7 Ways Fitness Clubs Text to Motivate Members and Increase Business

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You need your fitness club's members to come back again and again, but 50% of all gym members quit within only six months!

While most people stop going to the gym because they don’t have enough time or money, the underlying issue is also communication:

  • Members have no knowledge about helpful discounts or deals
  • There’s no outside encouragement or reminders to keep going
  • Members don’t receive feedback or outside routines to further help their performance in the gym

But texting can solve all of these problems, and I'm going to show you how.

How can text messaging help you reach absent gym members and increase business?

Text messaging is the number one preferred communications channel for people and businesses alike. Your own business and fitness members can benefit from texting’s lightning fast speed, because texts have:

That means less time playing phone tag with your members, and more time actually making connections and sharing useful information with them.

Here are seven ways you can use the power of text messaging to motivate your members and increase business.

1. Send encouraging messages and GIFs.

Sending funny GIFs and motivational messages reminds your absent members to go to the gym, and it can add a sense of humor that will give members a personal connection to your brand.

But remember, it's all about being supportive to the member, not guilting them into coming.

You can also text personalized workouts and nutrition regiments as a way to hold them accountable.

Some more examples of texts you can send members are:

2. Offer a promo or discount.

A great way to encourage your members to come back to your gym is by offering them a discount on their membership fee or a promo for a piece of merchandise from your fitness club store.

MMS messaging and hyperlinks make these deals incredibly easy to share over text.

You could even advertise that you offer things like:

  • A free health assessment
  • A discounted or free session with a personal trainer
  • Offer your member a free guest pass to bring a friend

Members can opt-in in for these rewards by texting you keywords like "LIFT" or "POWER."

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3. Suggest new classes.

You may offer a wide variety of exercise programs, machines, and classes—but if your customers don’t know about them, they’re more likely to quit.

That’s why you should text your members different options, so they can experiment with what works best for them and their schedules. A couple of examples are:

Charlie, have you tried our Zumba class? It’s a great way to burn calories and lots of fun! Classes are M, W, F from 12-1 p.m.

Hi Charlie! Want to learn how to cook 8 healthy, easy meals? Join our weekend cooking class every Saturday from 10-11 a.m.

You can even use the relationships you're building with members to make even more personal recommendations.

Yo Chuck, there's a spin class that meets at 9am Saturdays. There are several people in it that I think you'd really hit off with.

And in addition to directly reaching out to members, you should also advertise on your website that you text, so new customers can ask any questions as they browse your class options online.

A simple banner or Text Request’s SMS Chat widget can give your website’s visitor a quick cue to text you for more information.

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4. Send new workout routines and tips.

Members who are new to exercising may only know a few workout routines or get discouraged if they don’t see immediate results.

Texts can be a great way to educate these new members on what to reasonably expect from their routines, as well as to share suggestions, tips, and additional cool down or warm up exercises.

To help you organize which members will benefit from which tips, Text Request will let you categorize them into groups based on their workout habits or progress.

So while one group named “Aerobics” may benefit from your texts about different stretches, the another called “Lifting” could receive texts about protein intake.

5. Text links to healthy recipes.

Educating your members about healthy eating paired with consistent exercise is important, and a great excuse to reach out to them so their fitness stays top of mind. You may even want to share one recipe a week with all of your clients for this reason.

Text Request can help you schedule these texts way in advance—so you can focus on leading your classes and routines during the week.

Just be careful not to offend anyone. Losing weight can be a sensitive subject for many people.

6. Ask for feedback.

When members stop going to the gym, it’s often because they’re having trouble staying healthy on their own. They may also need to know someone cares about their struggles.

You can send a text to check on these members and ask them why they aren’t coming anymore. The reasons will vary, from personal to convenience of cost. Or maybe something happened and they weren’t happy with their experience.

Offer to call them and talk about it over the phone so you can make the situation right. If the reason is related to motivation, then offer to explore ways to help them get back on track.

Hi Charlie, this is Jud from your local gym. I haven’t seen you around lately. Everything okay? Let me know what I can do to help you meet your fitness goals.

Be sure to also gather positive feedback from your active members as well. As much as it helps to know what you may be doing wrong, it’s even more helpful to hear what you’re doing right.

Positive reviews are also key to your gym's ranking on Google, so don’t be shy about asking for feedback. 70% of members will leave you a review if you just ask them directly.

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7. Offer multiple ways to pay.

Sometimes paying a monthly gym fee, especially if it’s automated, can lead members to have an out-of-sight-out-of-mind perspective. So, if your customers are locked into a multi-year monthly payment commitment, it’s easier for them to convince themselves to just eat the cost of membership if they decide to quit.

Instead, send a text offering a pay-per-visit membership, since members who pay per visit go more often.

This won’t work for everyone. But for those members who need to feel the financial impact to reinforce their commitment to exercise, this is a good way to go about it.

You can import these existing member's contacts into Text Request with a CSV file, so it's easy to immediately text and ask if they'd like to switch plans. 

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Remember to make your fitness texts personal.

If your members feel like you know them, they’re more likely to be loyal to your business.

This means the information you text should always be relevant to their likes and needs. Texting personalized workout and nutrition plans, promos and rewards, and class suggestions are all great ways to show your customers you care about them.

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