How to Earn Nearly 50% More Money From Your Customers

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You want to earn more money from your customers, right? You want to be the best person and business in your niche, and you want to grow!

A significant part of this growth is maximizing customer value. As your average customer value increases, so will everything else. 

But how do you maximize customer value, and how exactly does that help you earn more money from your customers? 

Think about your relationships with friends and family.

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You talk to your friends and family regularly. You go out together, help each other move, and even buy gifts for each other. You're willing to do a lot for these people because you're close.

So how can you create a similar relationship with your customers? Because that's the goal.

The Customer Buying Journey

Obviously, you can't be best friends with every single one of your customers, but you can build genuine relationships with them. You can be more helpful and offer better experiences than your competition.

And that's where the money comes from.

"Nurtured leads" - potential customers you or your brand have built relationships with - will spend 47% more with your brand, on average, than leads you haven't built relationships with.

What a powerful phenomenon!

Here's an example of lead nurturing that you've probably experienced.

You like using Amazon because it's quick and because you don't have to leave your seat to get what you want.

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You could pick up the exact same item from Walmart or Barnes&Noble or Lowe's and not have to wait (or pay) for shipping. In some cases, you might even save money by not using Amazon!

But if you're like most people, you go back to Amazon again and again. Why?

Because they're constantly nurturing you.

Nurtured leads make 47 percent larger purchases

Every time you click on an item, you'll notice that Amazon recommends other, similar items. They see you've bought one thing, and refer another item (or several) they think you'll also enjoy.

After purchasing, you get emails and follow-ups recommending other products to try. Amazon stays with you, and slowly builds a stronger and stronger relationship with you.

Because of this nurturing, you spend a lot more on Amazon goods, and a lot less at other places.

Most businesses, particularly small businesses, rely on direct communication to build relationships with customers. They don't have the scale (or the budget) for these automated, machine learning recommendations.

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But they still try to build some relationships. Maybe it's through the sales team, or through local networking events, or even through email newsletters.

But is there a best way to build customer relationships? There might be. There's at least something you could add to your communications that will help.

Think about how you communicate with your friends and family. What could also apply to your customers?

You can't always meet face-to-face with customers, though that's certainly valuable. You might interact with them on social media. But one way to build these relationships and nurture your leads is to text with them.

You text with your friends and family all the time, don't you? So why not text with your customers, too?

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Let's say a lead comes in from an email, online form, text, signup sheet, or anywhere. You can easily follow-up with that lead by sending them a text.

And you can text for anything!

You can share information quickly, you can touch base down the road, you can offer great service, and more!

What's more, texting creates an open line of communication with leads and customers - the same line normally reserved for friends and family.

This inevitably creates a special connection and will help you earn more money from your customers.

text like you would text your friends

Texting is not the only valuable communications tool. But it goes hand-in-hand with establishing and building relationships. Texting is easy, it's personal, and it's natural.

By doing something as powerfully simple as texting with your leads and customers, you're furthering relationships and growing your brand.

You're nurturing leads. You're providing better service, and you're standing out from the competition.

By texting with your leads, you'll be able to command more of their dollars and ensure your business is their go-to choice. Who wouldn't want that?

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