5 Types of Communication to Engage Consumers Better

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If you don't actively engage consumers, someone else will. And chances are, it'll be your competitors who do.

Does anybody want that?

The best way to engage consumers is through communication, and thankfully, there are plenty of types of communication you can use to engage consumers better.

So that's what we're going to talk about today. We're going to use one form of communication - blog posts - to cover 5 different ways you can communicate with your audience, and how each brings value.

Let's dig in!

1. Phone Calls

The real question here is: Does anyone answer phone calls anymore?

Not many do, but when you do have a customer or potential customer on the phone, you've got a lot of power. So how do you get people on the phone?

Well, there are a few ways.

You can use "click-to-call" buttons on your website, Google business listing, Facebook page, and more. Wherever you can, include a prompt for people to reach out.

That way, people who are interested will be able to easily reach you instead of the competition. From here, your service or sales team can take over to delight customers.

Consumers Want Quick and Convenient Communication

Another way to engage consumers through phone calls is to simply call them. Let's say you have leads or existing customers you need to follow up with. Just give them a shout!

If you can reach your leads, you have a good chance of moving them to the next stage of the funnel.

And if you get existing customers on the phone, you have a much better chance of getting feedback that helps you improve, and helps make their lives better.

1-on-1 communication is very powerful for any brand. The problem is most people these days want to spend as little time on the phone as they can.

That's why it's important to also engage consumers through some of these other types of communication.

2. Emails

Everyone has an email account, and they check it dozens of times a day. So using emails to engage consumers is definitely a good idea.

You can spark conversations with old and new contacts, reach out to people you want to work with, and send new content or discounts to the masses with the click of a button.

In fact, there are many companies whose majority of revenue comes directly through engaging consumers via email like this. But the key to making email work is giving subscribers content they actually want. Often, brands just send out generic messages that nobody cares about. 

That's not helpful.

How Many Emails Do People Get Every Day

Emails sent and received to and from business accounts every day

As you learn what your audience wants to read and engage with, you'll be able to boost important metrics like website traffic and customer retention. Who wouldn't want that?

One problem with email, though, is people get so much of it. On average, people get 88 emails per day, and roughly half of those are spam.

The issue, then, is that many people tend to view emails from people they don't know super well as annoying. That's why only ~20-25% of emails ever get opened.

That's also why it's good to use multiple types of communication to engage consumers. The flexibility helps you reach and delight more people.

3. In Person

Face-to-face communication lets you take advantage of your networking and social skills to grow your business.

The most common situations are through networking events, or if you're part of a brick and mortar location (e.g. retail or public accounting).

Depending on your work, this can also apply to conferences or other social gatherings.

People tend to want to work with people they know and trust. As people get to know you, they'll want to work with you more.

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As you build relationships through personal interactions like this, people will think of you instead of the other guys.

The more time you spend interacting with others in person, the better your relationships will be, and the more those people will want to work with you.

All it takes is a handshake and friendly conversation!

4. Texting

Texting is a great tool for engaging consumers, particularly because of how much it's used. More than 18 billion messages are sent every day!

And about 95% of those are read within just a few minutes of being sent.

Texting is a great way to engage consumers better, because it gives you the ability to actually reach people when you need to. It's also an easy way to encourage communication from customers.

Most customers want to text with businesses, and most website visits come from mobile devices. Click-to-Text lets you take advantage of this.

Click-to-Text Engage Consumers Better

Basically, Click-to-Text lets viewers click a button to send your business a text. It's great for getting more leads, and can work on your website, Google business listing, and more.

View our 2 Click-to-Text guides for more:

Whereas few emails are opened and fewer phone calls are answered, virtually every text is read. Plus, it's what people prefer.

So whether you need to follow up with leads, update your current customers, or communicate for any of a million other reasons, texting can help you engage consumers better.

5. Social Media

Social media is what most people think of when they hear "customer engagement." You think about sharing posts that get likes, comments, and maybe a few more shares.

That's certainly part of social media engagement, but it's not the whole picture.

For most businesses, the goal of social media is to add value to other users. The perk of adding value on social media sites is that there are already so many people there!

So how do you add value?

Well, you share blog posts and promotions and other helpful things your target audience would like.

There are all sorts of places like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and more where people are actively looking for something to engage with. Why not give them something? 

If you do, you'll be able to get and keep your brand on consumers' minds. That's key, because chances are the people viewing your posts don't need your services right this second - but they will. And when do, you want them to think of you.

Posting on social media, and engaging consumers through all 5 of these types of communication (among others) will help keep your business on people's minds while growing relationships, and ultimately your bottom line.

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