you want as well.