6 Ways Electricians Text to Increase Profits

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Your electrical service company needs to bring in new customers, while servicing existing ones and collecting payments—but that can be easier said than done when no one is answering your phone calls or emails.

You need a way to connect with people exactly when you're trying to reach them, and that’s exactly what texting can offer.

Texts have a 99% open rate and a 90 second average response time. Compare that to the 5% of phone calls and 15% of emails opened, and you can see why other electricians are having success texting clients.

You just need a gameplan to get started, and that’s why I’m going to show you six ways your own electrical company can text to increase profits.

1. Convert more customers with SMS Chat.

You want to stand out from your competitors, so potential customers choose your electrical services over theirs. That often means being the first electrician to respond to a person’s inquiry, especially since 50% of sales go to the first responder.

SMS Chat gives you the power to be the first electrician to respond to a customer by allowing them to text you directly from your website. It’s a widget that goes on the bottom right-hand corner of your page, and it lets both you and your customer keep each other's numbers for follow ups.

You can even create an autoresponse, so your potential customers always get a response text as soon as they message you, like this:

This means that even if you’re not immediately available, your customer knows their message has been received and you’re going to respond to them ASAP. For someone experiencing power outages or a blown fuse, this reassurance can mean the world and earn their business.

2. Send and receive important technician updates from the field.

Your technicians may not be able to fully identify how to fix a client's problem until they’re on site. You might need additional help you didn't plan for, or the homeowners may not actually be there when you show up.

These situations cost you time and money. That’s why you need a way for your technicians to send updates to both your office and your customers from anywhere in the field.

With texting, your entire team can send messages like:

“Hi Shelby, our contractor Randy is running late from his previous appointment, but he’ll be there in 20 minutes. - Stanley Power”


“Mike, I need an extra set of extra hands on the installation I’m working on downtown. Are any of our other technicians available?”

Updates like these can take hours to address if you’re playing phone tagbut with texting the average response time is 90 seconds. This saves you time and money!

3. Text pictures to create a seamless customer experience.

When a potential customer reaches out to your electricians, you typically get a call, drive out to see what needs to be done, then give an estimate.

This process costs time and money—especially if the customer decides to use a different electrician.

But when you text pictures for estimates instead, the process can switch to:

1. A potential customer sends you a message

2. You request pictures so you can see the problem and project space

3. They text pictures

4. You give your estimate

5. You both schedule a time to fix it

6. You attach the pictures and any notes to the work order for your contractor

While you do need to be on site to review some projects, this can save you a ton of time on the ones that don’t.

Texting pictures also allows you to provide a more comforting customer experience when the client knows exactly who they can expect at their front door. This builds rapport and creates trust that can turn any client into a repeat customer.

4. Promote new installations and discounts to previous customers.

There are some services your electrical company can promote year round whether or not your clients immediately need them, like:

  • New doorbell installations
  • Updated lighting fixtures
  • Fan installations
  • New outlets
  • Lighting an outdoor space

If you text your clients, you can build an SMS subscriber list that you frequently send these promotions to.

This means huge returns when on average 40% to 50% of your texted promotions get responses. Plus it only takes a few seconds!

Text Request lets you directly drop in your spreadsheet of contacts and hit send to text everyone quickly. You can even include a flashy graphic or flyer to further catch your customers’ attention.

5. Collect payments painlessly.

You need to be paid after your team completes a project (and maybe get a deposit before you start). But clients often can’t pay at the time of service, if they don’t have any checks or are in between pay periods. Which is fine, but the problem is they’ll forget later.

In fact, forgetting is the number one reason clients won’t make a payment.

So text customers payment reminders, and include a link for them to pay online, like:

“Clarice, your bill of $175 for repairing your circuit breaker is due this Tuesday the 22nd. Just a friendly reminder that you can pay at powerline.com/portal. Thank you! - Powerline Electricity”

6. Shine brighter with more reviews.

Potential customers check online reviews before deciding which electrician to work with, because 85% of customers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Online reviews also determine your ranking in Google search results, so you need as many as possible to be seen first in local searches (and beat out competitors).

Texting is the perfect way to gather these reviews, since 70% of customers will give you one if you just ask them directly. You can even include your review link in the text, so it makes it as easy as possible for your customers to start the review process.

How can your electrical service company start texting to increase profits?

All you need is software with a painless learning curve, so your electricians can start texting ASAP. Text Request offers just that, in addition to helpful features, like:

  • Group message
  • Text Merge
  • Keywords
  • Scheduled messages
  • Templates

We even give you the option to text from your landline number! You just need to check if your number is eligible below, and select a quick time for a demo to see Text Request in action.