3 Helpful Ways to Get Customers to Spend More with Your Business

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What business wouldn't want customers willing to spend more with them? The real question is: How do you make it happen?

People pay more for better experiences. It's that simple. If you want customers to spend more, you've got to provide a better experience than your competitors.

What does this look like in practice? We'll take you through 3 examples you can steal for your own business!

1. Create a whole new world.

Every year, Disney Parks raises their prices. And every year, more people pay those higher prices to visit the parks, hold conferences, spend time with their family, eat out, and create memories.


Because the Disney experience is like no other! Anywhere on Disney's sprawling campus, you're enveloped by a unique experience. The magic and the customer-first mentality permeate every step. You're placed entirely in that world!

Disney Being Magical

Disney Being Magical - PC: Mark Levin

Disney gets customers to spend more, because they provide the ultimate vacation experience - leaving real life for a whole new world.

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By creating another world for customers to live in - be it through a physical location, content, or some other tactic - you can provide an experience that's unique, and that's better than anything your competitors can offer.

How can you create another world for your brand? How can you envelop customers in a unique experience?

2. Give everyone the royal treatment.

Virgin Atlantic had no business -well - being in business when Richard Branson wanted to start a new airline in 1984. It was a crowded market with a high barrier to entry, and even Virgin's board was split over the idea!

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Virgin couldn't compete with legacy brands in terms of routes, so they gave every customer the royal treatment. Every customer had access to the airline's lounge, which hosted free meals, drinks - the whole nine.

Passengers got chauffeur service to/from the airport without paying First Class prices. Those same customers also got calls from Mr. Branson himself to check in on the experience and hear feedback.

Virgin Atlantic created the best customer experience in the business, even as this tiny new airline, and quickly began stealing customers from larger brands.

Helpful Ways to Get Customers to Spend More with Your Business

They got customers to spend more with them by treating each customer like royalty, something Branson has called the Velvet Rope Experience.

Creating better customer service obviously costs more upfront, but it creates a better experience that customers are willing to spend money on, and come back for over and over.

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3. Make customers' lives easier.

Why has Quickbooks become the leading small business accounting software?

Because they've created tools that make the lives and jobs of their customers easier. And because they've made things easier, customers are more willing to spend money with them.

There's always a way to make things easier for customers, from the buying process to the day-to-day user experience to how easy you are to find and work with.

All of this is part of the customer experience, and people pay more for better experiences.

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What can you do with your products and customer service to make people's lives and jobs easier? Doing this will help you get customers to spend more with your business.

Wrapping Up

If you want customers to spend more with your business, you've got to do at least 1 of 3 things.

  • Create a new world for customers to surround themselves in
  • Treat every customer like they are uniquely special, or
  • Make customers' lives and jobs easier 

To get customers to spend more with your business, you've got to create great experiences that people will want to pay for! The better the experience you provide over and over, the more people will be willing to spend.

So what can you do to create better experiences?

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