Customer Experience Questions You Absolutely Need to Answer

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Customer experience is crucial to every part of your business, from finding your targets to keeping existing customers happy. You need to make sure your customer experience is top notch. You and your team need to have solid answers to all of these customer experience questions.

How do customers find you?

Our customer experience questions begin with consumers coming to you. What a dream! Billions of people use the internet everyday. They're all doing different things, looking for different things, viewing different channels, and interacting with different brands. Consumers are discovering new brands in myriad ways everyday. How do customers find you?

Let's be very specific here. The question is not "where does your website traffic come from?" The question is "how do customers find you?"  What you want is to increase the amount of visitors that convert. Where do the people who convert come from? You should be able to answer this by checking your analytics. If you don't have any analytics yet, you can easily add Google Analytics to your site for free.

You might get an enormous amount of traffic from Facebook, but do they convert at all? Maybe your highest conversion rates come from sponsored blogs. Why don't you focus there? If you're present and prevalent on any digital medium, you're going to have people engaging with you. But what you need to focus on is where those engagements turn into money in your pocket. How do customers find you?

What are they interested in?

"They" really means two groups of people. What are people interested in when they find you and engage with you? Anytime you get a call, email, text, live chat, click-through, trial, sign-up, etc., you're given insight into what consumers are looking for. A very important question that shows up here is: What are consumers interested in that you're not currently providing? And should you be providing that?

For instance, we created an online texting SaaS for businesses, where we provide a local area code number for all users to text back-and-forth at will. Over time we found that people were also interested in adding text capabilities to their existing landline/business number. So we made that an option. We paid attention to what our targets were interested in, and that change has worked out very well for us.

The other "they" refers to your current customers and users. What part of your service do they find most valuable? What part do they use the most? And then how are you optimizing that interest? For instance, Instagram was initially a location check-in app similar to FourSquare, and went by the name Burbn. Founders noted that the most used feature was the app's photo tool. The team took that interest, and transformed into the ultra-successful company they are today by matching customer experience with customer interest.

When you look at consumers checking out your service, what do they want? When you pay attention to your current customers, what are they using? What do they want?

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Why do customers leave you?

It doesn't matter how great you, your company, your product, or your customer service is, you're going to lose people. Something will happen - not necessarily your fault - or someone else will come along, and you'll lose customers. Big deal, right? You can't please everyone! That's true. But you can please most.

Why would someone leave your company? What steps can you reasonably take to keep more customers around for longer? What changes could you make to your pricing? What features can you tweak or add? What steps could you improve? How could you better handle customer complaints? It is impossible to make everyone happy. But it's also your job to analyze why someone would stop being your customer, and do everything in your power to prevent that from happening again.

How do people choose to interact with you?

It's very common to see a business try to funnel all communications through a single channel, such as an email inbox or call center. But how many people - consumers or customers - actually prefer either of those channels? As a brand, your duty is to ensure that every experience with you is better than any experience they could have with one of your competitors. Is that currently the case?

How do you handle social media? How do you handle texts? How do you handle live chats? Do you use these options at all in addition to emails and calls? If each of these avenues isn't open for consumers and customers, you'll never be able to learn how your targets prefer to interact with you. And you need to be able to handle an entire conversation in one place. Who really wants to leave a comment on Facebook only to be told to call an 800 number? Determining how your audience prefers to communicate and interact with you is crucial to providing the best customer experience.

Have you worked through these customer experience questions? Do you have solid answers for each? If not, you need to take action, especially before your competitors. You and your team need to sit down, iron out, and prepare a strategy focusing on these customer experience questions.