Why Customers Are Sick of Your Automated Services

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A person's needs can't be automated, and your automated services are causing tension.

But a trend of the last decade has been to automate as many business practices as possible! Yes, it’s important for businesses to continually become more efficient. But at what cost?

Is losing customers worth it?

As social media has become synonymous with daily life, and as a backlash to the business world’s focus on automation, people have become sick and tired of being treated as just another number! 

We want to be personal.

You might provide the best products and services in the industry, but consumers really don’t care unless you provide them with a positive and personal experience.

The famed quote by Teddy Roosevelt applies well here:

Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

We want businesses to care about us. Is that so much to ask? Your automated services often hinder our need to be human and relational, which hurts you if you're a small business. But it doesn't have to be this way!

Teddy Theodore Roosevelt Nobody Cares How Much You Know Until They Know How Much You Care

Phone Services

Why would you have your computer auto-dial me? If I’m courteous enough to let you interrupt my workday by answering the phone, I deserve to speak to a human.

You know what I do when I get an auto-dial? I wait for the name of the company to come up, and make a point not to do business with that company. They clearly don’t care about me.

When I need customer service, please don't make me sift through “press 1 if… press 2 if… speak the topic of your need… I’m sorry, please say that again…”

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Did you know that the average person spends over an hour every week waiting on hold, and trying to deal with these fickle services? That’s insane!

The least you could do is add department extensions to your About Us page. But you don’t. And I’m not going to let you waste my life anymore.

I’m going to do business with a company that treats me like a friend.


Email marketing campaigns can be very effective, but you should at least make it relevant. Can you make some effort to connect with me as a person instead of as just another transaction?

I bought my wife a necklace. That doesn’t mean I care about the new women’s fall line.

I downloaded one of your ebooks for the helpful research. That doesn't mean I want to pay hundreds of dollars a month for your services.

Graphic Springs Email Marketing

But then, what if I need to email your business? What if I want to get in touch with you?

Oh, all your incoming emails go to the same inbox, and now I don’t know how to directly reach someone who can quickly help me?

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I’ll gladly go with that competitor who helps me with personal communication and relevant information, because they seem to actually care.

Website Experience

How easy is it for me to navigate through your site and solve my problems? Or is it just a poster for your sales pitch?

I don’t care how great your product is if I’m just a data point traveling through your sales funnel. How easy is it for me to contact you if I need to?

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How quickly can you respond to my needs? How helpful are you?

Do you want me to just call your call center? We’ve already been over that - I’m not going to let you waste my personal time like that anymore.

Thank heavens companies are finally adopting live chat and real-time texting features!

Mark Cuban Make Product Easier to Buy Quote

Customer Journey

2/3 of the customer buying journey now takes place before any human contact. And you’re the reason why! You’ve pushed us away with your inconvenient service.

I’m your customer. I matter, right?

I hope you think so, I pay your bills! Doesn't that mean it should be easy for me to work with you?

Consumers want personal experiences. We want personal service.

Stop with the automated services, and let me interact with a human, who talks like a human, who has inflection and emotions like a human.

The reason why customers don't like your automated services is that they've let us down. We want businesses to treat us like we're friends, not data.

Can we be friends again, Businesses?

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