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Text Request, Nooga Labs Team Up for Faster SEO Results

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Digital marketing is a realm of countless experts, all trying to find that one nugget of Google magic to improve SEO and conversions.

A recent game-changer in this space is Text Request. The Chattanooga-based startup makes it easy for businesses to manage live, 2-way text conversations with prospects, customers, and employees.

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Nooga Labs, a local digital marketing agency, recently teamed up with Text Request, and has been using the service to capture significantly faster SEO results.

“When you search for ‘Chattanooga seo services or ‘seo company near me,’” says Nooga Labs owner David Hunter, “we’re not the first website that pops up. But we are the first business to respond, which is just as important.”

According to an InsideSales review, 35% to 50% of sales go to the vendor who responds first.

“Speed is that important. When people search for businesses to work with” continued Hunter, “they check out several brands before making a decision."

That’s where Text Request comes in. Even if we’re 5th on the search results page, we're still the 1st to respond.

“We let viewers know they can text us on both our home and contact pages. And since 60% of all online traffic occurs on mobile devices, that ability for them to text us directly is huge!

“It will also be big for the businesses we work with. We’re always trying to find that next nugget to boost engagement, and this one’s golden. I think it’s the exact tool everyone needs right now.

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“Most phone calls aren’t answered, and the average email response time is anywhere from 45 minutes to over 6 hours!. But 95% of texts are read within 3 minutes of being sent.

"When someone sends us a text, I can respond from a computer or phone instantaneously with a personalized answer, and win their business by being there first."

By servicing customers better and faster, Nooga Labs creates loyal clients who give them great reviews online, also improving the company's SEO results.

More About Nooga Labs

Nooga Labs is devoted to “taking the science out of digital marketing,” by working closely with people to grow their businesses through web design, SEO, and social media. Got questions? Check out noogalabs.com or text them directly at (423) 460-4212.

More About Text Request

Text Request is a online tool that helps businesses manage live, 2-way text conversations with prospects, customers, and employees. Businesses use Text Request for lead generation, lead nurturing, sales, customer service, collections, employee communications, and more. Interested? Click here for your free Text Request demo.

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