3 Ways Franchise Development Reps Increase Sales by Texting

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Your goal is to bring in prospective franchise buyers and help them make the big decision to buy one of your businesses. The problem is you have to communicate with those prospects, and trying to reach anyone via email or phone calls these days is like banging your head against a wall.

Why is that?

Survey says…

SoftwareAdvice conducted a survey and found that about 20% of people are willing to answer a phone call, if they’re available at that moment. In practice, reach rates are closer to 5-10%, and usually you have to call someone six or seven times before you connect (if you do at all).

For most, email is worse. Prospects get too many emails, they don’t check personal email often, and you can never guarantee that your message made it to their inbox.

That’s why email response rates tend to stay in the low single digits, and that’s the main reason franchise development professionals turn to text.

We all know that if you want to reach someone quickly, you text them. When it comes to business, the numbers look like this:

  • 99% of texts are read
  • 95% of texts are read within 3 minutes of being sent
  • The average response time for a text is 90 seconds
  • The average click-through rate for links in texts is about 50%
  • Teams that text during the sales cycle tend to increase conversions by 100% or more

How does texting fit into franchise sales?

1. Generate more leads.

You’ve got to have leads to have a sales funnel, and texting helps you get more of them. How? You’re already getting website traffic, you just have to capture those viewers.

About 90% of people say they’d rather text a business than call, and about two-thirds of online traffic comes from mobile devices. That’s why FranDev departments are having so much success with Click-to-Text and SMS Chat.

These let viewers text you straight from your website to ask questions and get in your sales funnel. Once they’re captured, then you just have to follow-up.

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2. Double your follow-up connect rates.

Once you have a lead, the really important part begins of walking that prospect through the discovery phase and all the steps involved in buying a franchise. You have to communicate with them to make this happen, so follow-up via text.

Anytime a new lead comes in - whether they submit a form or text you first - automatically send that prospect a text from one of your reps. E.g.:

“Hi [first name], saw your request come through. I’ll get back to you ASAP with more info. Thanks! - [rep], [brand]”

Then as you have time - ideally within the next 15 minutes or so - follow-up to directly answer their questions, or to tee up an intro call. E.g.:

“[First name], good question. The cost to open a franchise depends on a few different things. Do you have a couple minutes to talk through it so I can give you the best answer?”

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Text Request Zapier Integration

Texting’s great for getting the initial conversation moving, and it’s also great for later on in the sales process. Let’s say you’ve shared your franchise application with a prospect a week ago and haven’t heard anything. You probably want to get an update. E.g.:

“Hey [first name], do you have any questions about the application? Let me know, I’m here to help!”

Or maybe you just want to touch base sometime during the sales process. You might text:

“[First name], it’s been a few weeks, I wanted to touch base and see where your head is on [brand]. Got a few minutes to chat?”

Sometimes you’re going to try to setup a call, and prospects will only text you back. That’s okay! It means they’re engaged through the channel they prefer, and it makes it worlds easier for you to move them to the next phase of the buying process.

“One person texted in for more info on a Saturday, and then had a 90 minute text conversation about the opportunity. They’re now a franchise owner.” - Thomas, Brand Journalists

3. Re-engage cold leads.

Timing is everything, and sometimes prospects reach out before they’re ready to have the serious conversation. Or maybe they were serious, and life just got in the way. You might move these prospects through a few steps of the sales funnel, but eventually they go cold and are left forgotten.

One of the worst things you can do, though, is forget about them.

Successful franchise development teams are texting their cold leads to restart the franchise buying conversation. Does it work on everyone? No - but for 30 seconds of work, you can spark new life into your sales funnel.

What should you text, and when?

Every now and then - maybe once a month, maybe less often depending on your setup, send everyone on your cold lead list a text like:

“Hi [first name], there’s been a lot of exciting things happening at [brand] since we last spoke. Is now a better time to talk through our franchise opportunity? Let me know, thank you!”

Brands doing this tell us they re-start conversations with 2-4% of their cold leads. So if you text 1,000 cold prospects a month, that’s going to create another (roughly) 30 warm leads for you a month that you don’t have to spend money to get.

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What’s the end result?

The end result of texting for franchise development is more franchise sales! Per IFA, the average franchise lead conversion rate is about 0.5%. But brands texting during each step of the sales process increase that number to 3%.

That’s a 600% increase in franchise sales! And that makes texting a no-brainer.

How does your franchise start texting?

You need an easy-to-use system to professionally manage inbound and outbound texting as a team. Text Request is an ideal fit for that, whether you’re with one franchise brand or an agency working with many.

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