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Text Request Lets Customers Text Businesses Instead of Call

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Chattanooga-based software startup, Text Request, has created a platform that lets customers text businesses instead of having to call them. You can call a business, you can email a business, and now you can text a business.

Recent Research

CTIA and Nielson recently reported that the number of text messages sent each month increased by more than 7,700 percent over the last decade.

Text Request has created a platform to harness this trend, that lets businesses engage in real-time, two-way text conversations with consumers.

Another recent study shows that 86% of all phone calls are either unanswered or placed on hold, and that 34% of those callers hang up immediately.

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It seems clear that consumers would rather text than call. It only makes sense that people should be able to text businesses, just like they text everyone else.

About Text Request

Furthering their mission to "connect organizations with customers through personal texts," Text Request allows consumers to text their favorite businesses the same way they text friends and family. Small business, schools, hotels, and non-profits are among organizations currently using the service.

"We're answering the question consumers have been asking for years," said Brian Elrod, the company's co-founder and CEO. "Why can't we text businesses instead of calling or emailing?

"The statistics are overwhelming in favor of customers wanting to text. It's almost irresponsible for businesses not to utilize the most preferred form of communication in the world."

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Businesses spend billions in advertising, funneling potential customers to their websites. A growing majority of Americans are viewing those websites on mobile device. The number one way to communicate from a mobile device is texting. Text Request connects these dots.

"This change from calling to texting is natural," said Elrod, "because people are always looking for the best way to share and gather information. In a lot of cases, texting is simply more convenient and more effective."

Organizations already using Text Request find that phone lines are more open, and that incoming inquiries can be handled much more efficiently.

For example, customers who are curious about a business' service can simply text the business' 10-digit number to request information, such as for price quotes or school updates.

How to Use Text Request

There are no apps needed, and no contracts to sign. Customers simply use a 10-digit, local number. Businesses can use their current business number, or get a local area code text-only number from Text Request.

Businesses can respond in real-time to messages received through the Text Request platform, and can initiate conversations as needed.

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Text Request is not a mass texting or SMS marketing tool. Users will never receive unsolicited messages from Text Request, nor from the businesses they choose to communicate with.

Other than standard text messaging rates from cell phone providers, Text Request is completely free to consumers.

The company rolled out a beta launch in the summer of 2014, using a diverse set of initial customers within a variety of industries, including hospitality, education, religious services, and food service.

These beta users and others have encouraged contact through the Text Request platform, and have reported "astounding satisfaction and results." To learn more about Text Request, click here.

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