3 Ways to Generate Leads with Text Request

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Increasing sales can heal almost any business problem, and to increase sales you have to generate more qualified leads. It sounds simple, but creating and capturing enough demand for your products to generate leads is a huge challenge for 68% of marketing leaders.

The root problem is broken communications.

You spend all these resources trying to connect with target customers in one way, like email or social media ads, but they want to connect with you in a different way. 9 in 10 consumers want to text a business for sales and service. Even more want to be texted by a business.

We’ve seen Text Request customers increase leads generated by 30% to 100% (and increase sales by 100% to 600%) with text messaging. Texting works, and Text Request gives you a professional way to manage text messaging for lead generation and other communications.

I’m going to show you three ways to generate more leads with Text Request, so you can increase sales and ensure your business thrives.

1. Capture more website viewers with SMS Chat (and a call-to-action).

You spend a ton of resources on ads, search engine optimization (SEO), and other marketing to drive people to your website with the hope of converting them into leads. It’s a great strategy, but there are several hiccups:

  • Viewers want answers to their questions ASAP without searching your site
  • Web forms create a breakdown in the funnel, because you still have to connect with contacts via email or phone call later
  • Live chats force contacts (and you) to stay on site to continue a conversation, which too often ends without any follow-up
  • Few people want to directly call you

Text Request’s solution to this is SMS Chat. It looks like a live chat widget on your website, except once someone chats in, the conversation is redirected to text messaging on their cell phone.

You get more inbound leads. They don’t have to wait around on your website. You get a more effective way to follow-up. That’s a win-win-win.

Key to SMS Chat capturing more leads is adding a prompt, or call-to-action (CTA), that asks an engaging question and shows a human face. As one customer put it, “Our customers want to know if we’re the real deal, and Text Request's SMS Chat helps us bridge that gap of uncertainty by allowing us to communicate with customers in a way that is familiar and human. ”

By bringing in more leads via text, SMS Chat gives you a more effective way to follow up with leads to increase. So one simple tool helps you generate more leads and convert a higher percentage of them into paying customers. What’s not to love?

SMS Chat also connects with your Google Analytics account so you can track where leads came from, and you can pull SMS Chat reports from inside your Text Request account. To use SMS Chat, copy and paste the SMS Chat code found inside your Text Request account into your website, just before the closing <body> tag.

2. Use Click-to-Text on your site and blog posts to prompt engagement.

You’ve been advertising the same number for people to call since your business started, but people would rather text you. Text Request can add texting abilities to that phone number, whether it’s a landline, VOIP, or toll-free number.

Check your current business phone number here to see if it’s eligible for text messaging.

Then you can do things on your website like:

1. Say “Text or call us at XXX-XXX-XXXX.”

2. Use our traditional Click-to-Text to hyperlink words or a button, so that it opens a text message addressed to your business when clicked, like so: click this if you’re on a mobile device.

The hyperlink is:

E.g.: “sms:14232180111

The html/code is:

<a href=”sms:1[yournumber“>[words to link]</a>
E.g.: <a href=”sms:14232180111“>Send us a text!</a>

3. Use click-to-text with a custom form, like what Merry Maids has done (see image below). This option is like embedding the SMS Chat widget into a button or link.

Clicking it opens a customizable form, form submissions come into your Text Request account, and replying to those submissions starts text conversations with contacts’ cell phones.

If you want to use this, contact us for your account’s custom code.

3. Boost event and ongoing engagement with keywords.

We use this every time we give a presentation or exhibit at a conference. We create a keyword for attendees to text to get something, like a discount on purchase or our presentation slide deck.

A keyword is simply a word you use to trigger a specific auto-reply, or to add a contact to a subscriber list, after they text you that keyword. At events, we’ll typically use the name of the association holding the event (like “IFA”), or the topic we’re presenting on (like “Leads”).

Keywords do two things for you:

  • They give potential leads a reason to engage with you
  • And they help you build subscriber lists

They give you a powerful way to capture hot leads, and to nurture mildly interested people into sales qualified leads.

To create a keyword inside Text Request, go to Keywords (under Settings), click add a new keyword, and type a single word that will become your keyword.

You have the option to add an auto-reply, which we typically recommend that you do. The auto-reply might share a link to a resource, a prompt to take a next step, a discount code, or ask them to leave their name and company so you can better qualify the lead.

Once you’ve created your keyword, you just need to promote it in conjunction with your event, or across social media and email (whatever’s applicable to you at the time).

Keywords can also help you with ongoing work, without you have to manage them. For example:

  • Selling a home (Text “OAKST” for details on this listing)
  • Gaining subscribers (Text “NEWS” for updates)
  • Giving coupons, like a lead magnet (Text “STORE” for 20% off your 1st purchase)

How do you start?

 Add all three of these tactics to your lead generation strategy, and you’ll begin noticing a significant uptick in the number of qualified leads coming your way (and in sales).

If you’d like to see how Text Request works first hand, and talk to an expert about what you’re trying to accomplish, click here to schedule a quick demo. If you want to start using Text Request now, choose a plan that’s right for you. (You’ll setup your textable phone number after you create an account. We’re happy to help if needed, just ask).

Or if you just want to learn more about becoming a lead generation master, peek our lead generation playbook below!